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  1. I noticed a lot of people are reading peoples posts, but few are commenting. So, I figured I would break the ice for some to speak up and break their silence. Where are you from? Are you banded or hoping to be? I've been banded for 8 1/2 years. I'm from Northwest Indiana and am sooooo ready for warmer weather to return and stay! LOL :-)
  2. Sending hugs and prayers out to you SP70 and Jenn1! I'm sure it's not easy physically or emotionally. I'm rootin' for you ladies to stay strong and am so happy to hear you caught it early! I'm 44 and just got my first mammo last year! :-)
  3. Jodie_G

    5 years post now complications

    I wish I could offer assistance or advice. I've not experienced anything like that and wish you well!
  4. Fuzzy, do you have the Lap-Band too?
  5. I'm saddened to see that not one person has stepped up and responded to your post... NOT EVEN A MONTH after you've posted! That really doesn't show anything inspiring or motivating, does it? And, it's something we've all faced and had to get through so I know there are others with experience to share and advice to offer. I hope it's a simple oversight! I'm sorry nobody has said anything prior to this point, but I will do my best to help with offering my experiences. Even though I am new here, I have found myself in your shoes a few times since I've been banded in December 2008. I apologize for being a bit long-winded, but hopefully this will help? Possibly? Maybe? I hope so! My biggest hiccup (mental and physical) to overcome was my knee surgeries. Super short version, I underwent 4 major knee surgeries on both knees between 2013 and 2015. Of those, three were knee replacements. (The very first was botched by the first surgeon and required a major revision 2 years later. During that time I had a difficult time even walking without a cane.) Prior to the surgeries I was a gym rat and worked out every day. I felt great and the weight was flying off. Although I had lost 164 pounds and could see the "finish" line of my goal weight, I still wasn't there. After the surgeries, it took all my energy just achieving the most mundane daily tasks. Heck, taking a shower in itself felt like a workout and required a nap! To add insult to injury, I had such bad swelling in one knee it was shutting my muscles down. (I now have some atrophy in that leg. Yay.) I was mentally and physically drained. I felt sorry for myself and camped out for my own pity party for far too long and gained 84 pounds back. Here I am, 2+ years later and FINALLY back in a groove. (I still can't ride my road or mountain bike and probably never will because I don't have enough flex for the rotation. And, I can no longer kneel, run, or jump. Great.) It took me a long time to find my rhythm. To say how I found it, I wish I could offer some easy answer like it was this one particular GRAND FIREWORK event that sparked my motivation. It wasn't. It's as if I just woke up one day and was like, "Oh, there you are!" So much has happened in 8+ years and I have found myself on/off track throughout that entire time. I divorced in 2009 and just got married this past October. I've dated on/off in between that time (eating in restaurants constantly... ohhhh not good!) and had the huge detour with my knees like I mentioned above. Currently, I've got 54 pounds that I'd gained to shed... and then it's back to where I left off on my journey prior to my "detour". I started out this year 74 pounds heavier... so a 20 pound loss in 2 1/2 months is something I'm happy with! So, what can I surmise with all of this? Life happens. Plateau's happen. We get comfortable. We get unmotivated. We regret and feel guilty for our poor choices. Sometimes things happen by our own doing and other times it's out of our control. Don't get discouraged! Learn from your setbacks. Have a pity party, pout, scream, but move on from it. Don't camp out there like I did. Some suggestions that have helped me: 1. Create an inspiration board or wall and look at it every day! Put pictures up of the old you, the current you, along with things that motivate & inspire you. 2. If you don't feel like working out, FORCE yourself to! (The only workout you will regret is the one you didn't do!) 3. Look up a new motivational health/fitness quote every day! 4. Try a new recipe once a week. 5. Prep your meals/snacks a few days in advance. It makes it so much easier to grab/go. 6. Focus on just one pound at a time. Don't do the math of losing x-number of pounds by x-month & day. To me, that's just setting myself up for failure. Finally, this BIGGEST thing that's helped me find my groove this time around... the fact that I have come so far and refuse to go back to where I was. I've worked toooooo darn hard to NOT bust my behind and reach my goal. I can do this. I WILL do this. And, you my BariatricPal friend, WILL DO THIS TOO! You need to look deep within and ask yourself why YOU have made the commitment to a healthier lifestyle.
  6. NanaJoy, you CAN do this! Our bands are working with us, not against us! So, stay strong and know that you have this!
  7. It's crazy, I think no matter the surgical route, we all seem to have those potholes and detours reaching our weight goals. (I'm certainly no exception and I still have yet to reach my goal. I'll touch on that in a moment.) I haven't had any issue with my band... no leaking, no slipping, and I seem to still be in my sweet spot. I don't overeat like I did pre-band. However, I was eating more than I should for my band. My hiccup was my knee surgeries. I had been in such a groove and rhythm too! I was no stranger to knee issues... one knee underwent numerous outpatient surgeries from an accident at 9 years old. Fast forward to age 39, then I had a microfracture on what was the good knee. Six weeks later I had a knee replacement on what was the bad knee. Bring on the complications from a surgeon that made an error in placing the implant... fast forward two years to a knee replacement on the good knee (dubbed Robot Knee) and then a revision on the bad knee (dubbed FrankenKnee). Prior to the surgeries I was nearly a gym rat and worked out so much. I felt great and the weight was flying off... I had lost 164 pounds. After the surgeries, it took all my energy just achieving the most mundane daily tasks. I had such bad swelling in FrankenKnee it was shutting my muscles down and I now have some atrophy in that leg. Yay. Here I am, 2 years later and finally in a groove. I still can't ride my road or mountain bike and probably never will because I don't have enough flex for the rotation. But, you know how the saying goes... when life gives you lemon make lemonade. Now that I've learned to adapt to what I can do and stopped feeling sorry for myself, I'm back in my groove. I've got 54 pounds that I'd gained to shed... and then it's back to where I left off on my journey prior to my "detour". (I started out the year 74 pounds heavier... so 20 pound loss in 2 1/2 months is something I'm happy with!) Wouldn't it be nice if it was just a straight shot from surgery to goal? We're all strong and resilient and we can do this!!!
  8. Hi, everyone! I can't believe I found this forum after 8 years banded! Looks like a lot of wonderful info and people are here! I'll try to be brief with my overview.... Heaviest was 364. Banded Dec. 2008. Currently, 258-264 (depends on the scale's mood). Lowest weight was 200 in 2014. After reaching that lowest weight, I had 4 major knee surgeries within 2 1/2 years (long history of knee issues after an accident at 9 years old). Those surgeries included 2 knee replacements and a full revision of one. I've lost range of motion with one knee and can longer do some of the things I once did. Thankfully, I can walk again and workout every single day. I also still journal and even weigh/measure my food. So, here I am... 60 pounds heavier than my lowest weight and the scale is just NOT budging. What the french toast??? I made an appointment with my surgeons office to see the NP and the nutritionist. I still feel restriction but could probably use a tiny fill since I no longer have the morning tightness. I have been eating 1400-1800 calories a day because I'm quite active. After a brief telephone conversation with the nutritionist, I'm going to alter my intake to 1200-1400 calories until I see them early next month. I keep my protein 75-100 grams a day and am doing all the things I'm supposed to be doing... with one exception. I drink water or unsweet tea with some of my meals. I'm a big water drinker and I eat healthy, natural foods. It's rare that I consume anything processed. I love my band and have not a single regret at all. I know that my metabolism is a bit wonky and I'm trying to get it fired back up again. For those that workout, are you working out in the morning? Evening? Are you eating before you workout? After? I'm trying to switch to early morning workouts before I eat. That seems to have worked for me in the past and hoping it does again. I'm open to hearing and trying new things! I'm also curious to know if anyone still journal's and if so, what is your caloric intake daily? Any thoughts, comments, suggestions are welcome! Thank you for listening and I'm looking forward to contributing anything I can to help others! ~ Jodie
  9. You can do it too, Nana! We got this! I'm soooo excited for summer too! Can't wait to get outside to walk and hike!
  10. Nanajoy, that is awesome to hear that the doc has you back on track. I know what you mean about the exercise! My knees have minds of their own. Some days I can push it, others days I'm grateful just to be able to walk! I couldn't imagine the limited mobility and pain with back surgeries... you're a tough cookie! I'm eager to see the doc and nutritionist, but I don't see them until April 4th. (With driving 1.5 hours one way, there was NO way I was going to NOT see them on the same day.) In the meantime, I still journal, work out, keep my protein up, my food intake limited, and do all the other things I'm supposed to be doing. Sending goooooood luck skinny vibes your way!
  11. Jodie_G

