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    January 2018 Sleevers HERE

    Praise God...you look amazing.


    Doreen0716, I completely understand. I will be a year out on the 19th of this month and I've been at a stall for 3 months as well. I try not to let it get the better of me because praise God we've come a long way from where we were. I'm down 70 pounds trying to loose the last 10 but it's a serious challenge. I workout and I try not to consume over 1000 calories. I'm going to try to reset my sleeve/body by starting over on the liquid diet and go from there. So maybe that could be a start for you also. I see alot people are doing the keto diet that had the sleeve, so maybe try a diet plan that's fit for you. But whatever the case dont get frustrated re evaluate and keep pressing. I think the process has just slowed for us all after so many months, to me it seems like when i hit the 9 month mark it slowed big time. But keep us posted on your progress.

    January 2018 Sleevers HERE

    Any update pictures JANUARY 2018 sleevers! BEFORE & AFTER or just updated progress pics!

    January 2018 Sleevers HERE

    Any update pictures JANUARY 2018 sleevers! BEFORE & AFTER or just updated progress pics!

    January 2018 Sleevers HERE

    Hello Gotalose, You've done GREAT down 100 pounds...wow. I messed up over the holidays but as you stated I'm back on it before it gets back on me..THE POUNDS....as long as you stay determined and stick to your own technique diet plan, the pounds will keep dropping. I know in faith, you will hit your goal....PLEASE KEPT US POSTED, IT HELPS ME STAY MOTIVATED.

    January 2018 Sleevers HERE

    Hi Angelina718, I completely understand how you feel. Ive been at 174 forever. Surgery 1/19/18.......... SW 244 CW 174..I'm trying to get to 170 it was 165 but aye 170 is tough enough. I messed up alot over the holidays but I'm on it again. I'm exercising again slowly but its coming along. I'm going to do a reset by starting over from the beginning with the liquids. I gave myself a reality check..I'm making sure I dont go over 1000 calories and dropping some old habits I gradually picked back up. But you got this....check into diet plans and see what works for you...BE VERY HUMBLY PROUD 60 pounds is still great but I do understand again that last 10 pounds. I pray we both can get those last few pounds out the way...IM PUSHING FOR YA....."I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS ME"
  7. Just a check in to keep myself encouraged and encourage others.. Sleeved on Jan 19th Surgery weight 244 Current weight 179 Goal weight 170.. Praise God just broke a 4 week or longer stall. Workout at least 3 times 30-45mins. Still battle old bad food habits, sometimes I give in but I still try to balance staying under 1000 calories and not over do it. Just enough to satisfy the craving. But overall it's coming along. If i can get my water intake and protein intake higher I will be Rolling along beautifully. Oh yeh..btw major hair loss but I've cried my last tear over that area...looking forward to the new growth with the aid of vitamins and proper hair car. Hope everyone's coming along and PUSHING

    January 2018 Sleevers HERE

    Hello January 2018 sleevers...I was sleeved on the 18th. Starting weight 244 now 174. I have been on a stall for 2 months now. My goal weight is 165 and seems like I can't get there. It's been such a challenge, I have been messing up slowly but surely...eating chips dips cookies😭😭i know i know..but i still work out 3 days week to help me at least not gain. Had anyone else appetite picked up because mine has DEFINITELY increased I'm always feeling hungry.

    January 2018 Sleevers HERE

    You are doing awesome...it's still a challenge for us all at some point. But our MOTIVATION is seeing where the Lord has brought us from and the desire to not want to be that size again. Keep up the great work...embrace where you are now and press to your Godly best.
  10. BINABINA25

    January 2018 Sleevers HERE

    Glad someone wants to share...sleeved Jan 18th 244 pounds now 172 and COUNTING down..been at a stall about a month now. Weight goes up and down between 174 to 172. I'm desiring old food habits more now than ever but i try to stay under 1000 calories and work out at least 30 mins 3 times weekly. Still not drinking my required water intake and still not getting all my protein in but I'm trying harder to do so. Otherwise it's coming along PRAISE God.
  11. BINABINA25

    40 something sleevers?

    PRAISE THE LORD I'm 47 got sleeved on 1/19/18. I was 244 now I'm at 172 and counting down...goal weight 165....No regrets except for the major hair loss. Doing great, had a few stalls and I miss eating certain bad foods. Sometimes I cheat but I stick to under 1000 calories total food intake daily. Trying to get the protein and water in...still a challenge but otherwise....all glory to God I'm coming along
  12. BINABINA25

    3 Months post op with pictures :)

    You look great...Definitely can see the beautiful transition...Keep up the great work
  13. In Jesus name..I think this was a heartfelt beautiful gesture unto others. The labor is plenty the workers are few. Prayers in spirit and truth are needed sooo much today now more than ever. Praying for those specifically regarding this procedure is comforting...we put so much faith in the Drs surgeons etc but the Lord is the true SOURCE...with all that being said....I pray your continued strength and covering in the Lord as you go forth doing the greater work. LET THE LORD USE YOU MY BROTHER IN CHRIST....stay obedient to the Holy Spirit.
  14. @Saxons inspite of all that's happened I think you're doing great almost 50 pounds. All the more you're doing awesome considering the health issues...you sound like a true warrior/fighter. I applaud you humbly. Well as we continue this weight journey I pray everything continues to line up and you heal wonderfully in Jesus name. WE WILL healthy GET TO OUR GOAL WEIGHT...as you said its not a race.
  15. BINABINA25

    Six months postoperative today, -65lbs!

