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  1. Nnoi

    No F#$ckin BMI Way

    Oooppp replied to BMI discussions before reading the thread so I am bowing out and not getting my toe wet in this pond
  2. Nnoi

    State Fair-Eye Opener

    I recently spent a full day 11am-11pm at our state fair, met family there and then stayed with my mom (also post RNY) for a concert that evening. And I was expecting there to be nothing that we could eat there, and for the most part I was right HOWEVER I was very surprised to find there were some healthy options. I got a grilled chicken sandwich at one stall with peppers, onions, and mushrooms and ate part of the meat and veg no bread, and for dinner we found a "Tastes of Ohio" restaurant that was selling various meats and shared a delicious grilled chicken meal with my mom complete with fresh cooked green beans! We did indulge and had a few bites of ice cream YUMM but for the most part we were very proud of ourselves for navigating what we expected to be a tough day cravings wise without really any cravings at all (That got oil smell is so off-putting now) So don't give up hope even though there were an alarming amount of deep fried foods there were some decent choices mixed in
  3. I appreciate nuts and I believe we were allowed to start introducing them around 5-6 weeks post op they were one of the last foods I will say however that I can not eat Pistachios anymore. I used to love them, but they are the one and only food I have dumped on It is confusing to a lot of people why I would dump on pistachios of all things but they triggered something in me that was very very VERY bad, so anyone seeing them remember just because a food is delicious, and fits in your doctors limits, and it went down fine before. Try to remember to take it slow the first time to see how your new body handles it because it made me very very sick (to the point that the sounds I was making were compared to a wildcat trapped in my throat as I dry heaved)
  4. Nnoi

    Menstrual flow

    This It can be SUPER annoying, and sometimes if your flows are very heavy (which is sounds like yours are) it can be scary. It is normal but if it continues it can lead to some iron issues, so bring it up with your surgeon. I had a bit of a 'melt' post op as well but I was really worried because I had always had very heavy flows pre-op and my flows were more often but much lighter and shorter post-op and then I started skipping months, and finally I brought it up after not having a flow in almost four months and they gave me some pills to jump start my system and it set me right back to normal So yes it is common, but it can cause issues don't suffer alone, bring it up with your doc if it continues!
  5. Nnoi

    Hair loss

    I am coming up on my year next month, I lost an alarming amount of hair from about month 4-month 7 My hair loss started to get better around Month 6th but then I had my Gallbladder removed, and had a bile leak and was in and out of the hospital for several weeks with a drain and that sent my body into a tail spin AGAIN. BUT I have SO MANY baby hairs and regrowth. My hair is def thinner I notice a difference but most people can't tell looking at me (I did start out with a lot of hair so I was lucky) I know when you are going through it, and it is YOUR hair clogging the drain and covering your clothes and pillow and filling your brush it is SO HARD to look at it and think...It is ok...this is going to pass But it is normal and it will pass and most of the time it does come back, it seems so horrible at the time but keep taking your vitamins, take some Biotin if you want (I know I did and still do) and know that in a few months it will all be over
  6. Nnoi

