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    And may all your Weight Loss dreams come true! Still a lot of work ahead, but it is easier to work with your " new tool" to assist! Remember sip sip sip, walk walk walk and keep a smile on your face for celebrations ahead as you reach each mini- goal on your way to the Big One! Keep us updated, okay?
  2. Considering becoming a heathen, oh I really am joking a little bit I do have a problem, wooden pews about kill my rump💦, kneeling screws up my 2 knee😧 😥replacements, maybe I'll stand up and lean against the back wall. Either that or carry an egg crate pillow wherever I go!😥📖🎶
  3. Frustr8

    Demolished wall

    would have liked you before, but now you inspire my cougar instincts' Ooh this one I do drag off to my lair! Congratulations on such a great job, only people one here can appreciate the struggle yo get there!
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    Diet not dirt, although that might be a Freudian slip after all!
  5. Frustr8


    It's still all good, at least you have Mr Coffee back, after surgery even the dirt creamers fast ungodly sweet.
  6. You are going to earn an extra degree, a WLE for weight loss extrordinaire, and it will finally smooth out and life is going to be good. At least that is my prediction!
  7. All comes from them water- logging you while you're in there. Your body is peeved enough at you disturbing their status quo, so it holds on to that fluid until it DECIDES it is the right time to release it, and "often inches start to go before the fluids all out-flow." A quicky,poem for you from yours truly!
  8. Frustr8

    Let's talk poop.

    Thanks Kris , although we don't have a HEB this fare north ( Ohio) I'm sure I can find something comparable up here and it sure sounds like a good idea!
  9. Frustr8


    And my sister with the Fluffy Horse, I have something happy to report, I am now down to 242, this means my BMI says I am no longer MORBIDLY OBESE, just merely OBESE, so I am chugging along behind you a ways, but still moving toward the lighter side of the spectrum. Does this mean Obesity will no longer kill me, but I still can be miserable if I desire? Kinda think so!🐷👸
  10. Frustr8

    Let's talk poop.

