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    No weight loss

    And Sheribear68 and the rest, apprehensive I will be joining you guys soon, I had an iron INFUSION last Monday ( March 11th) I am scheduled for a Reclast INFUSION on the 22nd, and guess what the med sheet says? Both medicines 1st side effect? Weight gain. Oh gee doctors, and I just was 23 pounds dropped since the middle of February! Was actually celebrating , doctors PLEASE don't ruin my HAPPY NSV, I have been working hard to do this for myself, a early springtime -📦 present for me!
  2. You're always a little weak, tire easily and a little sore. Your body has gone through a lot recently, be easy on YOU, and daily things should smooth out and get better. If you had a leak, honey, you would KNOW IT, major pain and you would be more than simply winded. I have a stricture in my pouch(rny) and ulcers in my small intestine, and neither are so. polite as your problems. But I am getting better, just a more bumpy trek than average.
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    I’m new

    Hey Marla, welcome, come on in, sit a spell and is there anything we can to help you with your journey toward better health?
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    Quotes & Inspiration

    And rs and Grady cat, thank you for yours also!
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    Quotes & Inspiration

    I ❤them all J San, much wisdom congregated there!
  6. Frustr8

    Jan 2019 bypass buddies

    Have you tried the protein waters, does give you a difference of taste. I keep feeling I look like Road Kill myself, but I just have a good drop in weight so maybe it will take a while to look better, I am starting to resemble dead relatives, never saw to resemblance before, but my son says I am still beautiful to him, and tells me frequently how proud he is of me, and even my PCP told me the same thing so maybe the Work In Progress that I am will turn out fine!👈👸👉
  7. Frustr8

    4 Days Post Op RNY

    You might try doing your protein shakes at half- strength, thin it with skim or 1% milk, check out protein waters also, don't worry if you can only do 1-2 oz at a time, I'm 6 months out and I am still doing it, I confess I got a couple small glass, well I always called them shot glasses, from houseware dept of Wal-Mart, and that is what I use, I do one of them every 15 minutes, have varied low or no calorie drinks in fridge, and I am making my 64 oz easy and many days I make 84 okay. My pouch does not like it too much but we are doing 2 oz of protein, chewed well or pureed, and sometimes I do veggies that way. Why am I so slow with my diet? I have had ulcerations in my jejunem, a stricture in my pouch, I turned out to be one of those rare and complicated RnYers, but I am doing better, still not sorry for my surgery, had to fight uphill battle to get it, you see I am now 73, many programs would shown me the door, I will always be grateful for the chance at a future it gave me! I just get peeved at my body for making things slow but I too will have a victory! The gurgly I never had, just keep drinking in slow, give your body a chance to let it slide down easy, and we're all a little different, but we are still wonderfully made inside. Post anytime you feel like it, no question is too small, we all want to help on here!😝🍀😝
  8. Frustr8

    Depressed, Scared, and Everything In Between

    And this is a happier post, ATA I am glad to see it even more happy you're getting your load- levels for your life all adjusted. Been doing that in my own life, PCP remarked I seem happier, and that my Weight loss journey may be starting to smooth out. Certainly had challenges along the way, still not certain how it all will end but I am so much better than I was this time last year. And gosh, I wonder what Spring 2020 will be bringing, by then I may have reached goal. Surgeon & his top N.P. Valerie expect I will not reach GOAL at 1 year, may complete it closer to 18 months which will be March 2020. Fine I would like to reach my Dream Goal of 175 then, but truthfully anything less than 199 and I will be satisfied enough to not worry about the last 25 pounds. And I am happy to report I am at 242, having started with HW of 365+, it is wondrously fine in my estimination. Was able to find a sport-type bra and a pair of Just My Size leggings on clearance, would you believe I have never found leggings that fit before? So maybe I will be able to make the jump out of Plus Size Princess and. into Normal sized and Nice Selections of clothing. Almost makes me get tearful💦I am still a bundle of hopeful in this unsure🌏 world!
  9. Well I wasn't more than slightly anemic before mine last September 5th, I had some troubles with my healing, developed a stomal stricture, jejunenal ulcers, don't worry about these, I am a rare bird, most RnY do not have these bad occurrences, anyway I had to have a PICC line installed on November 29th so I could let my gastrointestinal system heal, I was being fed supplementally through my vein in my upper left arm, it really sounds more scary than it was, don't laugh but I got used to the TPN, I kind of miss it. But I am doing pretty good back eating again, my weight loss has started up again and that's good! At any rate I wanted to tell you I have been faithful with my meds, then they told me after one of my blood draws, when you're on TPN you get them every week, that my. iron levels were low so they added another iron 💊, well it strangely did not digest in or something because I did have an iron INFUSION last Monday the 11th. It really isn't that bad a thing, mostly like a long- timed IV. Let me run you through it, showed up at the INFUSION center, got weighed and other vitals done, an IV put in, the needle was what I Call an airplane needle had like a flattened wing to lay against your skin. These were done in the lab, then we walked to like a special suite, this was in a tower so the rooms/cubicles are pie shaped. Started an IV of Saline, let that run in maybe a half- hour, things were going good so they piggy backed in a small bag of solution, watched me close to make sure I didn't have any weird reactions, I had a comfy recliner to sit in, all the warm blankets I could desire, must have been stellar because they let bage # 1 finish draining in, then gave me Steroid, 2 Benadryl and 2 Tylenol, started a new big bag, made sure it was flowing well then brought in the Big Bad Infusion to add in, a clear golden in color, knew what was going to happen - Benadryl kicks my tushie bad, so I drifted in and out of sleep, but no strange taste in my mouth, no hives, no headache, no feeling flushed, nausea or anything thing else. Whole thing started 8:30-9AM, done by 2:30pm, and I was treated very fine, if I need another in 3 months, I wouldn't mind going there again. If I hadn't been doing weekly bloods they might not known as quick as they did, because I didn't look pale or anything to the average person. I do feel better, not as short of breath so I guess it did me some good!😝
  10. Frustr8