    Ya , it’s me

    I have some similar issues, Some people who are still bigger that I used to be "One Of Them" now get uncomfortable talking about things dealing with weight or food around me. Not so much that they are cold just that my weight loss has perhaps made them more self conscious about themselves. I also have found the thinner/average sized co-workers fall into three groups 1. The super supportive ones who suddenly want to discuss protein shakes and workout routines with yout 2. The insecure ones who start telling you to STOP LOSING WEIGHT, or YOU LOOK SICK, or YOU LOOK LIKE A BOBBLE HEAD 3. The secret saboteurs those ones that come in with a bag of peanut m&ms and offer you some I try to remind myself that the only thing I can do is not let their reactions change my attitude which is honestly easier said than done. But I am trying everyday to stay the same personality wise, and I am still and will always be a fat girl in my head so I try to not let my appearance or the surgery and my lifestyle changes change the way that I interact with people and it has honestly gotten better. My larger friends know I am not judging them or their food choices and also that they can talk about food or eat in front of me it doesn't bother me at all. My thinner/average size friends know that I am not going to eat what they offer me but thanks anyway, and I will totally talk about protein shakes but I still hate working out, and the insecure ones have to work on themselves not the other way around so I don't waste my time of them if they are rude or negative toward me because they are the ones who changed not me. Hang in there it can be alarming on the outside to see the changes we are going through after surgery but if you keep being you they will either come around or they were not worth your time to begin with.
  7. I am just going to reply to this topic with an update in case anyone searching comes across this post. I did discuss it with my Bariatric Surgeon and they did not see a problem with it (which honestly still surprises me) but when I saw my Oncologist he just assumed we were putting it off a year and I was FINE with that. So I am seeing my Oncologist again next month and will be scheduling my uptake for most likely late August or Early September (more than a year post op) because I will have to do the Low Iodine Diet for a few weeks before my uptake. The Low Iodine diet is a whole different can of worms. So anyone who is seeing them in the future that is going through what I am, please feel free to reach out to me here and I can discuss my experiences with Radiation Uptakes and Low Iodine Diets after RNY with you.
  8. Hello My Friends 💜 I had Gastric Bypass in July. So far I am doing pretty well, feeling great, I have my three month check-up with my surgeon the end of the month! But today I wanted to talk more about something else I am a thyroid cancer survivor, I was diagnosed, had my thyroid removed and did radiation in 2012. Every year my oncologist alternates between doing a chest x-ray or a Thyroid uptake scan to check that the cancer is not back. I am due for a Thyroid uptake scan soon. I WILL be talking with my surgeon at my appointment about it. But was curious if any of you wonderful people were also Thyroid Cancer survivors or have done a thyroid uptake scan post-op. My main concern is that while the dose of radiation you take for an uptake scan is not as high as when you are doing actual radiation I will still be swallowing a radioactive pill, which they request/suggest you take with a full glass of water all at once. I know I can not drink that much water all at once, but I am also concerned that if I am discouraged to consume caffeine for six months post-op (which is what my program suggests I know not all of them do) that consuming actual radioactive materials is probably not advisable either. Anyone here who does Radioactive Thyroid Uptake Scans? Any suggestions on how long you waited post-op? Again I will talk with my doctor's both my Bariatric Surgeon and my Oncologist about my concerns and imagine that I will just be pushing the Uptake scan out at least a year post-op but I am just checking to see what other peoples experiences were...
  9. I am working in getting fluids in some days are easier than others but I am only working on one month post op so I have time. I did end up investing in a special water bottle off Amazon called a zak hydratrak (linked to the website) it's a 20 oz bottle and has 8 bands around it that you can roll up or removed and wear as bracelets for each time you empty the bottle. I have found with keeping track of vitamins, and pills, and times and yada yada yada that taking away having to track how many times I refilled my water bottle helps! Also on straws. I was never told no straws in my program, so at my first movie outing post-op I got a strawberry power-ade from those coke drink stations and tried a straw with trepidation because I know everyone on here says straws are bad. And I have found I am fine drinking from a straw and actually am able to drink more through a straw. My mom is 5 weeks ahead of me post-op and was struggling to get her fluids in and her surgeon literally told her to drink through a straw if it helps I know the theory is you swallow air through a straw but I have actually noticed a decrease in gas pains since switching.
  10. I weight once a week which I guess is not normal ... but I will also weight again sometimes if I have success in the bathroom and want to see if that made an impact. I also take a selfie on weigh in days so that I might eventually look back on the weekly selfies and see myself changing (?) I don't know I don't notice a difference in the selfies but I do on the scale...
  11. Nnoi

    New here and very nervous...

    Feeling good most of the time I feel totally normal it is insane how quickly I felt better. I started soft foods today and that is sitting different then blended so figuring it out. Fluids are not always easy to get in but I'm managing at least 60oz. Lost some weight before surgery but since surgery I'm down 20lbs. Super happy I did this.
  12. I was told the caffeine is too acidic and can cause post pone healing. I am sure someone is going to come behind me and act like I'm an idiot. But honestly it's up to you if you do I wouldn't do it often and would maybe drink some milk or something with it. But it's up to you listen to your pouch if you drink it and it doesn't sit well try again later.
  13. Nnoi

    July Gastric Bypass?

    I was told that the site where the doc works aka the big incision will have internal stitches that can cause some pain when they start to dissolve. Some people describe it as a dull ache others a spasm. Sounds like that might be what you're doing
  14. Nnoi

    Dating in Columbus Ohio

    You find a good man then sent me his older brother or cousin lol