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  1. And I am hoping each day you get to feeling better after such a rough starts It just proves that we each have a path to follow and a journey instead of a sprint to the Finish Line. I am happy my path parallels so many nice people, it's nice to not have to do everything alone. Do what is necessary to be a success and remember you have us all on here to cheer you on!
  2. It really does make a difference post surgery, you go from being hungry like the wolf to being in control. Yes you might still get hungry. but it will be controllable. I now look at foods as Maybe I will taste a little of that, but you won't have the panic that you have to eat something before someone else gets it. And truly there are many foods, I can take a teeny taste and I say" Why did I used to eat that? It does not taste good enough to cheat with! " And you will find you don't have the desire to cheat, because in the long run it just isn't worth it. And since you have so little room inside, there is no room for junk, so you do want to eat the things that are vitamin rich and good for you! I know of what I speak, I was a Food Sinner for years and years and years, so when I saw the light, had a Come to Jesus moment, whatever title you feel comfortable with, I had a fair amount of BlubberWeight to get rid of, but I am now a 120 pounds lighter than my highest weight, lost 77 since surgery, yeah me , the tried every diet known to modern man, some of them siily, but I was grasping at straws, it really works even if you're 73 like me! My natural Basal Metabolic rate is akin to a seasick snail but it is working for me too. Oh occasionally I do get a little jealous of the losses of the young ones, but then I remember Life gave me a different answer sheet to what they were given, as long as I answer mine correctly I can't go wrong either!
  3. Frustr8

    Quotes & Inspiration

    You have deprecated yourself, criticised yourself, put yourself so long, try being strong because of what you have gone through, proud of all the changes you have made, knowing that now there is a future Become a YOU booster and see what wonderful place it will lead you to.
  4. Frustr8

    Feeling crappy

    You may need to undergo another endoscopy, make sure there are no ulcers, strictures and make sure the operative path is all clear inside. I have been on liquid/puree since last August because of those things in my life, and it is not fun to go through. Never have dumped , the Big bugaboo of bypassers, food doesn't stay down long enough to do that! One blessing, if it can be called that, food doesn't stay down long enough to develop a smell, still can't hardly eat meats, Precious Pouch may be 6 months old but she is in charge and has NO Sense of Humor. But I take each attempt as still a growth experience. And do my level best to smile😝 no matter what comes or comes up.
  5. Frustr8

    Any March 2019 Sleevers?

    look for "March 2019 sleepers" original poster's phone messed up the title but it has a lot of people on it already and I think there maybe a Generic March 2019 one also. Trusting everything will go well for you!
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    Protein drink

    How thickly lumpy do you like it? If you insist on not blenderizing, at least get a bottle containing a mixing ball, it does make a difference. Mine also has a straining circle, keeps you from a mouthful of congealed lumps. But my advice is even if it's a cheap generic one, those personal blenders with the cup are very nice, good models are $14 and up. I went to a Nutriblast and am having a blast using it!🍶
  7. Well everybody is different, ball park figure is 6 weeks, but many say it doesn't take that long, and there are some of us( like me) That it takes 6 months before you really have all your bravery back to face the world's slings and arrows. And the fact that we all differ makes for a more diverse and interesting world. Tomkitten is watching a documentary on Roger Stone on Netflix, that man is totally white- Haier but I still am about 5 years older than him. That's why I won't get a job as a carnival barker, I am horrid at guessing ages.
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    I am looking for someone who loves me as I am but still inspires me to grow better with each day that passes.
  9. Frustr8

    Some perspective

    Wow and I lost a bunch of them already- here's to being one- half the woman I used to be! Hey it could and I am hopeful will happen! I yearn for the day someone comes up and asks "Are you Frustr8's cousin? " And I can say "No it's really ME you're looking at!" That's why I like looking at pictures on here, people look like their younger brother or sister, if not their son or daughter, hey and isn't that a lovely lovely thing to happen! Of course, only WE know the struggles they went. through to get to that point. Let the 🌏world think it magically fell off like an oversized pair of trousers.😝🍀😝🎶
  10. And if you are truly cheap like me you go to Wal-Mart and buy a little package of plastic ring sizers which cost about $2,98 in the jewelry department, that's what I did, got one on my left hand holding my rings in place. Since they're plastic you can wash your hands with them in place and do anything you usually use your hands for.
  11. And too much ibuprofen gave me Hector my original gastric ulcer. You know they really needed to talk to each other, my specialists. PCP gave me a demulcent because I tend to build and cough up a lot when an evil virus/ bacteria decides to invade my lungs, Specialist # tells me to load up on ibuprofen for arthritis pain "You're a Big Girl, you can handle 4 every 4-6 hours after all!" Then here comes Specialist #3, a gastrointestinal specialist who announces my stomach. lining is raw and chewed up from excessive NSAID. Oh Tra La La and Tweedly Dee, and I'm the one with the Right subcostal pain that doesn't stop. Omeprazole did nothing to be gastroprotective so we moved on to Dexilent. And my Bariatric Clinic didn't want to listen when I told them Omeprazole does not work for me, insisted I take their advice, I have been fighting a crop of jejunal ulcers since October 2018 and I am fervently praying my next Endoscopy, my EGJ on April 12 shows only good things( for once). But we shall see what brews up next. Obviously I am not going "Gentle into that Good Night" just bumping and thumping my merry way down the highway toward Final Weight Loss Victory.
  12. Frustr8