    Well where to post? Let me update you on my #2 also known as the dreaded Poo. Well my past recovery from RnY. has been so checkered you could make a Scotsman Kilt out of it. I have tended toward the over- firm side of the spectrum, so much that I have a standing order for 2 Miralax per day, MoM evening of 2nd day if no results. Then November 29th I had gotten myself in such a state of protein- anemia and dehydration that a PICC line was inserted. Reasoning was 3-pronged. 1 I wasn't getting enough protein p.I. because due to my stomal structure and ulceration in my jejunem I was still on liquids 2. The rest from attempting to digest foods might let everything heal 3. Both my Surgeons felt TPN was the proper way to go. Well, well, that evil " You can't. push ME out, I'll make you suffer if you try!" went away. Each and every day I had a soft squishy green- black stool, color probably from increased iron, hard to wipe clean but I could still find to it acceptable. In February I was to go back to 1 pureed type meal a day, be it a high protein shake, soup- strained or homemade, or something like runny warm cereal. STILL I was chugging along singing my song, and really fecal- happy. Then February 26, for various reasons my doyble- lumen PICC friend and I parted company. Basically " We're going to throw you into a rain-swollen river- Do try not to driwn, please?" And I tried to be a dutiful p,o. ingested but here came the" I shall not move without my Miralax" every two day results. Now another thing Valerie, Dr Needleman's head Nurse-Practitioner, had said was due to my Iron state on my weekly blood labs I was going to require a iron INFUSION. Although they were more than happy to schedule it in Columbus, my PCP, since I was just recovering from pneumonia, had had both kinds of pneumonia. shots, the 13 and 21 different varieties, obviously there are 35 different varieties cause I got it anyway. PCP said "Lets schedule it in Mount Vernon, so you don't have that 100 mile round trip to endure!" then he disappeared off to sit on a tuffet with Little Miss Muffet and share a bowl of Curds and Whey, which we commonly these days call Cottage Cheese. After a week of hearing Nothing I called the office only to be told by one of his LPN's Melisa, I was delusional, if I needed such a thing , Doctor would have told her. Never could stand the little brat but he keeps her around. So I had heard enough, I might not quite be bovine but I recognize B.S. when I hear it! So I Called the facility in Columbus OSU wanted to send me to, found transportation, set up my own appointment time for Monday and off I went. The actual procedure wasn't all that bad, took a long time, 8:30 to 2:30, wanted to take it slow, watch for any bad reactions etc. And then Yesterday came- OH ME OH MY- thought I might die! My last poo had been Friday, it was Tuesday so I went back to my tried and true MoM. One dose, started out with lower abdominal pain, hmmmm I think, maybe I am full of poo? Started out with a modicum of small brown pebbles, okay this is going to be okay. An hour later the tsunami hit. I went from black tarry stool I could hardly expell to green-black woykdnt wipe clean, every time I tried to stand up and wipe, more came and hurt, oh yeah "mucho hurt" varied from " my colon's lining is extruding" to "maybe I have a kidney stone I'm trying to pass" Oh the misery, do I call the Emergency Squad? Can just see the paper work, Lady in 70s, complaining of lower abdominal pain- transport to local community hospital Full of S***. See after 7 pm we have no taxi transport until 6:30 the next morning. And on the side of their vehicles it says " Anyone Can Ride" ha ha LOL! Hurt so bad I dug out my treasured Norco, treasured because with the opioid crisis, not even President Obama or Trump could get a "script" written. These days, Wal-Mart gives you a packet of stuff to put into the bottle when you're through to render them harmless so they can disposed of. Still better than. the patient I read of on here whose doctor asked for her remaining at her 2 week check-up. doctor wanted them back? At any rate finishing up with 3 movements that were pure black water, I THINK I am better today, but the iron and the MoM did a number on me! Wonder if with all that expelled did I retain enough to render me less anemic? Hang aroynd, I'll let you know what the next blood draw says! Your drained out Bari Bud****. Frustr8
  11. Thanks Killian! if this is Necro-posting like one Bari- Pal said, this is the best kind, love reading posters who have had success no matter how far back. God Bless, stay fit and healthy. You give all of us newer versions Hope for the future, Thanks Again!!!
  12. Frustr8

    So Who do You Look Like?

    I think you're better looking Big Daddy , the other guy looks like someone just groped him and he doesn't know what to say!
  13. No but you seldom do with a rny, but I do have other pains, I am not exempt. When my jujunel ulcers decide to complain it hurts like gall bladder pain in the right subcostal area, right below the ribs. I get pain in the center of my chest, just to the right of the sternum or I would like think it angina ❤ pain. And my pouch sometimes feels like it has clenched up like a fist, and I am still on Zofran to lower the incidence of emesis. But I do still get Gerd Like symptoms with anything containing coconut. And 3 or 4 things I still can't eat, all considered easy peasy, eggs, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese and almost forgot, bananas. Not even a little bit, and p- butter not much better.
  14. Hi, Me Again! Well I had my Iron INFUSION on Monday. Very interesting experience I must say. Decided to opt out of the p*****g war, appeared PCP was content sitting on his tuffet like Little Muffet so called OSU and went to Columbus. First it wasnt as hard finding OSU East as I feared. And my driver Terry actually didn't get lost. Got there, check-in was easier than at main hospital. Went up to the 14th floor, got weighed, rest of vitaks, must have passed everything there because they put my IV line in , rather odd looking critter, a wide platform on the " aeroplane" needle. I know they have to have a more formal title.but that's what I Call Them. I hadn't had iron supplementation since I was carrying baby # 2 and he, as it turned out, was robbing me. I was at a level,of 8, my little parasite, had a bilirubin level of 19+ when he was born, kid turned orange instead of red when he cried, just missed an exchange transfusion, OSU does them for a level of 20+. Half because he was stealing my iron,the other was he was Rh+, I am negative and my antibodies were attacking him. Spent his off time from nursing , under bilirubin lights, had his own little sunglasses on, rather cute, usually leave them naked but since he was a boy he kept laying there peeing on himself, said for Gosh sakes put a diaper or ABD down there before he starts smelling like an urinal. It was quite a yellow rainstorm. Anyway in those days they did Z track injections, so an INFUSION is much neater and sweeter a thing. They took me to a smallish room where I had my own comfy recliner. First they start a bag of saline, this is to make sure you're not too dehydrated, then they piggyback on a small bag of solution and watch you closely to make sure you don't have any unexpected reaction, if that goes cool and it did for me, they let the rest of the saline flow in, then after observing me another 30 minutes, they give you a steroid, 2 Tylenol and 2 Benadryl , I knew Benadryl was gonna kick my : "tushie" and it did. Got very sleepy, but then they brought in another bag of clear, I assume Saline but it could have been D-5-W and the monster bag of iron solution, golden brown. and clear. They could have told me they were going to feed me Ricin and kill me, I would have said Well that's very nice of you! curled up and gone back to SlumberLand. Oh I was the poster child for Mellow Yello at that point. Tomkitten assures me I didn't snore, drool or lay there with my mouth hanging open, and I guess that's a blessing. I got there at 8:30 and they released me 3ish, so it did take a while. What next? IDK , they said maybe another 3 months, maybe as long as a year, all depends on what my next blood labs show. So the dreading , like many things in life, was worse than the actual thing. Got home to the sound of water erupting, either a pipe split or the hot water heater died. Landlord keeps basement locked so texted landlord and he came out , lookedthings over, saidtoomuch for me, shut the whole houses water off , we had still cold water at that point, now I have to keepTomkitten from doing # 2 because we only have enough water in the tank for 1 flush. Just texted me he hasn't found a willing plumber, but he will this afternoon. And I did have places I wanted to go today. Oh well, its just the Hurry Up and Wait Boogie for me!
  15. Frustr8

