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  1. I just downloaded this app and joined this forum for this very reason. I’m 9 days post op and feeling very depressed. I’m single and live alone. I had friends taking care of me for the first 8 days and now that I’m alone I feel worse.
    I realize now that I ate out of boredom. I feel like I don’t have food to comfort me. It’s almost like losing a friend.
    I’m also not having a great deal of success getting my Water and Protein in. I just pray it gets better.
    Thank you for your post and sharing. You can talk to me anytime

    I feel I’m doing better with the depression. I’ve gotten back into a routine and plan to go back to work next week. Still have some lows. How are you doing?

  2. I am really glad you have the courage to post this. I can tell you that you're not alone! I was the same way for almost 6 weeks post-op. Golly, I can practically identify with the anger and saddness. I even had some suicidal ideation because I could not see a path forward to a better life. A song from Paula Abdul, Forever Your Girl came on the radio and I just broke down sobbing in my car. This was the song that my ex-girlfriend (and the woman I thought I would marry) sang to me on karaoke night on a cruise. She was drunk, in love, and she looked directly at me as she sang the song. I remember tearing up at the love I felt. Well, it turned out she's not forever my girl.
    In some ways I was/am mourning the old me and I don't have food to make me feel better. Is it possible that you are mourning the person that you were pre-surgery? The difficulty of the mental game cannot be underestimated. If you need a shoulder to cry on, I am here; having walked in your shoes.

    Thank you I appreciate your insight. At first I thought I was just being silly and was tired. But now, I don’t know it keeps getting worse. Thankfully I have not gone back to work yet as I’m under pressure all the time there. I don’t know. if I expected more so far, expected less, or if I am truly just tired from the surgery (this is the first major surgery I’ve had), mourning food or thinking I’ve made a big mistake, but I’m making myself sick I get so worked up. So yea, think I’m going to call the dr tomorrow. Thanks again.

  3. Hello. I just had surgery last week. Spent one night in hospital and returned to home. Physically it seems to be getter better. However, emotionally I’m a mess! Ever since I get very upset almost explosive at times and then cry. And once that starts it won’t stop. I have a dr appt in a couple days and I will talk to them about it but curious if this is just me or has it happened to others. The more upset I get the more mad I get, etc. I would swear I had surgery that affected my hormones! Thanks!