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  1. Jodi1980

    July Sleeve

    Yes! I have lost approx. 45lbs. but I have been at a plateau since december. i will be having a follow up with the surgeon for checkup and will ask him what is going on but I have a feeling i'm not getting in enough protein and haven't been nearly as active as i should be! Are you considering a revision?
  2. Hi everyone- So, I'm 8 weeks post op today and am doing pretty well except for protein shakes. I seem to be intolerant of either whey protein or dairy. I point more toward the whey because in all ways prepared- water, almond milk, and even fairlife (filter lactose free milk). They have resulted in frequent bathroom trips I may try veggie protein or soy but was wondering if anyone else has had issues? Thank you!
  3. Jodi1980

    Whey protein intolerant?

    That makes perfect sense. I see the doc. today and confirm this may br culprit. Thank you for explaining @Matt Z!
  4. I had my original VSG back in October of 2012. I successfully lost 100lbs. amd kept it off until after I had my son in 2016. I even lost after he was born. By spring of 2017, I started gaining. I just had my revision VSG July 25th 2018. All of what the others have said is true. I went off the deep end, stopped tracking, drank diet soda and started eating larger portions because I dilated my stomach. I also found out that a portion of the upper stomach was not completely removed by my original surgeon. I was able to accommodate more than the average patient. Sad but true. I thank God I got a second chance.
  5. I will spare you on the details but man what a night I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy! I am 4 weeks PO today from VSG revision. From about 11:30pm until about 4:30am, I was up every 5 to 10 minutes....I KID YOU NOT pissing out of my @ss. I am waiting for word from my surgeon's office in the mean time but I feel like I got hit by a truck. I suspect it's gastroenteritis because my husband is home sick passed out on the couch right now with similar symtoms. He had it all day yesterday. I know I need my nutrients to get back everything I lost but I can't even try to look at the blandest of the bland broth right now (baiatric pal protein chicken broth and beef broth). I have tolerated my vitamins and water but that's the limit. So I sit and and wait but I have a unrelated dr. appt in 45 mins I have to be at. Just gonna sip as much water as I can in the meantime! Perhaps pedialyte juice? Any suggestions?
  6. Jodi1980

    How often do you weigh in?

    I started weekly and then tried daily 3 days this week (sunday, mon and tues). Now 3 weeks post op, I think I'll go back to weekly cause it made me nuts!
  7. Same situation with milk. Almond is great in my shakes. My doc also mentioned a milk called Farelife. Not sure if thats even an option in the UK but maybe something similar maybe easier on your stomach. Good luck!
  8. Great transformation! The best has yet to come!
  9. Jodi1980

    The good, bad and unemployed

    So, I am 2 weeks post op today and doing okay. Trying to get my 85g of protein in daily but I'm getting to 60s some days if I'm lucky. Water, 64oz. is in a far off galaxy but I am doing my best at about 35 oz. I had a revision sleeve from the original VSG in 2012. I am extremely fortunate to not only have a second chance and get my health back. I lead by example of what not to do as my husband is also having the surgery done later in the year or early next year. I had my first post op visit with the dr.s office yesterday and everything looked great! Surprisingly, she told me my water % looked very good so, I'll take it. I am out on short term since the day of my surgery, July 25th and come to find out this past Monday that I will no longer be employed of my job of almost 9 years. Basically, I am bonded every year because I handle money and every year that bond is renewed. So now enter in my story of why... Last May of 2017, my dog suddenly went limp in his hind legs and needed emergency surgery. French bulldogs are prone to a condition called IVDD or Intervertebral Disk Disease. It is a common cause of back pain, rear limb paralysis, and inability to walk or feel the back legs. Basically, the pressure on his back from the disk was pressing on his nerves that send signals to the brain to control his back leg movement. Without removing that part of the disk, he would be paralyzed. With our minds racing, it was emergency surgery with a 90% success rate or pain management over time to see if he would recover,a 50/50 shot. My mind was made up immediately. My dogs are my world. His emergency surgery was 8k. Crazy to some but to me, I wouldn't have thought twice and would do it again if I had to. My boy was recovering nicely with his medication management and physical therapy at home. I would sit with him and stretch his back legs and use massage like they showed me at the vet. He improved and I am happy to say he is back to himself today! This 8k bill was put on a care creditcard and paid on time for 3 months. After that, I couldn't keep my head above water anymore. I reached out to a debt consolidator and had all of my bills rolled up into one monthly payment. It couldn't have come at a worse time. My son was going to be turning 1 in July and we had a bunch of expenses with him understandably along with some other typical bills that go along with owning a home. This debt wasn't the worse thing in the world but I knew I had do to take action. Fast forward to now. I have faithfully paid my bill every month but took a risk. This consolidation dipped my credit rating. I had forgotton about this. Enter in my job. They do my background check and can't bond me so I can't work for them so here I am. They have a severance package for me along with COBRA if I decided to take it. YEAH THE F *** RIGHT...At 900 bucks for 1 month for just my son and I, yeah, I think i'll pass. My husband is putting us on his for now through his full time job. I am currently seeking employment but it stings knowing I'm getting penalized for making a decision I needed to make. Just gonna keep my head up. That's all I can do. I have my health back, my family and that's all I need..well a job too
  10. Jodi1980

