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  1. Hi, I didn’t really have issues with emotional eating until I was about 2 yrs out from my surgery. Emotional eating has been a battle my entire life. It wasn’t until I started introducing sugar back into my diet that I knew I had issues. Sugar is my go to and always has been. I struggled with it for about 2 yrs after introducing it back into my diet. I had to figure out a way that I could have a little, but not completely fall off the band wagon. I knew I had to keep my mind busy cause for me it’s a total mind game. I started introducing new things into my life to keep my mind busy..exercising, hobbies, reading, volunteering. It has helped me a lot with keeping control of my cravings. As long as I’m busy I’m ok.
  2. mgt3boys

    Alarming Hairloss

    You need to take a dissolvable Biotin vitamin. I took 5000mcg a day. My hair was super thick before and started falling out in clumps. I had to cut it short for about a year and I religiously took the biotin. Within a year my hair started getting better, thicker and longer. It’s never gone back to the thickness it was before, but it’s a lot better
  3. mgt3boys

    Sleeve surgery/Back surgery

    First, so sorry your having this issue. I literally feel your pain as I have these issues. I’ve had 3 lower back surgeries, epidurals, disectimy, PT. You name it I’ve had it with my back. This was all done before my sleeve surgery. In 2014 I was able to have the sleeve and while I knew my back would never be normal I was hoping to at least get some relief from losing the weight. I was 252 lbs before surgery and 5 yrs out I’m currently 155. I can honestly say it has helped with my back pain. While I am never pain free(I expected this), it it’s much more tolerable. However, I will not lie and say I don’t still have issues. About 2yrs after surgery, I was walking in my driveway and my legs just went out from under me and I felt tingling and numbness. An MRI was done and the result was that my L4/5 & L3/4 disc were now bone on bone and the little bit of disc I did have left at L4/5 was herniated which is what caused my fall. My only option is to have a fusion. There is nothing else that can be done. I was about to have the surgery, but something in my gut told me to wait. That was in 2016. I still haven’t had it done and my doctor cannot explain it, but my pain is very manageable. They honestly don’t know how I’m walking around, but I am. I do have sone pain and I watch everything I do. From time to time the bones will hit and it takes my breath away, but so far I can handle it. I know it eventually will lead to a fusion, but I’m holding off as long as I can. Sorry for rambling, but in my opinion your back problems will still be there after your sleeve and I honestly believe if you lost the weight your recovery and success would be better when you have back surgery.
  4. mgt3boys


    I have the same issue. I’m 5yrs post op and the sugar cravings the last 2 yrs are unbelievable. I wish i would never have introduced it back into my diet. I’m currently trying to cut back little by little this week and cold turkey next week.
  5. mgt3boys

    Dental Issues

    I had the sleeve done in July of 2014 and the first 2 years were great. Lost 85lbs and kept it off, reflux was gone, diabetes gone, hbp gone. I went from 10-15 pills a day down to 2. After 2 years I started noticing reflux issues coming back and had to have my gall bladder removed. I have slowly started gaining some of the weight back and my craving for sugar is ridiculous...mainly my fault. In the process of trying to reset my pouch right now and trying to curb the sugar cravings by reducing my carbs. My main concern now is my dental health. For the last 2 years my teeth have been falling apart. They keep breaking, the cavities are ridiculous. I’ve had my bridge fall off only after being on for 4yrs due to decay underneath it. I’ve had a crown fall off due to decay. I’ve had 2 root canals and to date I’ve had to get 4 more crowns because my teeth keep breaking off. I’ve spent about $4,000 in dental work so far with insurance and I have about another $8,000 left to do. My dentist has recommended 2 implants because 2 of my teeth are so bad off. I could see if this were due to dental hygiene, but it’s not. I brush 2, sometimes 3 times a day, floss, use Sensodyne Intensive Enamel Repair and Enamel On(flouride toothpaste from dentist) every time I brush and I don’t rinse it off, I let it sit on my teeth, flouride rinse, and my teeth are regularly cleaned every 6 months by the dentist. I also take my multivitamin and my calcium vitamins(actually take 1 more than is needed) every day. My dentist says he has quite a few bariatric patients who are also experiencing a lot of dental issues. Has anyone had a lot of problems with their teeth and if so have you addressed it with your gastric surgeon? What are they saying about it? I was not told 5 years ago that this was even an issue.
  6. mgt3boys

