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    Kratom, anyone?

    Did you know it is illegal in 5 U.S. states? Not dicouranged, just flat out illegal for ingestion. I would say that is a slippery slope to be snow- boarding on! But your money,your life, it is just if anything happens your family will mourn you and we all will miss you on Bariatric Pal 💊
  2. Frustr8

    30g protein bars

    And please Dear Lord, convince one of the companies not every post- bariatric patient can, want or desires peanut butter or chocolate in or slathered on top, I cannot tolerate on and badly allergic to the other, unless I go to Luna or even Fiber One , low calorie but also low protein , in the regular WL aisles I get a fuzzy lollipop out of the deal, both of these are denture tolerant just not the best choices. And so infrequently if at all. And protein shakes, been on them since last August, most have lost their charm but my ulcers and stomal structure preclude solid proteins pretty much. Promises are made within 6 weeks or so things will be back at everyone else's start of progression stages. We Shall See, won't we?
  3. Frustr8


    Oh how lovely to stop after 3 days, since many of us are on a lot longer.
  4. Frustr8

    Muscle cramps

    Keep in mind post surgery, be it sleeve or GBP, you will not have sufficent gastric acid to digest calcium carbonate, which is what Tums are. It's your money and choice whether you want to poop out the cost of them continually. But you will have to switch to Calcium citrate capsules/pills or the liquid form Wellesse I now take. There's a wealth of post- surgery info to learn out there that you have to learn, for you now become a refined, remodeled and renovated personage from before.
  5. Frustr8

    Truly blessed

    And WE are all blessed reading your story, I'm praying only Good Things are yours from this day forward. Your 30s are going to be the 20s you never had; and now you are facing forward into a Good Future! Keep us all updated as time moves forward.👍😝
  6. Would that be near to where they pulled out your stomach of you were a sleeve? Maybe re- enforcing stitching there. Or the had to stretch the view port extra big to see everything in your abdomen?
  7. Frustr8

    Ache from over eating?

    Odd when my children were babies, they pushed yolks because of the food value but warned against whites because of the high allergy values. Old saying is: what goes around comes around again, but this time it got warped in the transition! Got love medical? advice sometimes!
  8. Frustr8


    A piece of advice I came across today "I do not ask you to save me; I ask only that you walk by my side and emotionally support me as I save myself."
  9. Frustr8

    March Bypass Buddies

    Congratulations on surgery well-done, I wish for you a Stellar Recovery and a wonderful post-life. God bless and keep you all!
  10. 5ft 8 in, size 12 feet, as I lose weight feet are narrowing but getting shorter? Don't think so, some people say they do, IDK about that. Highest W 365+ , surgery weight 319 on September 5th 2018, current W 242 at 6 months, my dream goal/ size is 175 Or Size 15 Junior and that would still be on cusp of overweight/ obese by BMI standards, I will be truly grateful to be below 200 pounds, maybe 195? Spent too many years hating the Frustr8 I was, I will be grateful for what I. CAN ACHEIVE st 73 years old. The last time I was at 195 and yes, it has been years ago, although I looked a large/average it wasn't that,bad for me. I gave up on looking like TinkerBelle and Peter Pan long ago. At 195 I had good defination of my body parts, no snide little kid came up to me and asked " Are you a Lady or Fat?" wanted to tell him to go play in traffic or worse, but after I reach 195 I still want to lose those last 20 pounds it will be my choice, not some arbitrary size someone else set up, and being in control, oh THAT means the world to me. Too much of my life was spent conforming to others standards, not talking back, believing the line Nobody could like me for me, I was just an extention of family members, someone's daughter, wife, mother and that should be my goal in life. Why did I believe that stack of hooey? I was raised to be sunservient, a husband . was my only goal, once you got one, no matter the model, you never let them go, if you were emotionally or even physically battered, you sucked it up for the greater good, as long as bones weren't broken, you wore long sleeves, covered bruises with make up , you were female, it was all you deserved. Someone on here accused me of desiring martyrdoom, nope, I just didn't realize there was another way to live. And if someone on TV was also battered I was told " See you're not so bad off, you're warm and fed! Yeah and food was my friend and comfort when nothing and no one else was. It was far easier to become a widow than to get a divorce from food! But I am stronger, albeit older, braver, I can and will stand up in a diminishing size body, and it is my choice finally not somebody elses, and Surprise Surprise most people like ME for ME, not somebody's extention , Frustr8 is really cool on her own , those who don't, well I wish them well on their own journey and trials for like Popeye I Yam what I Yam and it more than suffices in my World!👉😝👈
  11. Frustr8

    February 2019 weight loss buds

    Your body is saying " Bad Anna, we know you can do better but we'll hurt for a while just to remind you!" It it had been major, it would have done what Precious Pouch does to me, slimey, puky misery that gone on for a while, I have had times I ended up dry heaving toward the end. A lot of us have had episodes where our minds write checks, and our new streaml8ne guys refuse loudly to cash. After this misery you'll engage Your Good Sense before the hand extends toward the plate. You're human, 1 flub- up can be expected! A fellow traveler on the path to Bariatric Nirvana****Frustr8
  12. Frustr8