    The good, bad and unemployed

    @Sosewsue61 Thank you I worked at a township office for almost 9 years (October 26th). All employees are bonded and because of my situation,I was too high a risk for them to fork over an additional fee to cover me PLUS my pay. In their thinking, I assume that they rather hire someone new at a lower pay and save a ton and they are bonded the same as everyone else at the lower rate. It sucks! Perhaps I could tap into my 401 but was warned up & down to not touch it but rather leave it and roll it over when finding another job. I feel like touching that 401 or what the township called it, a money market account would not only affect me at retirement but also at tax time. I'd get hit pretty good. So many questions and paths to take along with my newly revised sleeve. I have to worry abt all this but I also have to take care of myself. Doc told me that yesterday with a stern warning. I'm so happy I downloaded the Baritastic App on my phone that chimes throughout the day to drink and take my vitamins. I ask to please say a prayer for me
  11. Did you get a sleep study for sleep apnea? Random, I know but that could be a qualifier.
  12. @Anthropose...have you tried unflavored protein powder to add to your broth or a flavored WATER....smoothie wise, they all seem to have that "sweet" taste you are trying to steer clear of. I'm 6 days post op so I really can't think of anything else at the moment...
  13. @courtb86 reach out to your Dr.s (bariatric surgeon and nutritionist) because they can give you tips and get you on a diet regiment specifically for you and baby as a bariatric patient. Along with food, drink and vitamin supplements, you should be fine. There are other moms out there that are in the same boat as you!
  14. @newmeinfla GIRL, you got this! Had my sleeve revision on the 25th. Can't stress enough to walk! That gets the gas/air bubbles out. Do not lay down after drinking...that will only make it worse and use medication when you need to! It's a rough uphill but just follow your new routine and you'll feel a bit better everyday! Rooting for you!
  15. Don't be fooled by some of the labels of a higher protein intake. Higher protein won't make a difference past 25-30 grams per serving. Your stomach and small intestine can only absorb so much like the other ladies have mentioned. Bigger isn't always better is some cases :::getting mind out of gutter:::
  16. Jodi1980

    July Sleeve

    Got a souvenir pic of my revision...sorry if your squeamish but I thought it was pretty interesting....my stomach in the first pic looks flat because the rods had it pinned. They were able to cut out the excess dilated portion the stomach and reshape it. The first go around, the surgeon did not get as much as he should have. I call my new stomach a sausage link from the second pic
  17. @rebchiefI love the Syntrax Nectar Line and the Pure Protein bar but the ONLY flavor I like is the chocolate salted caramel. The other flavors, I was not a fan! There is so much out there. It's pretty much trial and error and stick with what you like Good luck Friday. I have my revision tomorrow.
  18. Jodi1980

    July Sleeve

    Tomorrow is my day! I'm ready. Just relieved it's finally here! Hoping I can catch up on the couch post op. Pray for me...lol
  19. @Matt Z reading your story, I had memories of a Seinfeld episode when Jerry and Kramer were watching surgery above the patient and Kramer offered a junior mint to Jerry and it ended up in the patient.
  20. Jodi1980

    Fatty Liver

    Agree with all above. My dr. and the weight management hospital work in conjunction and require patients do a 2 week pre-op diet before surgery to shrink the liver. Gonna just put this here, if you want to look at it Good luck to you!
  21. Jodi1980

    July surgery

    @clsumrall I noticed you were confused on my earlier response. Assuming your confused from my stats on my prior VSG? I'm having a revision of my sleeve next Wednessay.
  22. Jodi1980

    July surgery

    Day 7 of 2 week pre-op diet. Good times, indeed!
  23. Finally, the Syntrax Nectar Apple Ecstasy this morning. Was it really ecstasy though <_<. I give the final shake of this line a 3. Nice try though.

    All in all, I'd say out of all that I have tried (17):

    -Roadside Lemonade

    -Strawberry Kiwi

    -Chocolate Truffle

    -Double Stuffed Cookie

    -Caribbean Cooler

    -Lemon Tea

    -Fuzzy Navel

    -Strawberry Mousse

    -Vanilla Bean Torte

    -Twisted Cherry

    -Apple Ecstasy

    -Pink Grapefruit

    -Crystal Sky

    -Wild Grape

    -Cappuccino Latte

    -Vanilla Latte

    -Caramel Macchiato


    Double Stuffed Cookie, Caribbean Cooler, Lemon Tea, Fuzzy Navel and Strawberry Mousse were probably the best tasting. I think the fruity ones are definitely on point with flavor but many of them, especially the latte line left this horrible after taste I just couldn't shake unless I ate something later or brushed my teeth. :wacko: 

    I think I may try their non-flavored one you can add to any drink. Decisions, decisions.... 

  24. Jodi1980

    Over eating/binge eating

    It is difficult. @LCamacho83 my sincere condolences to you. I can relate as I have experienced loss of my mother as a child and my aunt and uncle in adult life. I can tell you that my weight gain as a child and young adult contributed alot from the loss of my mother. My aunt and uncle raised me after she passed. To cope with loss, my uncle would often take me out to eat or treat me to a very unhealthy diet. You can see where I am going with this.... It wasn't until after their deaths, that I needed to go talk to someone. Therapy HELPS IMMENSELY! I haven't gone back since I've had my son July 2016 but I KNOW I need to. I need to do it for myself. No one else! I wish you well on your journey! If you get off track, there are always people to pick you up! You just have to look for them! Good Luck
  25. Jodi1980

    July surgery

    Thank you! You too!

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