    February 2019 weight loss buds

    So the best thing I am finally understanding is eat slowly, smoothly and when you feel full don't push another bite down. When I came back to p.o. feeding again, and hopeful of sustaining that way, I had a few oopsies, I read of others at the same calendar time out romping and stomping with their diets, I got a tad envious, wanted to emulate them. No No No said my small boss, Precious Pouch, THAT'S their recovery, not yours. And she does have her way of showing her contempt. So I still eat my 2 oz at a time, drink unceasingly except for mealtimes, stop fixiating on the fact I am BEHIND every other 6 monther in the Bariatric World and PP sits there and lets my liquids and pureed through to my small intestine, actually let me have refried beans last p.m. and a few things are starting not to have. liquification. So I am hopeful, that's why I am posting here, cause I am still at the early levels in some respects. Saw something in one of my inspirational quotes. It is not good to try copying from others, Life may have given them an entirely different Exam Paper, so the answers may not be the same. Fighting the Fight, Trying to get Everything Right! your Bari- bud Frustr8🍀😝🍀
  16. Frustr8

    Surgical drain

    All it means is some people are juicier inside than others. Didn't have one for my RnY, did have a Jackson- Pratt when I had my gall bladder removed, just depends on your surgeon and his/her best judgement. No Big Bump in the Roadway of Life!
  17. Frustr8

    March 2019 sleepers

    And you as well as all the rest @makisue will be in my prayers, I am only that everyone of you Marchers have wonderful surgeries, smooth recoveries and wondrously great future lives. You. are giving yourselves a beautiful 🎁 a chance for future health and well-being. And you have a world- wide group of Bari-pals wishing you on to your own victories. Pretty cool, I think!💕😝💕
  18. Be patient with yourself ,for nothing in nature blooms all year. But to the best of your ability, be a sunflower, on even the darkest days you will stand tall and reach for the sun. And and new defination for FAIL.....FIRST ATTEMPT but I'M LEARNING.... rather softens the pain, doesn't it? And no matter the speed or slowness of this weight loss journey, we will all end up winners.
  19. Frustr8


    A thought to ponder, found this today and it is true. Some people try to turn back their odometers, but not me. I want people to know why I do look this way. You see I have traveled a long way in my life and all the roads were not smoothly paved.
  20. Frustr8

