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  1. Hello2018

    What length is your bypass?

    as of Jan 1, 2019 I weigh 140lbs from my revision on Apr 11, 2018. My weight loss has slowed but I work out 3-4 days/week and run a 3mi almost daily
  2. With the sleeve I could tolerate every food over time and ultimately gained with MGB I cannot tolerate certain foods and have not gained. Tho with MGB I associate sugar with dumping so I don’t want to eat it. I love the MGB now and better than the sleeve. I had severe reflux with the sleeve but was gone with MGB. I still take an antacid for prevention and take lots of daily vitamins. I continue to loose hair still and lost alot even with supplements Raw broccoli or cauliflower I cannot eat. Skinless Cucumber I can and only shaved carrots. I eat alot of kale & quinoa salads. I eat tuna weekly & hard boiled eggs daily. Raw nuts are hard to digest too. I have to cut food & eat pieces smaller to help digest. I feel more hungry with MGB than the Sleeve. I feel less restricted with MGB but it works better for me overall tho.
  3. I am 31-wks post op, from VSG to MGB. Iam am down 60lbs. I do Keto and Paleo. I get food delivered to my home and prepare the meals. This helps alot to stay on track. I eat lots of salad! My dumping syndrome is maintained by limiting my sigar intake, I can tell when I start to OD on sugar. I can no longer eat flour tortillas, I cannot digest them as well as raw veggies. Broccoli is a horrible gas veggie for me and I cramp up. I cannot eat thick bread or pizza dough, even bagels are difficult. I do eat a bite then I’m done. Excercise, I run now 3-4 days a week. Ran a 5K. I excercise regularly, 1mi a day, stairmaster, rower, weights. I am still loosing but at a slower rate now. I also have extremely saggy skin. I cannot change it no matter how much I exercise. I notice that I have to reset my exercise or food diet to continually loose or I plateau out.
  4. Hello2018

    What length is your bypass?

    How long since your surgery that you’re below goal weight? I had surgery 10wks ago with the 7ft Bypass and dwn 30lbs plus the 11lbs from pre-op so 40lb also I was a sleeve to mgb revision so not a 1st wls surgery. I’m very content with the results though I can say I’ve dumped 4 times and was miserable, it takes 2 hours for me to throw up each time. I ate too fast but not bad greasy or sugary food. My stomach is finicky some days I know I’ll be on liquids because I’m nauseated all day. Learning each day
  5. Hello2018

    March-April Rny-ers

    My vsg to mgb on Apr 11 is slow too. 19lbs since surgery, 6wks ago. 11lbs Pre-Op diet. So 30lbs in 8wks. I do notice with the mgb, I feel less restriction. My sleeve was very restricted but I just stopped loosing over time and my acid reflux was unbearable. My doc said my sleeve after all the years was in great condition still. With MGB, I have dumping symbols but don’t actually vomit. I am nauseous about everyother day for hours at a time. My reflux is gone though.
  6. Hello2018

    March-April Rny-ers

    Wed 5/10 will be 4wks post op, slow moving only 13lbs dwn since 4/11, 11lbs from pre-op so 24kbs in 6wks. Getting in all my water is a struggle, I avg 50-60oz, protein avgs 60gr. Still cannot do soft scramble or hard boiled eggs. Beans are my fav for now still. 1/2 small baked sweet potato, no skin or chopped roasted skinless chicken works wells for me. Tried baked organic salmon & it was delish. Ricotta bake was so-so. I returned to work 8 days post op. I’m still exhausted everyday, low energy big time. Again, I’m a revision from 2011 sleeve to mgb. Any other revisions twins out there & how is your progress?
  7. Hello2018

    What length is your bypass?

    Flew home today and it was quite a journey, it took 3 1/2 hours to cross the border almost missed my plane I felt like OJ in the airport and I was literally exhausted with no energy. I feel dehydrated. My pain during the flight was miserable. I felt more pressure in the air. Surgery was Wed, Apr 11 wt: 195, Pre Liquid wt: 207. Friday checking out of the hospital wt: 210 Hoping that was all the liquids I was pumped with, 15lbs in 2 day. Too exhausted right now but will weigh myself in the morning. I can honestly say I felt worst after the sleeve in 2011 then mgb in 2018. Mbg was more tolerable for me and less pain. My overall length was 8ft for my revision. I’ve been drinking slow slow slow, my fear of dumping.
  8. Hello2018

    What length is your bypass?

    Thank you, I can’t sleep I’m so nervous. I’ll keep you posted.
  9. Hello2018

    March-April Rny-ers

    Me as well for MGB
  10. Hello2018

    March-April Rny-ers

    Me too
  11. Hello2018

    What length is your bypass?

    Thanks for the reply. I’m scheduled for Apr 11. Was your mgb 1st time or revision?
  12. Hello2018

    What length is your bypass?

    I believe there are many factors for length sizing, height, ethnicity and if it’s a revision vs 1st time bariatric surgery. I’m scheduled for Apr 11 and discussed length size with my doctor.
  13. I’m not sure if their helpful or not. I’m hoping someone will respond if they use one. Their support to provide post surgery abdominal support. How’s your post surgery coming along? How is the healing in comparison to the previous surgery? Weight loss or stalls? Any reflux. Hope all is well!
  14. I’m scheduled for my revision surgery with Dr Illan in Tijuana on Apr 11, 2018. Any suggestions or revision experiences would be helpful please. Did anyone use an Abdominal binder? I made alot of mistakes the first go round with the sleeve, lessons learned. Grateful for a 2nd chance.
  15. Awesome news for you. Glad all is going well. Continue to keep us updated! 10lbs down & water intake is good, fantastic.

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