    What The Hell Man

    Because every time you turn on your TV some movie star or other famous person is announcing " I have cancer of the_____but I am going to fight it all the way!" Seldom do they announce " I'm going to sit in my recliner, put my feet up, watch reruns and Wait for the Death Angel to show up!" So the average person sees you suddenly looking thinner, and it's "OMG are you dying? "Well technically we all are from the day we are born but an intentional weight loss is not a bad- type thing at all. I am happy I am losing weight, its just the freaky fact I have started looking like dead relatives and I hardly recognize myself in the mirror any more. Even Tomkitten my son remarked on it "Gee Mama I never realized you looked like Aunt Grace!" Probably because she never was obese like me! Hey a Happy Journaling Victory, I have broken the 40 BMI barrier so well on my way to being merely obese instead of the Dreaded Morbid Obesity notation. What a lovely thing, not to have that cited as a reason for every doctor visit. Sometimes I'd like to hand him. a printout of the encounter " Physician still smart -aleck, never weighed more than 150 pounds in lifetime!" bet I could find a billing code to fit that! Once put on Tomkittens" Erythema of Nose" that was because he had a slight sunburn, would you have put in a billing code for a red nose? Well he sure did, wonder what he would say about Rudolph the Red-nosed reindeer? Probably say it was seasonal!
  13. Frustr8

    March 2019 sleepers

    Don't you think it might be nothing more than your skin got stretched when your tummy was pumped full of CO2 when you had your operation. Now although everything else is falling into place your skin just wants to say " What did you think you were doing to me?"
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    As I grow older I have found it does get harder to please everyone I come in contact with. But peeving them to the inth degree, that I can do and sometimes it is FUN !
  15. Frustr8

    February 2019 weight loss buds

    And I mourn the loss of life you have both encountered, the world becomes a little colder, sadder, but somehow you keep on keeping on. But the loss of innocence, that always leaves a scar on your ❤. love to you both at this time.
  16. Frustr8

    No weight loss

    And Sheribear68 and the rest, apprehensive I will be joining you guys soon, I had an iron INFUSION last Monday ( March 11th) I am scheduled for a Reclast INFUSION on the 22nd, and guess what the med sheet says? Both medicines 1st side effect? Weight gain. Oh gee doctors, and I just was 23 pounds dropped since the middle of February! Was actually celebrating , doctors PLEASE don't ruin my HAPPY NSV, I have been working hard to do this for myself, a early springtime -📦 present for me!
  17. You're always a little weak, tire easily and a little sore. Your body has gone through a lot recently, be easy on YOU, and daily things should smooth out and get better. If you had a leak, honey, you would KNOW IT, major pain and you would be more than simply winded. I have a stricture in my pouch(rny) and ulcers in my small intestine, and neither are so. polite as your problems. But I am getting better, just a more bumpy trek than average.
  18. Frustr8

    I’m new

    Hey Marla, welcome, come on in, sit a spell and is there anything we can to help you with your journey toward better health?
  19. Frustr8

    Quotes & Inspiration

    And rs and Grady cat, thank you for yours also!
  20. Frustr8

    Quotes & Inspiration

    I ❤them all J San, much wisdom congregated there!
  21. Frustr8

    Jan 2019 bypass buddies

    Have you tried the protein waters, does give you a difference of taste. I keep feeling I look like Road Kill myself, but I just have a good drop in weight so maybe it will take a while to look better, I am starting to resemble dead relatives, never saw to resemblance before, but my son says I am still beautiful to him, and tells me frequently how proud he is of me, and even my PCP told me the same thing so maybe the Work In Progress that I am will turn out fine!👈👸👉
  22. Frustr8

