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  1. fatguysurvival

    Breaking the 300 barrier

    hey all. was it just me or did breaking the 300 barrier feel like one of life's greatest accomplishment? crossing into the 300's was like entering the abyss for me. and once i got there, i kinda spiraled to a day of surgery weight of 360!! 3 1/2 months now post-sleeve and I am now 275. just so remarkable, really. and crossing back into the 200's was one of of the greatest joys i have experienced in a long time. now i'm on a mission to cross back into the 1's (?/!). i sincerely hope that all guys thinking about bariatric, or who have done it and need to come out of the 3's experience the same sense of satisfaction and joy that i did. just what was on my mind today.
  2. fatguysurvival

    Breaking the 300 barrier

    Onederland is the ultimate goal--199. 75 pounds to go! Won't stop until i hit that goal. Focused now on hitting 250. Boy this feels good. Can't imagine why more guys who need this don't do it!
  3. fatguysurvival

    Just over 3 months post sleeve

    Had my sleeve on 12/27/17. Down over 80 pounds now. Can’t say enough positive things about this procedure and what it’s done for me. On a mission to spread the word!!
  4. fatguysurvival

    Just over 3 months post sleeve

    I'm not sure people who post pictures are necessarily looking for validation. Rather, I suspect most look for inspiration and motivation. To see in themselves what they can and will be like months or years down the road. I don't advocate for or against anyone's decision to do what makes them feel comfortable. For me being a fatguy will always be a part of me. As "they" say, your stomach is operated on, not your brain. Old habits take a long time to modify or change, so for me--sharing, motivating, participating in discussions to help myself and others is the journey I am most comfortable with. As far as I am concerned, we are all in this together and should try to help and support each other in whatever way possible to meet and maintain our goals. Pictures or no pictures..whatever works for you.
  5. fatguysurvival

    Fat Guy Survival

    Hey guys. I’m Scott and I’m just over three months post sleeve. Down over 80 pounds now. This has been the best decision I have ever made. My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner! In prep for my procedure, I did a ton of research. And here’s one startling data point. Of all bariatric procedures done in the US, only 20% are on men. Yes, only 20%. I’m on a mission now to create a community to help, motivate, coach and inspire other fat guys just like me to lead healthier lives. I’d love to hear from you. Talk to you and create an army of former fat guys to help men make the best decision for themselves. Let’s talk here or follow me on Twitter@fatguysurvival. Thanks
  6. fatguysurvival

    Fat Guy Survival

    You are exactly right. Whether its stigma, ego, lack of confidence, lack of knowledge, men--who would really beneift from a bariatric procedure--aren't doing it enough. And that's my mission in creating The Fat Guy Survival Guide--to be able to connect with and create a supportive community to help people realize that a life changing solution is at their fingertips. Would love your help and support in driving this mission with me.
  7. fatguysurvival

    Male Before and After Pictures

    You won’t find that many pictures of men as only 20% of bariatric procedures are done on men. It’s a crazy statistic but true. More men need to be educated about the benefits of bariAtric surgery. I’m 3 months post sleeve and down 80 pounds. Life changing. And now I’m starting to blog about it to hopefully help other men find what we did. Follow me on Twitter@fatguysurvival. My pic is on there.

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