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    6 days post - looking for advice

    Awww i feel you, seriously. the first week was horrible!! i was very emotional and cried a lot because i regretted the sleeve and it finally hit me that what i had done was permanent and i missed food and i wanted the horrible pain to go away. it is normal. i know you might feel very alone but im telling you, i understand and trust me it gets way better. give it time, i was feeling semi normal by 2 weeks max and my recovery was terrible, i was drugged up on codeine all day for the first week because the internal/incisional pains were KILLERRR. i am about 27 days post op and i still feel some sharp "pulling" pains if i sit in a weird position or if i lay on my side with my stomach hanging lol , if that makes sense. but the pain is nothing like the first few days post-op, it is more like uncomfortable now . As for incision pains, my biggest incision from where my stomach was removed (bellybutton) is still kinda sore. first week , it was horrible. even my shirt rubbing against the incision areas would irritate it and make it hurt!! but now it is only if i press down on it. Just know that it gets better, it gets sooo much better and very quickly. i feel so sad reading your post bc i feel your pain..it is rough and the pains when moving or getting up from bed are terrible but just give it a couple days and you will start to see the difference , trust me. As for gas pains, it also will get better. honestly that took a little longer for me because i also had a hernia repair which made it feel like heart attack when i took the smallest sip of any liquid. but now it goes down smoothly as long as i dont gulp down half a water bottle (which i have done only once since my surgery and i had to sit down and close my eyes and pray to god because i thought i was going to die bc it all got stuck in my throat LOL but i learned my lesson) . Best of luck on your journey, keep in mind you will look and feel great in time and all of this emotional and physical pain will be well worth it. stay strong & when you regret your decision, tell yourself the deed has been done, no going back! Cry if it makes u feel better, god knows i cried like a baby but just dont lose focus. sending love and strength !!
  2. 7Michelle7

    Question about hiatal hernia

    A gut punch is not too bad lol I could definitely handle that! Thanks for kind words, and likewise my friend hope your recovery is going well
  3. 7Michelle7

    Question about hiatal hernia

    Thanks for explaining, I understand what you mean by "giant burp caught in the chest" That is how i imagined it feels because a few people have said they feel like burping with every sip. Thanks !
  4. 7Michelle7

    Question about hiatal hernia

    Hope im as lucky! Hope everything is going smoothly with your vsg journey
  5. 7Michelle7

    Question about hiatal hernia

    Yes i hear chest pain/tightening is common. I believe you when you say you'd do it again in a heartbeat! You have lost so much weight already, keep doing what you're doing girl!!! & Thank you
  6. 7Michelle7

    Question about hiatal hernia

    Aw lucky!! I can only hope my hernia recovery will be painless. I agree, I figured the gas pains (shoulder pains) would be the most uncomfortable thing from the surgery but you would be surprised how many people said the hernia repair was what hurt the most! I wouldnt be worried if i had not read all the stuff they said lol but i was up all night reading and it freaked me out Also, What kind of complications did you have with anesthesia? Glad all went well, and hope you are succeeding in your weight loss journey !!!
  7. 7Michelle7

    Question about hiatal hernia

    Thanks for responding, your reply was reassuring. I will keep in mind to try warmer liquids rather than cold. Cold stuff hurts my teeth anyway so it might be better overall! And Im happy to hear you are 6 days post op , congratulations and best of luck on your new journey !!! :))
  8. Hi I am new to this website and created a profile to ask specifically about hiatal hernia repairs. So I will be undergoing vsg and hiatal hernia repair at the same time next week. After reading tons of forums and watching recovery journey videos.. my question remains.. how badly does the recovery hurt? I have read tons of things saying the hiatal hernia repair is what hurts the most . I know i will probably be really sore and nauseated but I have read people saying it feels like stabbing pains in the chest area where the hernia was fixed during surgery. Hospitals scare me and honestly, so does pain. A woman compared the post-op hernia pains to CHILDBIRTH. It freaked me out and I know everyone is different but I just want to know in general if anyone went through any horrible recovery pains like these. I also read it causes a lot of pain when you swallow and makes the recovery process way longer than if you were to get just the vsg done. Idk im freaking myself out lol . Am i wrong to be worried or will it hurt that badly??!?!