    Bra Extenders & Other Clothing Tricks

    I am looking forward to some leggings, my legs are actually starting to taper in and out instead of looking like thick wooden table legs. Well I always had a shape, it was more like a salami, Ample Sample-hood, here I come!
  21. So @ ihartme, did you get your March 2019 surgery date? Haven't heard anymore from you and I'm just wondering?
  22. Frustr8

    NSV's Spring 2019 Edition

    My old trusty tan Levis are getting loose enough I need to wear a belt, yes the pair I used to lie down on the bed to zip, Yippee Skippee Whoop Whoop, a day I have been dreaming of has come, and by a few ounces I weigh less than Tomkitten ! A big wide " Hey it Works" smile upon my face!😝🚩😝🍀
  23. Frustr8

    Support each other

    And Sarah, has Valentine's Day and all these other heading toward Spring days brought you a possible Mr Sarah? Haven't heard from you in a while!
  24. Frustr8


    I have something I'm happy about, instead of a NSV it is an TSV but there is no " thread " for that! READY? I now weigh less than my son the Tomkitten! Does this give us the same BMI? Nope, PCP says he measures nearly 2 inches taller, do I am beat still there but I believe that may come also. On my official ( bariatric scale at clinic in Columbus) I am 245.1 pounds, he is 245.4. I am weeping my teats💦 of joy , at my highest we were very very far apart in weight and I felt it was insurmountable. Even if he does try to lose weight, and since PCP has taken to put " Morbid Obesity" on his appointment summeries, he told me I may talk to Dr Needleman at your next visit, he doesn't have the GERD I did, so might be a mere metabolic weight loser or at worst as VSG. Told him that will be between you, Dr Needleman or Dr Noria, because that is who I am fated to see in Apriln this is a decision your. Mother can't make for YOu! But for a short time I can really be called his LITTLE MAMA and it will be the truth.👸 &👨
  25. All of my prerequirements were done, some twice, quite a story behind THAT, had my presurgical July 17th, found out that day when it would be. Started on my liver-shrinking diet August 1st, met with a Internal medicine resident, who went over in great detail my previous surgeries, any reaction to anesthesia, went over my med list with a fine toothed comb, a lot of meds on there but truly boring type stuff. Gave me 2 bottles of a prep diet solution, one at midnight, other 2 hours prior to surgery.Made by Abbott Labs, the folks that make Ensure, also headquatered in Columbus, do I sleek a slight kickback there? Wanted to give me a nice big bottle of Hibiclens, get that nasty stuff Away from me, found out at previous surgery ( on my left knee) I am quite allergic, looked like somebody thrown acid on my poor leg. So I got special instructions , Dial Gold liquid soap, double shower, 2nd shower leave on 5 minutes and be sure to scrub your navel. Hnnnh? Turns out my surgeon Dr Needleman uses there as one of his portal sites, so I got 7 , one in the navel so it was made clear. At 6 months they have faded some much into the surrounding stretched marked territory they are not easy to find. Only one still clear is the one just below the sternum kinda between my breasts, that was where the liver retractor went in, and the liver shrink diet work, lost 15 pounds that month alone and he said my liver was small, sleek and smooth like a newborn calf, once I was certain he wasn't going to sell me for veal I felt pretty proud of ME.. Would I do it again? Oh no doubt, I have not had a textbook recovery but I'm more mad at my crabby old 73 year old body for mal- healing than I could the hospital, surgical procedure or my wonderful surgeon, in my ❤ he was and is a miracle worker. And to my dying day, and I don't plan to do that for years, I will be intensely grateful he took a chance on me when many programs would have turned me down on age alone. I fought seen and unseen hostilities for 3 long years to get Precious Pouch installed, although she is an ornery brat who rules my life, we will still make our final peace, the GERD freedom makes up for a lot of things, the blips, twists and turns in my bariatric journey . Basically we each write our own journal, in our lives, mine will be a cliff- hanger, you won't go to sleep if you read mine. 📝