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  1. I started with very similar stats, I do have some loose skin, but it’s 2718262282 times better then being fat
  2. NYJenn


    Haven’t posted in ages. Seeing as schools as closed, most of my wardrobe consists of leggings or workout clothes. Decided to put “real people clothes” on today, had to mark this momentous occasion 🤣 (bypass, 7/10/18, down 130+ pounds)
  3. NYJenn

    Food Funeral

    I had a few slices of really good pizza, that was it
  4. NYJenn

    Needing a pep talk!

    What about an at home workout like beach body? Plus if you’re home (like I am) take that time to cook some great new recipes
  5. None of us thought we were “that big” you get used to seeing yourself a certain way. You need to have this surgery, but you also need to explore some therapy.
  6. NYJenn

    5 Year Post Op Weight Gain

    More cardio, more water, more protein. Fewer carbs
  7. NYJenn

    TMI! Blood in stool

    Are you taking iron supplements? Could be that
  8. NYJenn

    How is everyone holding up?

    Homeschooling my two sons and not working. Doing a lot of snacking out of boredom. Trying to find a new normal but it’s been really difficult
  9. Very typical, give it a few more days. You’re full of fluids right now
  10. NYJenn

    Rant re: chairs in the doctors office

    Is the place a bariatric office or just a general doctor’s Office?
  11. NYJenn


    I kept One pair of shorts
  12. Coffee! Love it, can’t live without it. So glad my stomach isn’t bothered by it
  13. NYJenn

    Forbidden food

    How much have you lost? Have you done measurements?
  14. That’s my birthday ☹️ boo