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  1. I am 6 wks post op. I feel like I have had the hardest time. I wish they could put me back like I was. I have had pills stuck in my throat. Nausea And now I'm dealing with constipation. ughhhh Can I get ONE good day??? Is that too much to ask for?
  2. Everything I drink doesn’t taste good. 3 wks post op and I feel irritated and emotional.
  3. I’ve been following all the rules and guidelines set. But I can’t shake the idea that I want to eat something I probably shouldn’t. Burrito, philly, pizza, wings... ughhhhh driving me crazy!!!
  4. I gag when I take the Flintstones vitamins. Can anyone suggest any others?
  5. I’m okay. I get winded when I’m up too much. Since surgery I’ve lost 16 pound since surgery. I sometimes have these pains in my stomach. Doctor recommended that I not drink really cold drinks.
  6. What’s that? I’m not doing Keto
  7. I have this taste in my mouth that I can’t shake. Makes everything I drink awful.
  8. YoBL

    August bypassers/sleevers

    Hi. I had my bypass the same day.
  9. I’m 5 days post op RNY. I have these sporadic pains in my stomach. Any idea of what they are?
  10. That’s awesome! I have three weeks...
  11. YoBL

    August bypassers/sleevers

    Good luck to everyone having surgery today!
  12. YoBL

    BCBS of TN

    Hopefully you will get that call soon! I have BCBS MN and it took 5 days
  13. Wishing you well on the start of your new life.
  14. Will try. Thanks @Orchids&Dragons
  15. And it was beyond HORRIBEL!!!