    4 Days Post Op RNY

    You might try doing your protein shakes at half- strength, thin it with skim or 1% milk, check out protein waters also, don't worry if you can only do 1-2 oz at a time, I'm 6 months out and I am still doing it, I confess I got a couple small glass, well I always called them shot glasses, from houseware dept of Wal-Mart, and that is what I use, I do one of them every 15 minutes, have varied low or no calorie drinks in fridge, and I am making my 64 oz easy and many days I make 84 okay. My pouch does not like it too much but we are doing 2 oz of protein, chewed well or pureed, and sometimes I do veggies that way. Why am I so slow with my diet? I have had ulcerations in my jejunem, a stricture in my pouch, I turned out to be one of those rare and complicated RnYers, but I am doing better, still not sorry for my surgery, had to fight uphill battle to get it, you see I am now 73, many programs would shown me the door, I will always be grateful for the chance at a future it gave me! I just get peeved at my body for making things slow but I too will have a victory! The gurgly I never had, just keep drinking in slow, give your body a chance to let it slide down easy, and we're all a little different, but we are still wonderfully made inside. Post anytime you feel like it, no question is too small, we all want to help on here!😝🍀😝
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    Depressed, Scared, and Everything In Between

    And this is a happier post, ATA I am glad to see it even more happy you're getting your load- levels for your life all adjusted. Been doing that in my own life, PCP remarked I seem happier, and that my Weight loss journey may be starting to smooth out. Certainly had challenges along the way, still not certain how it all will end but I am so much better than I was this time last year. And gosh, I wonder what Spring 2020 will be bringing, by then I may have reached goal. Surgeon & his top N.P. Valerie expect I will not reach GOAL at 1 year, may complete it closer to 18 months which will be March 2020. Fine I would like to reach my Dream Goal of 175 then, but truthfully anything less than 199 and I will be satisfied enough to not worry about the last 25 pounds. And I am happy to report I am at 242, having started with HW of 365+, it is wondrously fine in my estimination. Was able to find a sport-type bra and a pair of Just My Size leggings on clearance, would you believe I have never found leggings that fit before? So maybe I will be able to make the jump out of Plus Size Princess and. into Normal sized and Nice Selections of clothing. Almost makes me get tearful💦I am still a bundle of hopeful in this unsure🌏 world!
  24. Well I wasn't more than slightly anemic before mine last September 5th, I had some troubles with my healing, developed a stomal stricture, jejunenal ulcers, don't worry about these, I am a rare bird, most RnY do not have these bad occurrences, anyway I had to have a PICC line installed on November 29th so I could let my gastrointestinal system heal, I was being fed supplementally through my vein in my upper left arm, it really sounds more scary than it was, don't laugh but I got used to the TPN, I kind of miss it. But I am doing pretty good back eating again, my weight loss has started up again and that's good! At any rate I wanted to tell you I have been faithful with my meds, then they told me after one of my blood draws, when you're on TPN you get them every week, that my. iron levels were low so they added another iron 💊, well it strangely did not digest in or something because I did have an iron INFUSION last Monday the 11th. It really isn't that bad a thing, mostly like a long- timed IV. Let me run you through it, showed up at the INFUSION center, got weighed and other vitals done, an IV put in, the needle was what I Call an airplane needle had like a flattened wing to lay against your skin. These were done in the lab, then we walked to like a special suite, this was in a tower so the rooms/cubicles are pie shaped. Started an IV of Saline, let that run in maybe a half- hour, things were going good so they piggy backed in a small bag of solution, watched me close to make sure I didn't have any weird reactions, I had a comfy recliner to sit in, all the warm blankets I could desire, must have been stellar because they let bage # 1 finish draining in, then gave me Steroid, 2 Benadryl and 2 Tylenol, started a new big bag, made sure it was flowing well then brought in the Big Bad Infusion to add in, a clear golden in color, knew what was going to happen - Benadryl kicks my tushie bad, so I drifted in and out of sleep, but no strange taste in my mouth, no hives, no headache, no feeling flushed, nausea or anything thing else. Whole thing started 8:30-9AM, done by 2:30pm, and I was treated very fine, if I need another in 3 months, I wouldn't mind going there again. If I hadn't been doing weekly bloods they might not known as quick as they did, because I didn't look pale or anything to the average person. I do feel better, not as short of breath so I guess it did me some good!😝
  25. Frustr8

    Sickness and stalling

    Probably the sugar, fruit juices or high fructose Corn syrup they are made of, that's why your WL surgeon and dietician tell you to not use Gummies for your meds or supplements. it's not that they wish you bad, they just think it can be a slippery slope.