    Hernia and sleeve

    My doctor discover a hiatal hernia during my sleeve and repaired it. About 2 years after surgery my gall bladder had to be taken out and the same hernia had ruptured again, fixed that one. Now it appears I may have another and my gerd is worse than before I had surgery.
  7. mgt3boys


    Spaghetti squash
  8. You may have had degeneration before and didn’t know it and now it’s more noticeable since losing weight. I too have degeneration but mine is hereditary, been dealing with it since I was 26 and I’m now 45. I’ve had 4 back surgeries and next step for me is a fusion because 2 of mine are bone on bone. If you can avoid surgery please do. I found aquatic therapy worked best for me with the pain.
  9. I had GERD really bad befit surgery. It went away for about a year, but is back with a vengeance. Certain foods make it much worse and I’ve also had to hernias on top of that. I take Zantac and Pepto to keep it u set control and limit red sauces.
  10. mgt3boys


    I’m 5 year’s post-op and I’ve been having this issue really bad for about a year. I can’t get my craving for sugar under control. I’m also a former diabetic and scared I’m going to have diabetes again if this keeps up. I have no will power when it comes to the sugar. I so need help to get this under control.
  11. mgt3boys

    Food Intake

    No where near that, I was on full liquids the first week, then soft foods, and it progressed from there. I had a 6 week food plan given by my doctor. I lost 25-30lbs the first month.
  12. mgt3boys

    Hair loss...

    Mine fell out like crazy. Had my thyroid checked, wasn’t that. Was recommended to take Biotin dissolvable pills(OTC) . I know that it helped eventually, but I had mid-back length hair and I had to cut it and keep it short for almost 2 years. It made my hair healthy again and I started to have lots of hair regrowth after cutting it. My hair is know back to the thickness it was before surgery. Bi also have a lot of hair loss anytime I have anesthesia and it usually lasts for 6 months.then starts coming back.
  13. mgt3boys

    Grocery help!!!!

    I love buying pre-made rotisserie chicken from the store and making just a simple salad.
  14. mgt3boys

    BMI below 35

    Mine was 33 or 34, but I had a lot of other medical issues
  15. mgt3boys

    Upper GI found something

    A hernia possibly, I’ve had 2 since my surgery in 2014 and had both repaired.
  16. mgt3boys

    Hanging skin

    Very much so, around my stomach and under my arms
  17. mgt3boys

    Anti Inflammatory after Sleeve?

    I’m on Celebrex daily for back pain and I don’t have issues taking it.
  18. mgt3boys

    Weight gain

    No modification, but I lost 80lbs and I’ve regained 25. I can’t stop the sugar cravings which is why I put on so much weight to begin with. I have a huge sweet tooth. It was great the first 2yrs, but after slowly introducing sugar back in I have full blown sugar cravings and can’t seem to stop myself. It’s a huge problem!
  19. mgt3boys

    stomach issues

    Mine does it all the time and I’m 5 years out from my surgery. My husband laughs when it starts making noises while we’re trying to sleep.
  20. mgt3boys

    GERD but want to have sleeve

    Had gerd before my sleeve and it’s back just as bad as before the surgery. Taking 2 nexium a day.
  21. mgt3boys

    One year post surgery pouch reset

    1st day wasn’t too bad but today has been a struggle. I’ve been having bad mood swings from craving carbs.
  22. mgt3boys

    One year post surgery pouch reset

    Doing it right now, but I’m 4 yrs out
  23. mgt3boys

    Tail Bone Pain

    I have a cushion that has the tail bone area cut out so you’re not putting pressure on it
  24. I had GERD prior to my surgery, during surgery they found a hernia, which I’ve kearned can cause acid reflux. It was repaired. 3 yrs post op had gall bladder taken out, hernia was back in same spot again. Both were dealt with surgically. 1 1/2 yrs after hernia repair it’s back again and so is my reflux. Not sure what I’m going to do but my dr has recommended a bypass. Just don’t know if I want to go that route.
  25. mgt3boys


    Try taking a magnesium capsule. Many people don’t know their levels are low, but even if they are not it definitely helps with leg cramps.