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  1. Charlotte0606.... best wishes for you tomorrow we know our surgeon & we have had time to think this through, we will be good , just stay positive & remember all this is temporary things will get better very soon!! Keep us up to date& I will to!! Best to all JuneBugs!!!!!😊
  2. Congratulations to all having surgery today ... wishing you peace& a quick recovery. Anyone tomorrow? June 5th ??? I am scheduled at 12:00 West Penn Pittsburgh tomorrow.... the nerves are kicking in- wander how you all coped :)
  3. jenpa

    Seriously?! Losing my mind!

    Just a thought ... I am preop right now but that is one of my biggest concerns and I talk to my doctor about it and they said they have not had anyone in their office with long-term nausea unless there was another cars and they mention gallbladder problems & I also saw it mentioned here on the forum somewhere I believe .. I really really hope you get relief... since my lap band was removed 4 years ago I have suffered with nausea off & on NO way to live !!! Please let us know how you are!
  4. In the boat here. I am on board 80% with pre-op. I got shaky day 2 & ate a radish & some garbanzo beans ... felt much better. I am allowed cream soups & I didn’t strain them ( supposed to) so got a little broccoli in the mix. I got a bit worried my blood sugar was wacky because I was shaking . hope not a worry after surgery!??... this is really hard & I feel your pain but we just have to give it our best shot... It would be a shame if it affects the outcome!! Best wishes & hope you get stronger as the next days approach!
  5. jenpa

    3 Days post op!

    Congrats Kimbero!!! Please keep us up to date on your progress... so happy everything went great for you!!!!
  6. jenpa

    Let's Talk Dying By Your Own Hand!

    Hair stylist here!!! Dyeing ( correct spelling) lol ... wish you all could visit my salon & I would help you out with some practical solutions to the hair issues... I can’t do a great job unless I see you in person though ...but I bet everyone of you are BEAUTIFUL!!!! Hope you find your right shade of pretty!!!
  7. That’s good it wasn’t to long at all. I have had awful bloating since my band was removed... my doc expects a bunch of scar tissue as well! He thinks about 2 hours under anesthesia. I am so worried about the after pain but more worried about nausea?!?! Get it after every surgery:( Hopefully it will work out ... 6/5 is the day! Thanks for the info glad you are on the other side. I am a little older now am hoping I won’t heal to slowly- I am self employed & need to get back to work at 2weeks!
  8. Hi & thanks for sharing. Sounds like everyday you’re getting better! How much time did it take for your surgery if you don’t mind my asking?
  9. jenpa

    When is your wls?

    Yes congrats to Kimbero.... I hope all is went well!!! Chris428... thanks & I will let you know how it goes & how my hospital stay is at West Penn . I think you will be there too along with Kimbero?!? Hoping all of us have success:)
  10. jenpa

    When is your wls?

    chrisb428 congrats... how was the hospital & your recovery? Hope all was great for you!!! I am June 5th West Penn Pittsburgh...
  11. Day one of pre-op liquid ... oh my !!! 7 days to go- my choices are Limited as I am a vegetarian I don’t eat broths from meat. It’s really hard just trying not to think about it & staying busy. Can’t believe in 7 days I will have 3 sleeves in stead of just the 2 on my shirts... hang in there everyone... my friend said on the other side it’s just so much easier this is the hard part but the payoff is well worth it!!! You all inspire me to keep going-especially the people doing two and three weeks I’m only one week!!!
  12. You will get back there & let us know .... we can help be your cheerleaders on the sidelines!!!
  13. That’s awesome!! Glad to hear you are doing better!!! I had choking & sliming all the time. Thanks so much for letting us know this info it helps to hear others success stories!!!
  14. Hi I had my lap band in 12 out in 14 ... now 4 years later getting sleeved on June 5 . Very worried about scar tissue too. My doc said when he is in he will decide what’s best. I will let you all know how it goes. Would love to hear success stories from those who have gone through this:)
  15. jenpa

    Lapband to Gastric Sleeve

    Hello & congratulations:) How are things going so far... what is making you nervous?
  16. jenpa

    Any June 2018 Sleevers in Here?!

    ByeFelicia ::: Hi .... super nervous, I am out 4 years from lap band removal, doc said 1-5% chance he will do nothing if things don’t look to good on the inside. Also 10% change he would have to do a bypass. I am hoping for s sleeve but my main concerns are strictures do to scar tissue, and and nausea -since having my band out I still have some residual nausea times.i am hopeful it will go smooth but I know surgery day I will be a complete nervous wreck!!! I ordered all my liquids & thought I started a 10 day pre-op but he told me only 7 days yesterday at my final appointment. Pre-op starts Tuesday coming up. Wow is this going Fast - started my journey in October to get a sleeve... it has flown bye! I wish everyone here fast healing and fantastic success. Hope it will be the same here!
  17. jenpa

    Tell me more :)

    I have had 2 tummy tucks. First one 15 years ago & only skin not muscle... it was an easier recovery .... fast forward had another after surprise 3rd child late in life but with muscles tightened- a bit harder. But honestly I thought my C-sections were harder. Only thing I didnt like was the the drains had 2 & lasted over a week with them in ... just annoying really. I also had sculpting done with Lipo.... it mainly works on small pockets of fat that remain after weight loss after you have it your body shape is a bit smoother . All in all it’s worth it !!!
  18. Curious ?? Does EVERYONE have hair loss that has had surgery (gastric sleeve)... any input would be appreciated
  19. jenpa

    Any June 2018 Sleevers in Here?!

    M79m79.... we are surgery twins June 5th Pittsburgh Pa Dr Eid
  20. I agree ! You know your body the best! Awesome to seek out a second opinion. I hope you find an answer..... please let us know -everyone on this forum will be rooting for you!!! You came to the right place ... there may be someone who has gone through this & can add some advice.
  21. jenpa

    Lapband to Gastric Sleeve

    Meant to say my gastric sleeve surgery is June 5
  22. jenpa

    Lapband to Gastric Sleeve

    Hello ... my GS has is 6/5. I had band removed 3.5 years ago .... will let you know how it goes! Hopefully someone else with experience will post !!!
  23. jenpa

    Got my date!

    Mine is June 5th to:) congrats!
  24. jenpa

    Any June 2018 Sleevers in Here?!

    Actually super nervous!!! I haven’t really bought anything... on the 24th I meet with doc& pa they will give me all my instructions & I will go get everything!!! It just seems so close & yet so far... I guess just really nervous about the actual surgery & few weeks after.., hoping for a quick recovery as everyone here!!! Thanks for asking!! Hope all goes well for you:)