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    mrspayne reacted to GigiNFortWorth in Revision from Sleeve to Loop DS   
    OMG that’s awesome!! You should be so happy! That’s a lot of weight to lose in less than a month. Stalls always happen, just hold on and push thru it!

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    mrspayne reacted to GenJones in 3 Week Post-op Plateau?   
    Ok guys, what the heck am I doing wrong? I'm about 3 weeks post-op DS and, up until about 5 days ago, I was doing great. At my first check up I'd lost 30 lbs. Now the scale hasn't budged for five days and I can't see a reason. (Are you even supposed to reach "plateaus" at this point?) I haven't been overeating; I think I'm getting enough Fluid and I'm walking up and down the halls of (snowbound) house. Has anyone else been through this kind of thing?
    thanks for listening
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    mrspayne reacted to SIPSGrammy in Sleeve to loop duodenal switch (SIPS)   
    I am so amazed on my progress with weightloss and how I feel and look! I had my surgery in 6/15 weight came off gradually and steadily. To date I have maintained my 150 lbs. If you have any specific questions just ask!
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    mrspayne reacted to Just Jess in Sleeve to loop duodenal switch (SIPS)   
    I had SIPS in April, 2017. I have done very well with it. No complications and I've lost 82 lbs. thus far.
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    mrspayne reacted to candace.johnson-smith in SIPS Long Term Concerns   
    Hello, I am new to the group. I had my sleeve done back in 2013 and am now going to get the DS-SIPS procedure. While i know this form of the procedure is fairly new, i know there has to be someone who can answer questions for me, or give me insight, that has had the surgery more than a year...at least two years i'm hoping! Everyone i talk to or have seen in this group just got the surgery, and the responses, rants, concerns, and results are all over the place, leaving me a bit cloudy minded to say the least, lol..
    Just wondering:
    *what are your feelings toward having the procedure done after a year or more? any regrets? why?
    *Are you still having to take an insane amount of Vitamins as u did when u first got the surgery? does it seem like your nutritional values gets easier to maintain? or harder?
    *are you able to drink liquor at all? have you traveled with your surgery? (i go to cancun every year, thats why i am asking about liquor, lol)
    * wats the best pre-op diet? i hear many different responses to what diet they first give you right after surgery...
    * have you had any health issues that you feel were a result of this surgery?
    I ask that you please be VERY honest in answering any of these questions. While i know the surgery seems like a good option rite now,i just want to know if long term this will be a good option for me...thanks in advance for any help and advice anyone gives me at this point...