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  1. Believe it or not, I am nearly 7 months out And I still do it. Only difference, you know the tiny Condiments like sometimes they put in with salads to hold the dressings? Found out that they measure 2 oz, so bought a bag from Wal-Mart, not very expensive at all, I use them for my fluids at home, drink every 10-15 minutes the 2 oz and it's an easy peasy way to get way over the 64 oz minimum. But in , have a wonderful healing up from your surgery and happy to have you as a Bariatric Sibling!😝🍀🎁😝

  2. I kept dreaming my surge9n changed his mind and went golfing instead. Knew it was my psyche working overtime because his sport is tennis. But I grateful neither of us did back out, proud to say it has been nearly 7 months, my journey has been atypical but I'll never regret it, and wouldn't go back to the Frustr8 I was before for all the money you could pile up in front of ME!

  3. Froufrou the standard answer in my day- oh my Good Lord I sound like one of my relatives- cringe cringe was: If you will forgive me for not answering I will forgive you for asking such a question. A little heavy but it usually worked. And before I got educated about bariatric et all, I was one of the people that thought cancer, "Arnold", actually had a cousin with the name, is deliberately starving her and he really WAS that mean in other facets of life, she has developed anorexia, or they have lost their jobs and don't want anyone to know. Weight loss like we all are endeavoring to do- nope never entered my mind!
    And to be honest at this point, saw a " shirt tale" kind of a step- cousin, her great- aunt married my great- uncle, anyway we're close to the same age, well I was honest, She came up and said " Frustr8 you look different, have you lost weight or something? "Yeah Pammy Jo, I am now almost half the woman I used be and twice as happy as I ever guessed I could be!." And she paused a minute and then threw her arms around me and hugged me. Praise God she didn't mention that I now resemble Great Uncle Henry, the one that made us related. I just as leave not hear that, he died in the 50s and I was Young then.

  4. Congratulations on your " Outer" looking so good, I was very bruised around each one at first. Now the hard part is healing your "innards", well can't give you back the stomach piece they thre away so I guess the best thing is to learn to live with your remaining banana of digestion and at first you won't feel much restriction with liquids apart from internal tenderness. Just take things slow and easy, and as you start to drop more weight you will come to appreciate the No More Ravenousness.
    Now as to your lung, most do reinflate in a short period of time. Let me share a somewhat similar in my own life. In December 2017 I met a very nice young female cardiologist in the accomplishing of my Bariatric prerequirements. L8ked her so much I even kept her when I changed Bariatric programs 3 months later. Went back this year for a yearly checkup, now perhaps I should mention she gave me very extensive Cardiac testing , both my parents died of Cardiac issues as well as my middle child, a son, died at 31 of an ascending Aortic Aneurysm that ruptured. Well this year Dr Amrita (isn't that a pretty name?) asked if I minded going to her Hospital Mount Carmel East for a MRI and of course I said " No Problem", well in due time I got a stack of paper work from the hospital telling me where, when and at what time my date with their MRI machine. Imagine my surprise when I read the reason I'm scheduled to have this-" to check status of thoracic aneurysm, to ascertain whether it has enlarged enough to require surgery" OMG that was what my baby died of, an aneurysmn don't you think it would have been nice to tell me sooner it might not have been a random happening but something GENETIC I passed down to HIM? Well it turns out at this point it seems to be stable but I must remain on B.P. meds to keep it that way. But when I see her again , in the words of Ricky on" I Love Lucy", You Got some 'Splaing to Do!"
    And I am about ready to declare a moratorium on testing. That day they also found I have a cyst on one of my 3 kidneys, yeah you heard right, 3 , a birthday gift from my parents who it turns out also had 3, Mama had a horseshoe double fused kidney on the right with normal on the left, Daddy had 2 on the right, I have 2 on the left, I am blessed that each is complete system , if i was over 70, the upper level for donations, there would be transplant teams chasing me with Butterfly Nets " Aw come on, you've got so many you ought to share!", upshot is I clear urine one and half times as fast so I teeter on the brink of dehydration. But it is what it is!
    Last week I happened to have a very stiff neck, on the question of whether I had somehow developed meningitis, a Cat Scan was preformed. Luckily it was just a flare-up of severe neck arthritis but they also discovered. I have a sizable thyroid nodule present. I swear I am going to call a halt to testing pretty soon, every time something new gets found. I feel like I am becoming a Treasure trove for the Medical community.😖

  5. Welcome Kayla, I think you are the 1st Newfoundlander, only seen 1 from the Maitimes and think she was in New Brunswick.I believe there are a couple from Ontario and a couple from Alberta, both our BC have had their surgeries and have disappeared. I wish I knew for sure Mrs Ganges from Red Deer Alberta had hers, she was about 3/4 of the way through 2 years. At least you guys do have provincial healthcare even if it does move slowly, ours in the USA seems to be quicker but the insurance carriers can be a pain. Me I was lucky to have mine covered by Medicare/Medicaid, I'm almost as old as dirt but getting it done at 72, 73 now, not many do someone my age. But I kept on until I had mine last September 5th, 3 years, 3 weeks after I started, quite a story there but it's more than worth it! Down over 100 pounds from my High Weight, 70 or so since surgery and I am finally undergrowing my clothes! I can't hardly believe it at times. So if I can help you with anything just ask! There is a lot of good advice on here! I still am learning myself at times.

  6. And I am hoping each day you get to feeling better after such a rough starts It just proves that we each have a path to follow and a journey instead of a sprint to the Finish Line. I am happy my path parallels so many nice people, it's nice to not have to do everything alone. Do what is necessary to be a success and remember you have us all on here to cheer you on!

  7. It really does make a difference post surgery, you go from being hungry like the wolf to being in control. Yes you might still get hungry. but it will be controllable. I now look at foods as Maybe I will taste a little of that, but you won't have the panic that you have to eat something before someone else gets it. And truly there are many foods, I can take a teeny taste and I say" Why did I used to eat that? It does not taste good enough to cheat with! " And you will find you don't have the desire to cheat, because in the long run it just isn't worth it. And since you have so little room inside, there is no room for junk, so you do want to eat the things that are Vitamin rich and good for you! I know of what I speak, I was a food Sinner for years and years and years, so when I saw the light, had a Come to Jesus moment, whatever title you feel comfortable with, I had a fair amount of BlubberWeight to get rid of, but I am now a 120 pounds lighter than my highest weight, lost 77 since surgery, yeah me , the tried every diet known to modern man, some of them siily, but I was grasping at straws, it really works even if you're 73 like me! My natural Basal Metabolic rate is akin to a seasick snail but it is working for me too. Oh occasionally I do get a little jealous of the losses of the young ones, but then I remember Life gave me a different answer sheet to what they were given, as long as I answer mine correctly I can't go wrong either!

  8. You may need to undergo another endoscopy, make sure there are no ulcers, strictures and make sure the operative path is all clear inside. I have been on liquid/puree since last August because of those things in my life, and it is not fun to go through. Never have dumped , the Big bugaboo of bypassers, food doesn't stay down long enough to do that! One blessing, if it can be called that, food doesn't stay down long enough to develop a smell, still can't hardly eat meats, Precious Pouch may be 6 months old but she is in charge and has NO Sense of Humor. But I take each attempt as still a growth experience. And do my level best to smile😝 no matter what comes or comes up.