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    NO pre-op Liquid Diet...Anyone else?

    Surgery went better than I ever expected. No issues Post Surgery, from recovery room on. Next day had some pain from the CO2 gas, but after that night, No pain medicine. 2 weeks later I was able to hit golf balls and play! The Liquid diet has been relatively easy to follow and no hunger at all. Weight is coming off quick so far. As I get ready to go to soft foods, it will be interesting to see if anything changes. Wish I had done this earlier, but once I decided, I was decision to surgery in 3 weeks.(had been talking to my surgeon for 4 years, on and off).
  2. EaglerRc

    NO pre-op Liquid Diet...Anyone else?

    My Dr. had me on a lower fat, lower carb diet. When I asked how strict it was needed to be followed, he was low key about it. Talked about shrinking the liver, but was not concerned about that in my case. Week before, I said goodbye to some good foods, had a great (filet) steak, with Vegetable . Normally I would eat Ribeye and Baked Potatoes.:). Lost about 6lbs during the 2 weeks. The last 3 days, I followed pretty much verbatim the Low Fat/Low Carb diet.
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    3 weeks post

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  6. Hi, I am contemplating Gastic Sleeve using the DaVinci Robotic process. Have been for 2 years. I play a lot of Golf, 105, and 90 times per year(2016, 2017). Just don't walk the course often. I do this with a couple of medical issues. Lower Back, Apnea, Slightly high blood pressure. No Diabetes, or other issues. I am curious on the (typical) recovery process from a work/travel perspective, Sex and/Or Golf). Will I be able to travel for week, within two weeks? Should I wait until I get to Solid foods, etc.. How long will it be until I recover internally, versus external incisions? Do they use staples, Stiches, Glue on the external incisions? Has anyone had their incisions open up due to activity?