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    Complex Carbohydrates

    From what I understand, when you eat carbs they should as a rule, be eaten with a protein. Your healthy fat probably includes a protein, right? I'm sure it will be fine
  2. RacingGirl

    Any April 2018 Sleevers?!?!

    Hey Y'all I just heard about this page and I was sleeved on 4/20 (lol!) I'm feeling awesome, good at getting my protein in but I've never been a big water/fluid drinker ever so I'm having a little trouble getting all that in. I've been go go go since Monday, I took the week off of work so I've been spending time with my hubby, doing some shopping, hitting up Lowes/HD for home improvement project stuff and just generally keeping active and busy. My biggest gripe is the difference of post-op programs that vary from surgeon to surgeon and I was told that it may not be the surgeon but the insurance company that sets it up. I'm supposed to be 3 weeks on liquids post-op, others are puree 5 days post op. I even saw a TV special about a journalist on Univision that was sleeved and her surgeon said it varies from person to person what the comfort level of food is post op and do what's right for you if you get the sleeve. I had some pudding yesterday and had no issues whatsoever. But that's my intro, glad to be here!