    My bad habit, my son Tomkitten would say impetuousness, I say he lives on Someday Isle " oh Someday I'll do it, just not now when it's needed" biggest growl we have with each other!
  13. Frustr8


    You know I almost hate having testing anymore, sure I make it through but there is always an addendum. Chest/Abdominal MRI. to check Thoracic Aorta Aneurysm- " Surprise you have a noticable Renal cyst on 1 kidney: My question? Which one? I have 3. Now neck Cat Scan to check what's causing neck pain that increases daily " Ahhh-em You have a thyroid nodule, you better notify your PCP and have further testing and scans. When I was scanned for bladder problems they announced I had diveriticuli in my lower left colon. They had better hurry up and get me fixed up, it gets increasingly hard to find replacement parts for a mid 1940s jalopy like me, pretty soon we will have to resort to binders twine and bailing wire to repair, not only will I be on the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, I will BE the Blue Collar Your. I can see Jeff Foxworthy over my inert body ." If your doctors have to resort to___ and ___ , you might be a Redneck!" Someone once said to take life with a grain of salt, shoot I'm the whole blue box of Morton's now, can't even hope for Diamond, just generic Morton's.
  14. Frustr8

    Good quote

    The very same boiling water that softens potatoes also hardens eggs, it all depends what you are made of inside.
  15. Frustr8

    Nutribullet vs Ninja

    And my notorious Pouch🍚 is named Precious, because I fought for over 3 years to obtain her. There are days when i wish I had a zipper, so I could pull her out, spank her for all the ornery.digestive tricks she wants to pull but i realize we are now life- companions, trying very hard to make my peace. 6 months and she still hopes I'll surrender and let her always have HER Way. But life, especially bariatric life, is a constant learning experience so best to go with the flow as time goes by!
  16. Frustr8

    My journey so far

    Other hard journeys do not discourage me, instead I am inspired to keep on with my own bumpy journey, some are smooth like a log flume ride, some are like a twisting and turning amusement rollercoaster but we all seem to find our finish l8ne in the end, don't we?😝
  17. Frustr8

    Nutribullet vs Ninja

    Well mine just did fine, almond milk and fruits that have not given me fits in the past, no melon, no banana, they both make me puke. I am heartened to do this again, in the meantime since it wasn't as runny as I thought, next time add liquid clear up to the Max Line, shorted it a smidgen I'll eat it is like (non) dairy freeze custard, oh and I added a scoo0 of protein powder, by hand I have trouble mixing it smooth, but it's smooth and hidden here. I think I will be brave to do it again and may try one of the Green Smoothies Fluffy Chix and the others talk about, think I would enjoy a little avocado et al.
  18. Frustr8

    Nutribullet vs Ninja

    I bought a Farberware $19 at Wal-Mart, shoot I thought , it looks like the "Big Guys" maybe just a less powerful motor. First 2-3 times it preformed adequate, fine I thought , things are gonna be fine, then I decided to try making a blueberry smoothie, darn thing locked up tighter than a prison door. When a mess I got, and trying to free the container, shake container did loosen although the power blades did not and there I was in Lake Purple Pain. Spend a little more, get something a little better, might have worked to blend water and powders but failed me when I need it most. Now I own a Nutriblast, gonna go make me a "Good for you" smoothie, and I have faith in this one to work. Even if my Previous Pouch isn't very big I'm going to try it! May the Power be with me!
  19. Frustr8

    What just happened?

    My guess is you've experienced your first " dumping: episode. Some are sensatve to even a minute amount of sugar, and brown since it also contains molasses, hence the brown shade , could be worse. That's why you are told no "carbos" you can't plan ahead who will and won't have it! I know of at least one Bari- pal who also dumps for higher fats content.
  20. Frustr8

    April surgeries?

    Wow, what a Quickie that was!
  21. Frustr8

    February 2019 weight loss buds

    Wow @ Recidivist, a major Blow-out! That is some Scary Larry stuff to happen, get better, get everything fixed up and get back out here with all us! We'll put a small sandbag on the Victory Bench to save the space for,you, but I believe you'll be able to claim it soon!
  22. Don't let your mind write checks your body can't cash. Wasn't a recliner but another comfy living room chair, took my walker and Tomkitten to pry me up and out, I was shaking l8je a half- froze dog before it was all over! Just Warning!
  23. Frustr8

    Quotes & Inspiration

    Confidence is not "Will they Like Me?"; Confidence is " I will be still be just fine even if They Don't!"
  24. Frustr8

    Dr. Pleatman in Michigan...

    Let us know how everything goes, if pictures don't lie he looks a very kind and tolerant,person . But Satan and my first surgeon I consulted were pleasant to look upon, it was their inner hearts that were black and evil. Wasn't the first translation of Lucifer "Son of The morning" a shining but fallen angel plotting a take- over from God? But may Dr Pleatman be all you desire in a doctor, you deserve the very best when YOU are deal8by with your life!
  25. Wowsers, you sure it's ALL you? Looks like you snuck some kinfolk' s snapshots in. Hey Guys I do want what she's got, dont you?