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  1. Kat0000

    Today's the day!

    You got this. Happy to see all went well. They say walk and sip....
  2. Kat0000


    Thats amazing. You keep us inspired to keep moving forward. Thank you!!!!!!
  3. Kat0000

    March 19 sleevers

    Let us know as you continue to heal. And yea how is the P18?? I am not liking Isopure too much maybe just the fruit punch. I think I will order Unjury unflavored to add to crystal light and the chicken flavored to make broth.
  4. Kat0000

    Onederland FINALLY! Progress Pics

    Congrats. You look amazing. We all are very proud of you. You inspire us...
  5. Kat0000

    Gas pain!!?!?

    Have you had a BM? IF not you need to take something to move it a long...
  6. Kat0000

    First night at the hospital

    Glad to hear an update. Keep walking ....You did it.
  7. Congrats, doing the dance to the losers bench...
  8. Kat0000


    My surgeon requires 3 months of stabilized weight not years. Dang I am too old to wait yrs. Lol. If my ins wont cover it I will head to Bariatricpal MX. I am planning a head. I am having WLS in a few months. Need to lose 70 lbs. Good luck
  9. Kat0000

    First night at the hospital

    Whooooaaaa. Of course, but did not find it welcoming . Lets leave it at that. And wish the best for the 1 recovering.
  10. Kat0000

    First night at the hospital

    Thank yout lord is right. Get well and heal faster. As for others Somethings are best unsaid ....
  11. Kat0000

    I am bypassed!

    Wow, your all done and on your way to recovery. So glad your doing well. And plz keep us updated on your progress.
  12. No worries, seems like your on target with a lower BMI. Your not going to lose 40 lbs a month at your weight, hun. Your doing great.
  13. Kat0000

    Gas post op

    Suppository will help the bottom half
  14. Kat0000

    I made it outttttt wooohoooo

    Thats great. Maybe the hardcore pain will pass you by. Some get lucky. Keep us informed
  15. Kat0000

    I did it!!

    Holy Cannoli, you look AWESOME. THANKS for sharing.
  16. YAY. You got this. Wishing you a smooth surgery. Your on your way to a new life...
  17. Kat0000


    Very exciting. Let us know when surgery is.
  18. Good luck to the both of you. Plz keep us updated on how you are doing
  19. Kat0000


    Did you find the group?
  20. Kat0000


    No 6 month waiting period. 2nd tricare person asking today. Anyways, try to find the FB group. Weight loss surgery with Tricare. You can read through that and ask questions
  21. I would like talk to others who have Tricare Ins. Need to know how long the nutritional monitoring is for tricare? Would like to touch base with others
  22. I am pre surgery but my Dr doesnt require a liquid preop diet if your BMI is under 50. Having surgery on Ft Stewart , GA
  23. Make some peppermint tea. You find can these tea bags were all the other tea is sold at stores. And being warm it helps with gas.
  24. Kat0000

    Surgery in the AM

    So happy for you, plz let us know how your doing after.
  25. Kat0000

    Stuck ... what to do

    Oh good, I have been following this and i will be praying for some relief for you, hun

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