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  1. Is this it?

    I have stopped losing weight and have been hovering between 215-225 lbs for 4 months.  My 1-year surgery anniversary is coming up, which means that my "honeymoon period" is coming to an end.  It's too late now for me.  I am so disappointed.  I only lost 50% of my excess weight; I had such high hopes that I could actually meet my goal.  But I guess this is it, and I am so depressed about it.  Like, what was even the point?!  I made an irreversible change, and I have to live with the consequences without getting the benefits.

    I've been avoiding going back to my surgeon because I have been so sooo embarassed by my lack of progress.  What would he say?  I like him, but he doesn't spend a lot of time with patients because he is so busy, and I just haven't been prepared to get a beat-down about the lack of weight loss.  I mean, I haven't been doing everything perfectly, but I have been making much better choices and getting more exercise than before the surgery, but that wasn't enough, and now I'm doomed to be fat and unhealthy forever.


    1. FluffyChix


      Come post on the main board where we all see you. And in answer. You are still in the honeymoon. You can STILL lose weight. But, maybe YOU personally can't do anything BUT be perfect? Maybe you have to go back to your forever diet basics and follow the book? Maybe quit the cheats. Start weighing daily. Plan, weigh, measure and post all your food in a journal like MFP.

      I will tell you honestly, if I didn't do that, no way would I be where I am now. I don't know too many of the posters here who would be. Most of us who have above average success in % put a heller amount of work into our daily food plans. And no, we're not perfect, but we do not try to wing it. Cuz we know that way leads to maintenance and not loss.

      For me to lose, SLOWLY, I have to keep my cals consistently in the 650-850 range, 50-80g protein, and usually around <35g of carbs. It's sad. But true. ANd that's my reality. But the payoff of seeing the scale move is worth way more than that "fill in the blank" off plan food or drink. Just sayin.

      Follow up with your doc. It's important and maybe your RD can help. Maybe you need to also see a therapist to help with the head work? Maybe there is a medical issue that needs to be addressed? Follow up hon. All else is pure speculation.

    2. boringtessa


      @FluffyChix Thank you so much for taking the time to reply, and thank you for your advice. You're right, of course, I need to stop being complacent about my intake and really get control over it.

      So I will make an appointment to see my surgeon again and try to find a therapist. Again, I appreciate your response. I've just been feeling so sorry for myself.

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