    Sickness and stalling

    Probably the sugar, fruit juices or high fructose Corn syrup they are made of, that's why your WL surgeon and dietician tell you to not use Gummies for your meds or supplements. it's not that they wish you bad, they just think it can be a slippery slope.
  11. I miss the old ME the happy ME the fun to be around ME the content to be where I was at ME the gone ME Will the new ME I am constructing. be a good enough ME to last me the rest of my Life!😭😪😥💦
  12. Frustr8

    Hair Loss

    my Cosmotologist Shelia did confirm yesterday my hair is thinning a little but,I think I am doing well for 6 months. Besides I am a thin -haired redhead in the first place, doesn't it just figure though, my fingers , wrists and now my hair are the only things naturally thin about ME. Everything else is bulky, flabby or needs serious costuming help! 😧
  13. Frustr8

    Weight loss

    I just had my PCP confirm, I have lost 25 pounds since early last month, maybe the PICC line did slow down my weight loss!
  14. Frustr8

    Before and After Pics

    I'll keep you in my prayers, fighting a stoma structure and multiple jejuneual ulcers myself, been 4 almost 5 months, and the story hasn't concluded yet!👸💕👸
  15. Frustr8

    I'm not doing well

    Hang Tough gabybab, I know you can do it! There will be answers soon, may they be ones you can work with! My own is getting extra polka dots, this is like the intro to Tale of Two cities " It was the best of times; it was the worst of times" Bad things first, I had pneumonia last month , spent 26 hours in the hospital,had an MRI to check size of thoracic aneurysm, luckily it is remaining stable, b.p.is low-ish , good less stress means not close to rupture, but they discovered I have a renal cyst, pulled my PICC line because 1, it might have been a foci for my pneumonia but it wasn't, totally cultured clear 2. I guess they thought 3 months was long enough- so back to p.o. foods totally, had fluid build-up on right shoulder joint, that's the one with the plate and 12 screws from fracture repair of humerus in 2010, ortho wants to pull it out, be only ambulatory/outpatient, perhaps next month? Depends on whether more fluid buildup at next appointment. And now I have to have Reclast IV to address my osteopenia before it turns into full blown osteoporosis, I am having so double vision so carotid arteries need scanned , last week my neck got super- stiff, cat scan showed my neck vertebra are pretty degenerated by arthritis, but it also showed an almost 2 cm. thyroid nodule on the left side, PCP kinda poo- pooed it at first until he pulled up last visit to Urgent Care, said "Well I'll correct myself, you DO need a thyroid workup after all, because your voice has turned husky, pressure on laryngeal nerve? Told PCP I am. getting tired of every test having a little extra findings, feel like I am becoming a Treasure Trove for Modern Medicine! And specialists will be circling me like a pack of hyenas, each one getting a little nip in on my poor carcass!👈😴👉
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    And may all your Weight Loss dreams come true! Still a lot of work ahead, but it is easier to work with your " new tool" to assist! Remember sip sip sip, walk walk walk and keep a smile on your face for celebrations ahead as you reach each mini- goal on your way to the Big One! Keep us updated, okay?
  17. Considering becoming a heathen, oh I really am joking a little bit I do have a problem, wooden pews about kill my rump💦, kneeling screws up my 2 knee😧 😥replacements, maybe I'll stand up and lean against the back wall. Either that or carry an egg crate pillow wherever I go!😥📖🎶
  18. Frustr8

    Demolished wall

    would have liked you before, but now you inspire my cougar instincts' Ooh this one I do drag off to my lair! Congratulations on such a great job, only people one here can appreciate the struggle yo get there!
  19. Frustr8


    Diet not dirt, although that might be a Freudian slip after all!
  20. Frustr8


    It's still all good, at least you have Mr Coffee back, after surgery even the dirt creamers fast ungodly sweet.
  21. You are going to earn an extra degree, a WLE for weight loss extrordinaire, and it will finally smooth out and life is going to be good. At least that is my prediction!
  22. All comes from them water- logging you while you're in there. Your body is peeved enough at you disturbing their status quo, so it holds on to that fluid until it DECIDES it is the right time to release it, and "often inches start to go before the fluids all out-flow." A quicky,poem for you from yours truly!
  23. Frustr8

    Let's talk poop.

