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  1. Oooookaaaaay...So, uh...it's been just a little while since my last update, hasn't it? 14 months still counts as a "little while" doesn't it? Anyway, the past year has had some big developments in my journey. If I were to narrate everything that happened over the past 14 months, this post could possibly be as long as the first one here, so instead, I'll give a bulleted list. Several weeks after my surgery, as my husband was leaving for work, he gave me a hug and commented that he could finally get his arms around me. It made me so, so happy. I tried for a while to get some sort of small pedal machine for under my desk at work. I sit at a computer all day, and so I thought it might help. Unfortunately, I discovered that my desk does not have the space needed for something like that. I still search for something I can do at work. I have hit several very long stalls (in fact, I'm just breaking one now). They were incredibly frustrating, but small changes and patience finally won out. My husband and I moved out of our apartment and bought a house. While this is exciting, it did have the unfortunate drawback of moving away from the forest path that I would go for walks on. Finding a new path to go for walks on hasn't been easy, mostly because of the weather. In a similar vein to the previous bullet point, my ankle doesn't bother me as much anymore. Because of the move, I had to find a new psychiatrist. Among other things I was diagnosed with, I was officially told that I had binge eating disorder, and I am finally being treated for it. My new depression medication is also used to treat BED, and it works wonderfully. I attempted planning my meals a week in advance, as well as meal prepping. This didn't work out too well. Leftovers went uneaten and many meals didn't get made because I wouldn't feel like making them that day. Too much food ended up wasted. Instead, I plan dinner while I work then stop by the store on my way home. I looked at myself (well, more than just my face) in a mirror for the first time in years. I ended up buying a new wardrobe, partly because my clothes were old and worn but mostly because they really, really didn't fit anymore. Apparently, I was down two clothing sizes. Perhaps the biggest development is that I've lost 118lbs! However, I can't actually see the loss. Guys, I feel really, really good. Not just good, I feel like a person again. I honestly don't remember the last time I felt like a person. I'm taking care of myself again: doing my makeup, trying to tame the frizz that is my hair, cleaning the house, all that sort of thing.
  2. Hello, and congrats on getting your VSG! When I got my sleeve done back in 2018, I had a hard time getting all my fluids in as well, but it does get a lot easier over time. Remember, your stomach is still healing. I do agree with lisafrommassachusetts though. Track all liquids, including protein shakes and broth. You may be getting in more fluids than you realize!
  3. Neri

    Dear Week 3 Stall

    I forgot to take measurements at first too. But I am measuring now, and it's so nice to see that the inches are still going down even if the scale refuses to budge!
  4. Neri

    And Goal Has Been Hit!

    Congrats! You look amazing!
  5. I noticed a few NSVs last night/this morning, and I'm just so happy I had to share. So, here they are. 1) I had to tighten the strap on the mask for my CPAP 2) I've noticed that I've started taking better care of myself and have generally been feeling happier 3 (and my favorite)) Today as I was leaving for work, my husband hugs me and said, "You've lost so much weight, I can hug you more completely". Guys. He can finally get his arms the whole way around me. I have been smiling about this all day.
  6. Neri

    Back to work

    I had my surgery on Dec. 26th and went back to work on Dec. 31st. However, the reason I was able to do this is because I was allowed to work from home. I also have a desk job, but I didn't actually drive back in to work until yesterday. The pain meds that you may have been given upon leaving the hospital may impair your driving. Due to this, I would say it's best to ask your surgeon if it's okay to drive.
  7. Neri

    Gastric Sleeve

    You look amazing! Congrats!
  8. I am so sorry for your loss. I can't imagine how hard it must be for you right now.
  9. Neri

    Reached A Mini Goal!!!

    That's amazing! Congrats!
  10. Neri

    Working out

    I use an app called BodBot Monday through Friday. It's sort of like having a personal trainer in your pocket! I also have a desk elliptical that I use every day for at least half an hour, and I'm looking to get back into ballroom dancing with my husband.
  11. Neri

    Folios Cheese Wraps

    I've made those before! It's really easy to do, and works wonderfully as a sandwich wrap.
  12. I did not have a roommate (unless you count my husband, who stayed in the recliner beside the bed the whole time I was in there). In fact, in the hospital I was at, it seemed like all the rooms on my floor were single occupant. I do agree with Healthy_life though. You should call ahead to see what the room situation could be, and you can see if you can get a private room.
  13. Neri

    Surgery fears..

    It's normal to be afraid before major surgery. But it'll be okay. The surgery itself is safer than getting a hip replacement (.08% vs .4%). And major complications only occur in about 2.4% of patients. You'll be okay. Sources: https://asmbs.org/resources/studies-weigh-in-on-safety-and-effectiveness-of-newer-bariatric-and-metabolic-surgery-procedure https://www.arthritis.org/living-with-arthritis/treatments/joint-surgery/types/hip/hip-replacement-mortality-rates.php https://obesitynewstoday.com/gastric-sleeve-complications/
  14. Neri

    Dear Week 3 Stall

    From what I understand, this stall is a very common thing. We will get through this
  15. Neri

    Dear Week 3 Stall

    The human body is so odd, isn't it? But we will break through!

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