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  1. annette17

    June Sleevers Lets Get Excited!!!

    Me too. In Atlanta.
  2. Ohhh. Good Luck. I only have to do 7 days. I started grocery shopping today for Pre and post op week one. NOT looking forward to it.
  3. Wow! I have a surgery date! June 5th. My preop appointment is May 29th. Now it's scary and exciting. And 7 days of liquid... I'm thinking of all sorts of randomness. I have to get my house in order, my life insurance in order, my job in order, I won't see my son again before my surgery. I did finally tell my parents....but I kind of buried it in a pre surgery that I have to do before I can get my cantelope - sized hernia repaired. Any early June folks need a surgery buddy? I do!
  4. annette17

    Insurance approval

    I just jumped through my last hoop with the Bariatric Program. The next step is to contact the Highmark BCBS for approval. Is there anything I should or could do to monitor / move that process along from my end?
  5. Like a lot of you, I've struggled with weight for YEARS. I keep thinking I should be able to lose weight on my own. After all, I know how. I've done it- several times! I've considered WLS several times in the past, but talked myself out of it. Now I'm 55 and wondering if I'm too old. I decided I'm not! I see there is a lot of information out there. Both for and against. ("It's the best thing I've ever done" vs. "It has ruined my life.") This time, I've gone a little farther in. I've picked out and seen the Bariactric team. I've watched all the videos. Started on the plan.... Letter of Necessity, consults from other specialties, dietician, etc. I just don't feel that commitment. Even though I'm jumping through all the hoops headed that way. Has anyone been here? What got you past that unsure feeling? Help!
  6. Unfortunately, about 90% of people with a BMI of 45 do have sleep apnea. Most of the time it will completely resolve with weight loss. So..... It's kind of a "chicken and the egg" in reverse.
  7. kakatlady612 I am. I have my 3rd group meeting on Tuesday. I meet with the surgeon for the first time on Wednesday, if I can get someone to go with me. I sat in on a post surgery meeting last week. I don't have a tenative date yet. My insurance does not have many requirements. I am having an issue with the sleep apnea compliance requirement. I can't do it. WHich was a huge reason I considered the surgery in the first place. Hopefully that can be waived. The only other hoop that I'm aware of is an endoscopy. NOT looking forward to that. Are there any questions I should ask the surgeon? Good Thoughts. Keep me posted.
  8. Hey! kakatlady612 GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!! LOL I just got home from my presurgery Psych eval. And aside from that 300+questionnaire... That is exactly what we talked about. She asked (on a percentage scale) where I am to making the absolute decision. I said 75%. I can get to 100% pretty soon. Thanks for your input!
  9. That's me! I am tired of not being able to fit in the seat on the ride or not wanting to even try so that I won't be embarressed when I don't. THere are so many things that I have always wanted to do and haven't because of my weight! Aside from the health issues, I just want to be comfortable in my own skin.
  10. That's a thing? I haven't seen that before! That tilts my Pro list. I'm good now!
  11. OK. Wow! That helps. Thanks to all. The Dr. Matthew Weiner video was good. You guys are great. Thanks.
  12. Most of those things are on my "Pros" list. and are very important. And I am very concerned about all of the medical "what if's" if I continue to stay where I am or worse. My issue is my own psyche. I'm a failure for not being able to do it "the right way" with proper nutritian and exercise. I really have no good excuses as to why I haven't or don't do it. But I haven't for 30+ years... And am very tired of waiting to get my mind right.

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