    PRAISE THE LORD...great job! I CAN feel the excitement and joy...embrace your new found happiness and new look.
  16. BINABINA25

    This is so hard

    @Zaid..in due time it really does get better. Its easier being told that when its not you..but your position has been thousands of us who had the sleeve so we are telling you from true honest experience. If your body says sleep...you sleep..the adjustments of everything will line up as you gradually heal. Ask the Lord to strengthen you and continue to heal you along the way...as I always say..HE DIDN'T BRING US THIS FAR TO LEAVE US..as we asked him to make this surgery possible from day one..we must ask him to guide us through the entire process. Don't share your emotions or pain level with any one who isn't going to encourage you..including family. We all have a regret in somewhere from this process but it only surface when we are going through the pain the hunger the stall etc. But overall...you will heal you will see the weight coming off you will be able to walk exercises etc..just let the process take it's own course as you follow the rules.
  17. BINABINA25

    6 months post op

    You're looking and doing great...I'm at a stall also but grateful where the Lord has brought me from...244 to 187 and counting down
  18. BINABINA25

    Today, I totally binged.

    I totally understand your actions...I'm 5 months out today and I binged pretty hard last night with old bad food choices...i felt like I couldn't get full so I continued to eat what I desired nooooow...I ask myself why did I just do that...the conviction is punishment enough so I forgave myself and said the Lord has bought me too far to mess up now. It happens this isn't the end...we still have the opportunity to start over regroup and keep pushing....WE GOT THIS...in the Lord's strength!
  19. BINABINA25

    Any Jan. 2018 sleevers here?

    I'm here checking in...had my surgery Jan 19th....starting weight 244 pounds... now I'm at 187 to 189....varies...trying to maintain and stay focused. It's getting a tad bit challenging because I'm able to tolerate more food choices again so I desire alot of old habit foods....fried meats, chip n dips, etc but I'm holding...I messed up and binged last night..not bad but bad enough...my goal weight is 175!
  20. BINABINA25

    January 2018 Sleevers HERE

    Hello January sleevers...Praise God I was sleeved on the 19th starting weight 244 current 188.. It has not been an easy journey. I'm still having old cravings that doesn't want to die...its a challenge. I push myself to exercise 3 times a week at least 30 mins to an hour....trying to target the stubborn stomach belly fat and trying to keep the buttocks area from leaving...lol I had a stall for a few weeks but now im back to loosing..dropped 6 pounds outta nowhere after stall .. But I hope and pray we all come through this with SUCCESSFUL results. Keep praying keep taking your vitamins keep track of your food intake and reminder...as much as we desire faster results...we have come a long way verses if we were still trying to do it the old fashioned way..embrace your 20..25..30 pound lose that has happened within weeks or a few months.
  21. BINABINA25

    Spiraling out of control!! Help!!!

    Believe me...YOU ARE NOT ALONE....I'm 4 months out also and lately I've been eating stuff I knooow I shouldn't be eating I was at a 3 week stall now all of a sudden I've lost 6 pounds outta no where...I'm learning eat what I want but just in small portions and KEEP under my calories and exercise when possible. Alot of it is head hunger and bad habits out of routine...but no worries you're loosing great 70 pounds is amazing...I'm only at 58 pounds and I'm happy with that. Stay encouraged the eating binge is a phase I think we all hit so again don't deprive yourself eat just a tad bit of your cravings and keep pushing.
  22. BINABINA25

    Stall a complete week and this week

    Truthfully you're doing great..that's a lot of weight you've lost within 2 months. Stalls are normal, after the stall breaks itself normally you will have dropped 5 pounds out of no where...it happened to me recently...I'm 4 months out, had 3 week stall then all of a sudden I lost like 6 pounds. So dont get discouraged the weight will continue to drop. Look how far you've come and the huge amount of inches you've lost...rejoice in the non scale victories as advised
  23. Sleeved on January 19th Starting weight 244 Current weight 192 Goal weight 170 Currently at a 3 week stall loose 2 gain 2...but I'm pressing and praying 💪💪💪🙏🙏🙏
  24. BINABINA25

    When "Family" doesn't understand

    PRAYER changes everything....its a beautiful thing that you are still trying to accommodate your loved one during your own trials. It's shows you are compassionate, kind and thoughtful. But often people take our kindness for weakness and feel they can take advantage of us or disregard our needs over theirs...this is the point where you have to EVALUATE YOURSELF...see your own needs it's not being selfish it's called if I don't take care of me..no one else will...talk with your mate and express the need the concern the issue but pray before you talk with him...meanwhile find your own inner peace, smile even when you wanna scream...and remind yourself......GOD ALREADY KNOW WHAT YOURE FACING HES JUST WAITING ON YOU TO COME TO HIM.....PRAYER changes everything🙏🙏🙏🙏