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  1. Diabetes is expensive, as well as all the other co-morbidities that come along with it.... I work in a hospital, I have 3 patients in the ICU I am in today who are here for diabetic related issues... one day in the ICU is half the cost of the surgery!
  2. I ordered Unjury chicken soup... it’s taking the slow boat... can’t wait to get it... I did have a bunch of bone broth I had made in the freezer.... absolute heaven... because I am so tired of sweet stuff!
  3. Novemberbaby11

    Post op concerns- phase two foods

    I’m 2 weeks out tomorrow.... still only allowed broths, protein drinks, jello, cream of wheat and mashed potatoes... it gets old, but I’m so grateful for this that I will suck it up another 2 weeks! I don’t want anything to go wrong... I’m trying to get all my protein in, as well as water... I count ALL liquids! Down about 20... happy about that but I’m truly exhausted... to my core! This is legit, no joke exhaustion...,
  4. Novemberbaby11

    Two Weeks Post Op-Oh My

    Great job! What kind of popsicles are you having? I have protein drinks and yogurt, cream of wheat a mashed potatoes all to which I add Unjury protein powder to. I see the Dr again in 2 weeks. I am so sick of sweet stuff! My protein shakes are so sickening sweet! I have been making my cream of wheat savory with popcorn seasoning... life saver!!!
  5. Novemberbaby11

    Any MAY sleevers???

    I was May 22, doing well. First post op appt yesterday.... down 17lbs from my pre-op visit May 1st! I was so shocked!
  6. Novemberbaby11

    To tell coworkers or not?

    Good luck on your procedure! It is no ones business what you have done! I am choosing not to tell, only a select few know, and only because all I want is positivity! I did not even tell one of my closest friends!!! I know that if I tell her, she would say something similar, and frankly, it is none of her biz! Good luck!
  7. Novemberbaby11

    Two Weeks Post Op-Oh My

    Good job! I am one week out, can I ask you, are you working out? I tried to last week but felt too dizzy and not good. Yesterday was the first day that I increased to smooth foods including yogurt, and cream of wheat and egg white. I had a pretty good hiatal hernia that he repaired, other than the hernia, I would not know that I had surgery!!! I just am not losing yet, I am not sure what the typical loss is the first week so I am a bit nervous. Any input you can provide would be appreciated! Thanks!
  8. Novemberbaby11

    May 2018 losers bench

    I had mine on 5/22 ... He found a Hiatal Hernia that he repaired and that has been my only issue! Zero pain except the shoulder pain and diaphragm pain...all from the hernia... no incision or tummy pain.. doesn’t feel like anything was done! Weird!
  9. I wanted to take Uber... but my friend insisted.

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