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    ncbailey23 reacted to AEdoesRnY in Worried about my wife   
    Have you talked with her? Does she share your concerns?
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    ncbailey23 reacted to Krissy22blue in Im SOO HUNGRY! How are you making it through?   
    I had days I wanted to murder someone.... each day gets a bit better. For me I made sure I had everything I was aloud to have in the house with as much variety as possible. I had a lot of sauteed cabbage with garlic and hot sauce which helped me. I also found the ultra low fat whip cream and had that with my Jello. Although they were not exactly aloud I was able to be successful. One day I was so hungry I ate a handful of sugar free candies lol. Jsut do your best because everyone is different. I am 6 weeks post op and down 40lbs and honestly there were days I didn't think I could do it. I am lucky to be off work so on bad days I would try to distract myself with movies or I would sleep. You will adjust it just takes time. If you really cannot handle it eat something that is Water based.... look at what your aloud after surgery and choose what will break down the easiest. Goodluck

    every day is a new day!

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    ncbailey23 reacted to almuse in Im SOO HUNGRY! How are you making it through?   
    Just hang in there it's worth it all I feel so much better since I had the surgery it is hard but keep telling yourself "I got this and I can do it" good luck

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    ncbailey23 reacted to mav2126 in Liquid Diet Starts Now!!!   
    Its the end of my 7th day and I am still alive. I think you do get used to being hungry between drinking shakes. Only 7 more days to go and then it is off to surgery. I took 2 weeks off from work but I hear some people are fine in a couple of days. I hope that will be my experience.
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    ncbailey23 reacted to LD91 in 1st day of pre-op diet - 8 hours in - absolutely starving!!!!   
    Oh no! That sucks so bad! 😢 I will struggle after surgery as I love Diet Coke and coffee!! Keep it up though, it’ll be soooo worth it! That’s what I keep telling myself!! You’ll feel better in a few days once the withdrawal is out your system 🙏
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    ncbailey23 reacted to SIPSGrammy in Can’t make a decision   
    I did the samething you are doing, researched like crazy. Then my brother, whom is a surgical nurse, had the sleeve done. It was a breeze for him. I had SIPS. We both had our surgeries in 2015. He is now gaining again. I am steady at 148-150lbs. Zero weight gain. I have no regrets! In fact, I wish I had it earlier. Feel great. Have any questions, just ask.
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    ncbailey23 reacted to Mojo56 in SIPS / SADI-S LOOP DS SUPPORT   
    I take 2 Calcium 600 mg daily, 2 multi Vitamin Bariatric Advantage. I also get a monthly B 12 shot. That's it. I try to eat a lot of Protein. I don't count anymore. I have blood work every 6 months and the protein is always good. Mostly I eat protein first and then whatever. When I eat something not good for me the worst result is gas or diarrhea. No weight gain. I drink Water all day and swim for exercise.
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    ncbailey23 got a reaction from Jmuldune in Anyone with a BMI less than 50 get the Loop DS/SIPS?   
    Glad to hear the procedure has been such a success for you. I am really leaning toward the SADI for the exact reason you stated. Thank you so much for the response

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    ncbailey23 reacted to Strivingforbetter in Anyone with a BMI less than 50 get the Loop DS/SIPS?   
    I had the traditional DS with a starting BMI of 40. However, my surgeon gave me a longer common channel so I didn't get too thin. My BMI is now 27.
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    ncbailey23 reacted to angyplus5 in Anyone with a BMI less than 50 get the Loop DS/SIPS?   
    I had the traditional Duodenal Switch and my BMI was 40

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    ncbailey23 reacted to Nat2.0 in Did anyone get surgery / look into Dr. Frank Chae in Colorado?   
    Hi, Ladybutternubs!
    Thanks for the response... I haven't been on the app or site for awhile so I'm just now seeing your reply. Thank you! I just attended the support group Kelly runs last night for the first time! Were you there? Do you go regularly?
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    ncbailey23 reacted to Jmuldune in Loop Duodenal Switch   
    I had the SIPS in Nov 2014 and lost about 150 lbs, then gained a little back. Still very thin, no medical issues.
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    ncbailey23 reacted to Suwade in Anyone with a BMI less than 50 get the Loop DS/SIPS?   
    I was at 48 and had SIPS on 12/11. Pleased with the results so far however it did not eliminate my diabetes.

    SIPS procedure 12/11/17
    SW 307
    CW 214 GW 160

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    ncbailey23 reacted to Postop in DS vs Loop DS   
    If you get a regular DS and eat tons of carbs:
    1. You can regain;
    2. You're likely to have stool and/or gas issues. Carbs cause smells most wouldn't like to have often in public.
    The beauty of the DS is no counting calories & constant eating (if you wish). I eat every 2 hours or so. But it's Protein. For instance, my lunch today was a Wendy Triple Burger with catsup and cheese. It took 2 sittings to eat it, but I did. However, I didn't eat the bun bc:
    a. I wouldn't have a lot of room for the protein;
    b. I'd stink up my workspace.
    As a female, I do eat carbs and sweets. But at home and only a couple of times a week. Others I know have some Cookies or chocolate everyday. You have to see how you do.
    As a male, the odds are you'll be able to eat more and lose more than most females. Probably even more carbs and not gain a ton. But you probably would gain some and then there's that stink....