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  1. it'sonlythefirststep

    Day 2 after sleeve

    I never pushed the iv pain meds while in the hospital. The nurse would push it after she said your not using your pain meds. She would say you’ve paid for them since it is in iv fluid so no refunds. I quit taking pain meds after I got home. Only took them the day of surgery and the next day. Once I got home I really didn’t feel I needed them.
  2. it'sonlythefirststep

    Can I have a half glass of Wine with a steak

    I was told no alcohol for 6 months after surgery....
  3. it'sonlythefirststep

    Loss amount

    Great job! Keep up the hard work and you reach your goals
  4. it'sonlythefirststep

    Hernia repair

    March 22,2018 lost 65 lbs I lost 13lbs on my 2 weeks liquid diet. When is your surgery date? Where do you live? I am near Houston Texas
  5. it'sonlythefirststep

    Hernia repair

    That is what the doctor said
  6. it'sonlythefirststep

    Hernia repair

    Funny thing was I did not know I had a hernia. I felt fine before surgery and after. I only stayed on pain meds 2 days. Get up often and walk as soon as you can. I never really had gas pain but I pushed my self to walk at least 3-4 times around the hospital floor.
  7. it'sonlythefirststep

    Hernia repair

    I did. No issues afterwards. However around 3 weeks after I developed acid reflux. They said it was very common after having the sleeve done. Daily meds for it and it helps
  8. it'sonlythefirststep

    ... i am embarrassed to ask

    I’ve had success with drinking pickle juice to help me go to the restroom
  9. it'sonlythefirststep

    Period from hell...

    Well before surgery I have been going through menopause for the last 3 yrs. Last period over 9 months ago. Well after having surgery 2 weeks ago the curse is back with a big pow! Cramps and doubled over... my questions is it safe to use a heating pad and laying on my stomach (if I am able to)? That was the only way I was able to get relief from my period before. Now a new count down till I reach complete menopause.
  10. it'sonlythefirststep

    Craving pickle juice

    Yep dietician said I can drink it. Help with my BM issue too!
  11. it'sonlythefirststep


    How long before I can get back to a sex life? My doctor said whenever I felt comfortable enough. So my thoughts in maybe 3 to 4 weeks. My surgery date March 22
  12. I had my hernia repaired during my sleeve procedure but it must not of worked. Because I started getting AR 3 weeks after my surgery date.
  13. 1month and 2 weeks I think it is. I hope it gets better. Zantac was prescribed but it feels like it gets stuck in my throat and sits there. Scratching each time I drink
  14. I never had it before surgery. Now I have it with anything and everything I drink or eat. That includes water!
  15. it'sonlythefirststep

    Any March 2018 Sleevers?

    Hey there I’m in Alvin. I had my sleeve on March 22,2018. I carry a drink with me everywhere. Always sipping
  16. it'sonlythefirststep

    Is this typical?

    I was only allowed protein shakes, water, Powerade zero and diet Snapple during my two week liquid diet. No food at all. Lost 11pounds.
  17. it'sonlythefirststep

    Acid reflux?

    21 days out I had such bad chest pain. Hurt to take a breathe. Well long story short went to ER and had tests done. They said everything fine with the surgery but Acid reflux. Hurt to swallow the Zantac they prescribed. Had to switch to a liquid. It helped! Yeah! Unfortunately it is a battle daily. I am now 1 month after surgery
  18. it'sonlythefirststep

    No menstruation cycle

    Well I had those results about 10 months ago way before surgery. Surgery date was March 22, 2018 and bam what do you know a month later I had a menstrual cycle. Very heavy and lasted over 7 days. Now I have to make a return trip to see my ob-gyn
  19. it'sonlythefirststep

    Poll: What is your goal?

    I am 5ft 2in too. However my heaviest weight was 260-265. My first consult I weighed in at 255. My surgery (3-22-18) weight was 243. So I am really just starting out. My personal goal weight is 150. My dr on the other hand says I can get down to 130. I am currently 220. My proudest moment is when I went completely off drinking cokes!!! Hardest thing I have done
  20. it'sonlythefirststep

    Taste of food

    Well now that I can purée my food nothing tastes good everything is so bland... Season it liberally but still nothing heck even tried to add ketchup but still cannot taste a thing. Please tell me that this will go away sometime soon
  21. it'sonlythefirststep

    Taste of food

    Ok that makes me feel a lot better
  22. it'sonlythefirststep

    Before picture at my heaviest

    I never really take pictures due to my weights. Just didn’t make me happy to do so. This was July 2017. I had my surgery March 22,2018.
  23. it'sonlythefirststep

    Vitamin patches

    And the dietitian says there is too much sugar in the gummy vitamins
  24. I am 5ft 2 in and my heaviest weight was 260-265 my surgery weight was 243. My doctor said I could probably get down to 135. I had a personal goal of 160. But maybe 135 is possible
  25. it'sonlythefirststep

    Powerade Zero

    Everything that I drink or eat takes awful. Water, Powerade. Eggs, chicken have no taste. I tried salt, pepper and even a dab of ketchup on the eggs.... no flavor at all. Then chicken my family says tasted awesome but yet I cannot taste it. Will this change? I cannot drink cold beverages it has to be room temp or hot.

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