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  1. Hysterectomy in 2016 here. I had surgery on July 12, 2018, and I am almost at my goal weight of 150 pounds.
  2. I’m a month out and I still have BMs like this. I am still taking a stool softener that eventually helps but when I go I never know what I’m going to get.
  3. That was where the worst of my pain was. I also had a huge dent in my tummy. I’m 3 weeks out and I still get pain there.
  4. So, I had surgery on the 12th. I came home on the 14th. I am sore, of course but, I’ve noticed this afternoon, an almost pulling like sensation where my stomach meets my esophagus. It doesn’t really feel like heartburn, more of a soreness in there. When I eat and drink I can feel it. I’m wondering if it’s my staple line? Does this sound familiar to anyone?
  5. If you test positive they will put you on an antibiotic for a couple of months. It should not affect approval.
  6. My insurance let me do my 6 month diet with 2 different docs. I was able to do that in three months. I started with a seminar and my first appointment was the next day. I needed 7 total appointments for weigh ins. I used a nutritionist and a bariatric doctor for my diet. During that time I did my psych evaluation, question and answer session, physical therapy evaluation, and EKG and other testing. I had a last minute Endoscopy because my surgeon suggested that I go with the sleeve instead of bypass. I felt like I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off! I do feel lucky about how I was able to do my diet. So beginning to surgery will be January 31st to July 12th.
  7. I have been waiting or approval for almost a month. I was hoping it would come sooner but it looks like they are going to take their sweet time with it.
  8. It’s awful. I went to my last appointment 2 weeks ago. I’m hoping it will be soon.
  9. I just finished my last appointment and now I get to wait for the call. I’m so excited.
  10. I’ve found that some people just don’t understand why we want to have a surgery that limits our food intake. One of my dearest friends is overweight as well and he is not happy that I will be having surgery. He thinks I should lose the weight naturally. Last week my brother had his second heart attack, and he is skinny! I just want to live longer than my parents and people just don’t seem to understand that. ☹️
  11. Bellasoo

    St. Louis Missouri

    I will be having bypass at Barnes hospital. I am in the Wash U program right now.

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