    I feel like a failure

    Frios, you are far from a failure. So, you had a setback. Stuff happens. You caught it before you gained it all back and then some. What do you do now? Exactly what you did and we alllllll do.... we have our meltdown, and pity party. We keep it brief and don't camp out there. Then, we pick ourselves up, put on our super woman britches, dust ourselves off, and roll up our sleeves before we dive right back to doing what we know we should do. Life is messy and filled with potholes and detours... just hold coarse and barrel through it. You'll reach your goals! ((((( Sending positive energy and vibes your way! )))))
  12. I know I'm new here... but I've been banded for over 8 years and just found you guys! Personally, I love my band. I've had some hiccups along the way. Stress at one point affected my band; my band got tight and I had to have fluid removed for a short period. Then, I've gained weight due to temporary lost mobility. (I've gained back 60# of the 164# I had lost and am working to get those nasty hitchhikers off again.) We all test the band. (We bander's quickly learn about sliming and bypass patients quickly learn about dumping syndrome.) The band has worked for me. Other's it hasn't. Same goes with the sleeve, RNY, and other various forms of WLS. Some work for some, some don't for others. Each have risks and each have benefits. Just as I felt for myself, weigh the pro's and con's of each for you. Arm yourself with knowledge, facts, and make the choice you feel is best for you. Shop around for the surgeon that is best for you too. Some surgeons offer little information or support; others are magnificent! Some surgeons are nothing more than salesmen and want to push you into one surgery over another. Just remember, not one single WLS is a magical quick fix and you can regain weight no matter which one you select. Surgery isn't the sole solution. Used properly, each is nothing more than a tool to assist you in losing weight and keeping it off. In the end, be 100% confident in your decision and stick to what the doc says... you'll do awesome!