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  1. I hear ya... Im in my 3 week stall and the scale hasnt budged. I hear it can go until 5-6 weeks because its our bodys adjusting. Its very annoying but I try to just not think about it too much.
  2. Who wants to be surgery buddies? My surgery is Feb 20th!
  3. Im 2 weeks out, just started purees which im so happy about!!!! Ive been getting plenty of fluid but just barely enough protein. Working on the protein... Been doing great. Going to start going for daily walks. HW-535 SW-420 CW-406
  4. Sugar free high protein cake mix! You can buy it online, i just heard about it. Its a soft food! https://shop.proteincakery.com/collections/all
  5. Congrats Pb2, welcome to the club!
  6. Yes we totally should a feb group
  7. I have several meds to take and most of them ive been told to crush with a pill crusher. I mix those with a little warm chicken broth or a little protein shake and take it down like a shot. My birth control pill is so small i can swallow it. I would double check with ur dr about which ones you should be crushing. It has been rough for me sometimes i do a couple and come back to it in a few mins. But yah check in with the dr and give yourself enough time to find what works for you. Good luck ❤
  8. I went out to pizza with my family and had three big slices and a large salad from the salad bar. It was a pleasent evening and I went into the liquid diet feeling good.
  9. Mine went pretty good thanks ive spent 2 nights in the hospital due to nausea. Im doing really well today and getting sent home later. The first day was rough but it gets better everyday and i have no regrets. ❤
  10. My IG is @loserlyds if anyone wants to connect
  11. It does seem to be a popular surgery day! I will come let you all know how it went... im nervous and praying it doesnt hurt to bad... excited for this new beginning though.
  12. My RNY surgery is a week away and Im getting anxious. What was it like when you very first woke up after RNY surgery? What can I expect the first day? Anything I should know that they dont tell you?
  13. Lyds85

    SF Bay Area? (California)

    Ill be having my surgery at UCD with dr Ali on 2/20! Feel free to follow me on instagram @LoserLyds if you want to keep in touch 😁
  14. Lyds85

    SF Bay Area? (California)

    Hey, I live near Davis! Not the bay area, but not too far 😁 im on instagram @loserlyds
  15. I just went through the dreadful "wait" I was surprised it didnt take as long as they said though, so maybe you will find out sooner. Im sure it will all work out, you got this!
  16. Lyds85

    Shark week

    Try not to worry about it too much. Keep trying your best and you'll be ok!
  17. Lyds85

    I'm new!

    Hello! Im a newbie too
  18. Lyds85

    Approved but delayed?

    I would call your insurance and ask. Hopefully you wont have to start all over again
  19. I didnt have to do a pre-op liquid diet. I was expecting it after hearing about it, but my surgeon doesnt do it. At least you have a boost start on the weight loss though!!
  20. Awesome! Lots of Feb. surgeries yay! Im getting gastric bypass btw

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