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  1. Has anyone had a endoscopic gastric sleeve and the. Ended up getting the transitional gastric sleeve sorry if I’m wording this strangely. I got EGS done about 8 months ago lost 40 and gained back 15 I feel no restriction and I feel like it was a waste of money, might work for some but not for me! I’m not sure if I even qualify for Gastric sleeve as my bmi is under 40 but if anyone has gone through this advice is greatly appreciated!
  2. Sorry for the stupid question but I just got the ESG done last month and was looking for other people who have gotten it done, besides this app it’s terribly hard to find anyone who has gotten this procedure done IMO, but I have found quite a few reviews with gastric plication so I’m wondering is this same thing ?
  3. When did you stop being scared that a stitch was gonna burst or is it just me? My surgeon keeps reminding me not to push it as they can pop (not that I would ever do something like that I’m still on the soft food stage one month out of ESG, but would love to hear if any of you felt the same !
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    EGS to Gastric sleeve

    Oh keep us posted ! Also wish you the best on your journey:)
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    EGS to Gastric sleeve

    Hello I’m sorry to hear this, I will be honest i have zero restriction and haven’t in quite some time, in my opinion Esg only helped for about 6 months or so. I so far have had success with the keto diet and that is how I’ve been losing weight. I wish you luck and God bless
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    EGS to Gastric sleeve

    Oh wow ! Is he in the states? If you don’t mind me asking
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    EGS to Gastric sleeve

    Thank you so much for your reply
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    EGS to Gastric sleeve

    Edit: then (I’m mobile and don’t know how to edit it) lol
  9. I’m about 5 months out and don’t feel nearly as restricted before and can also eat more food. Did anyone go through this ??
  10. Interesting , I’ll have to go see him and ask. God willing that is not the case I had to go through the surgery without any pain meds as I’m allergic to most of them and I don’t think I’ll be able to go through that pain once more :( but thank you for your suggestion I don’t have any social media and the only way I can hear about other patients with this surgery is through this app
  11. Still the same honestly just watching every calorie I put in my mouth. Feeling restriction but not any where close to what it was at the beginning but thank God I’m not eating like I was before surgery.
  12. Got it thanks ! Im new to this community and I’m using a mobile app so I’m still try to figure out the ins and outs
  13. This is the ESG forum isn’t it ? but yes there is no grherlin reduction so it’s a little harder for ESG patients, unfortunately my surgeon didn’t really press the issue on the no drinking after 30 minutes so I didn’t take it too seriously I won’t lie. The surgery is pretty new in the states so there isn’t much information at all
  14. I’m following the guidelines except for the waiting 30 after eating to drink I know it’s bad but I just can’t shake that off lol ever since I got of soft food diet my weight loss has been stalled completely I figured I would feel restricted less and less over the years but it’s only been 5 months!
  15. I miss salad so much! Craving a Greek salad Lol
  16. Can I ask you all what one of your regular meals looks like now I’m about to finally get out of the soft food stage after 2 months and start moving towards harder foods I’m super curious what that’s like
  17. I’ve already had the ESG surgery I just wanted to know the difference because they seemed to similar how are you doing three years out if you don’t mind me asking thanks for the response mountaingal
  18. You know what I tried today I thought was the perfect soft food correct me if I’m wrong but star bucks has the new sous vide egg wrapped in bacon once you throw out the bacon it’s just a fluffy scrambled egg with a touch of cheese it’s amazing it come with two and they were my breakfast lunch and dinner lol
  19. I’m so sorry to hear I hope you feel better soon!
  21. You guys are awesome thanks for your replies I can’t wait to eat solid again I’m so tired of this soft food there’s only so much variety and I’ve been craving for a salad [emoji58]
  22. Lol it so hard, I still don’t know what it feels like to be full I’m terrified to eat more than a few bites although sometime I still feel “hungry” idk, is there ever a chance of the stitches not popping or is this something we deal with forever my surgeon didn’t make it clear to me !
  23. Thanks Tex and congratulations on the weight loss! , I just had my ESG in January and was looking for others in a similar situation. Again thanks for the clarification I truly appreciate it
  24. Thank you, I appreciate taking your time out to answer