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  1. MVP18

    September bypass buddies??

    Just updating everyone. Had RNY Gastric bypass 9/4/18 and doing well! They found a hiatal hernia during the procedure and repaired that also. I can't emphasize enough, get up and walk as much as you can while in the hospital and at home. It helps get rid of the gas that they pump you up with. Also use your spirometer to help with deep breathing. Knock on wood I have been very fortunate. Was off all pain meds 5 days post op. I go tomorrow for my bari class to see what I may be progressing to. Im thinking (hoping) pureed. Right now just liquids(at least 1 cup per hour while awake) plus 2 oz of that cup as a protein shake, of protein jello or broth. So getting around a shake a day. So far, no regrets and kind of wish I had done this a few years ago. Good luck everyone and keep me posted on your progress!
  2. MVP18

    September bypass buddies??

    Scheduled for gastric bypass surgery September 4th. The butterflies are starting in my stomach.
  3. Still in early stages of planning for surgery. Does anyone have recommendations for protein powder for shakes? It looks like I may be on them for awhile and hate to purchase something I do not like.
  4. After attending a surgeon informational meeting, I think I am now interested in the gastric bypass vs the sleeve. Anyone out there in the program with MMC Weight Loss and Wellness Center in Springfield,IL?
  5. So, had a physical therapy preop eval today with goals set. Next week is a mandatory surgeon informational group meeting, followed by a nutrition 101 class, and an individial nutrition appointment. At this time, I still dont know which surgery to choose. I hope to have my questions answered at the surgeon group meeting. I feel like the PT tried to talk me into bypass vs sleeve. When I had a medical eval a few weeks ago with a nurse practitioner, I feel like she was pushing me towards bypass vs sleeve as well. I guess they see the outcomes more than I do. What do you guys think?
  6. Thanks Mini Me. Can you tell me about your recovery time, or any complications?
  7. MVP18


    Congrats! Good luck on your upcoming surgery. Let us know how it goes. I'm still in the "do I do this or not" phase.
  8. So, I'm considering weight loss surgery. I meet the BMI requirement and other chronic conditions such as GERD and sleep apnea. I have my 1st mental health eval., plus first MD visit, folliwed by a Nutrition 101 class soon. I have been told what our insurance will pay. I'm wanting feedback on those who have had surgery. I know everyone is different. But I'm trying to weigh my choices. I'm wavering between gastric bypass and gastric sleeve. My GERD is very mild. I do not take meds for it, I mainly just watch the types of food I eat, and remain upright after eating. However I don't want to have a gastric sleeve if GERD will worsen, and then have to do more surgery. I am kind of afraid of more complications with gastric bypass. It looks like lap band is not good and usually ends up getting removed. I only have 100 lbs. to lose. Can I get feedback from you experienced WLS warriors? Experiences, side effects, advice etc.

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