    Thanks Kris , although we don't have a HEB this fare north ( Ohio) I'm sure I can find something comparable up here and it sure sounds like a good idea!
  24. Frustr8


    And my sister with the Fluffy Horse, I have something happy to report, I am now down to 242, this means my BMI says I am no longer MORBIDLY OBESE, just merely OBESE, so I am chugging along behind you a ways, but still moving toward the lighter side of the spectrum. Does this mean Obesity will no longer kill me, but I still can be miserable if I desire? Kinda think so!🐷👸
  25. Frustr8

    Let's talk poop.

    Well where to post? Let me update you on my #2 also known as the dreaded Poo. Well my past recovery from RnY. has been so checkered you could make a Scotsman Kilt out of it. I have tended toward the over- firm side of the spectrum, so much that I have a standing order for 2 Miralax per day, MoM evening of 2nd day if no results. Then November 29th I had gotten myself in such a state of protein- anemia and dehydration that a PICC line was inserted. Reasoning was 3-pronged. 1 I wasn't getting enough protein p.I. because due to my stomal structure and ulceration in my jejunem I was still on liquids 2. The rest from attempting to digest foods might let everything heal 3. Both my Surgeons felt TPN was the proper way to go. Well, well, that evil " You can't. push ME out, I'll make you suffer if you try!" went away. Each and every day I had a soft squishy green- black stool, color probably from increased iron, hard to wipe clean but I could still find to it acceptable. In February I was to go back to 1 pureed type meal a day, be it a high protein shake, soup- strained or homemade, or something like runny warm cereal. STILL I was chugging along singing my song, and really fecal- happy. Then February 26, for various reasons my doyble- lumen PICC friend and I parted company. Basically " We're going to throw you into a rain-swollen river- Do try not to driwn, please?" And I tried to be a dutiful p,o. ingested but here came the" I shall not move without my Miralax" every two day results. Now another thing Valerie, Dr Needleman's head Nurse-Practitioner, had said was due to my Iron state on my weekly blood labs I was going to require a iron INFUSION. Although they were more than happy to schedule it in Columbus, my PCP, since I was just recovering from pneumonia, had had both kinds of pneumonia. shots, the 13 and 21 different varieties, obviously there are 35 different varieties cause I got it anyway. PCP said "Lets schedule it in Mount Vernon, so you don't have that 100 mile round trip to endure!" then he disappeared off to sit on a tuffet with Little Miss Muffet and share a bowl of Curds and Whey, which we commonly these days call Cottage Cheese. After a week of hearing Nothing I called the office only to be told by one of his LPN's Melisa, I was delusional, if I needed such a thing , Doctor would have told her. Never could stand the little brat but he keeps her around. So I had heard enough, I might not quite be bovine but I recognize B.S. when I hear it! So I Called the facility in Columbus OSU wanted to send me to, found transportation, set up my own appointment time for Monday and off I went. The actual procedure wasn't all that bad, took a long time, 8:30 to 2:30, wanted to take it slow, watch for any bad reactions etc. And then Yesterday came- OH ME OH MY- thought I might die! My last poo had been Friday, it was Tuesday so I went back to my tried and true MoM. One dose, started out with lower abdominal pain, hmmmm I think, maybe I am full of poo? Started out with a modicum of small brown pebbles, okay this is going to be okay. An hour later the tsunami hit. I went from black tarry stool I could hardly expell to green-black woykdnt wipe clean, every time I tried to stand up and wipe, more came and hurt, oh yeah "mucho hurt" varied from " my colon's lining is extruding" to "maybe I have a kidney stone I'm trying to pass" Oh the misery, do I call the Emergency Squad? Can just see the paper work, Lady in 70s, complaining of lower abdominal pain- transport to local community hospital Full of S***. See after 7 pm we have no taxi transport until 6:30 the next morning. And on the side of their vehicles it says " Anyone Can Ride" ha ha LOL! Hurt so bad I dug out my treasured Norco, treasured because with the opioid crisis, not even President Obama or Trump could get a "script" written. These days, Wal-Mart gives you a packet of stuff to put into the bottle when you're through to render them harmless so they can disposed of. Still better than. the patient I read of on here whose doctor asked for her remaining at her 2 week check-up. doctor wanted them back? At any rate finishing up with 3 movements that were pure black water, I THINK I am better today, but the iron and the MoM did a number on me! Wonder if with all that expelled did I retain enough to render me less anemic? Hang aroynd, I'll let you know what the next blood draw says! Your drained out Bari Bud****. Frustr8