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    wieght loss after pregnancy

    I grew up on a dairy farm, I show/still show cows all over the state and even national shows. When I made the decision to get the surgery, seeing my future kids grow up and live the life I was blessed with and my health was my driving force. The weather has made a complete 180 and spring is finally here. I've been strapping him to my back and hiking through the woods to collect sap and walking back through the field to fight through the snow to burn more calories.
  2. mobmilkmaid84

    I feel so doomed

    It's been hard to do any outdoor exercise due to heavy snow and weather where we live but since spring is finally coming around every night I've been strapping him in to the back carrier and going to collect sap for our maple syrup and hiking back from the woods w him through the field Bc there is at least 6 inches of tough crust to fight through. I've also pulled back out my elliptical and have been trying to do it in the evenings. I was worried I lost my pouch but I've literally have been eating 3/4 or an egg and maybe a half of a sausage link for Breakfast but am starving by 10. So iv had a shake to hold me over until lunch. I'm happy to know my pouch tolerance is only my fault but now to get over the stupid food addiction again. So I've been starting to keep a good log to keep me accountable
  3. mobmilkmaid84

    I feel so doomed

    I am in the same boat!! I had my little man 13 months ago and am 20 lbs up... I feel hopeless and depressed. My job is a high stress and limited for being active since I am stuck in the car for 7-8 hrs a day... i hve tried the pouch reset diet and it didn't work. I don't know how to get back on track. I am terrified I ruined my surgery. [emoji17]
  4. mobmilkmaid84

    I am a failure!!!

    I too feel like I've failed-I had my surgery sept 2012. I had a baby and weigh more now than when I came home from the hospital at my pregnancy weight. What is the 4 week liquid high protein diet?!
  5. mobmilkmaid84

    wieght loss after pregnancy

    I had my gastric bypass surgery in September 2012 and weighed 285-got as low as 145 at one point until I had my gallbladder out in 2014. I was 165 when I got pregnant. Went into labor 7 weeks early for reasons still unknown and weighed around 180. Before he was discharged from the nicu 11days, I was back to my pre pregnancy weight from stress and hiking up and down a parking garage 8 x a day. 3 months post baby, I was creeping back up to the mid 170s I just thought it was hormones bc I nursed for 6 months. I also struggled with ptsd for the struggles I had w the guilt of him coming early, struggles w nursing, balancing work, etc. He just turned 13 months and I feel like my metabolism has just shut down still at 178. I am also getting depressed and discouraged. I live in a rural area, and do not even have a gym that's reasonable within 45 min. My job is literally drivingfor 8-9 hrs a day so exercise is difficult to give time to when I don't see my little man. I feel like eating enough to nurse mayhave reprogrammed my pouch. I dk what to do