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  1. MzNatalia

    DS and vitamins and biotin?

    Hi Hi Glamgirl, it’s B1 once a week.
  2. MzNatalia

    DS and vitamins and biotin?

    I take 1800 mg Calcium Citrate, 3 multivitamin ADEK, 30 mg Iron+C, and 5000 mg Biotin daily. My doctor recently suggested vitamin B1 once weekly.
  3. Hi everyone. Got my DS Monday morning. Yesterday wasn’t very good. Had nausea and vomiting and lots of pain. Today is somewhat better. Going to try to sip and walk today. Despite the pain I’m happy to be on the losers bench!
  4. My surgery is tomorrow morning at 7:30 am! I have to be there at 6. Good luck Pyepez!
  5. Sorry to hear that you are having this pain. I hope that you're able to get relief as soon as possible.
  6. Thanks, that means a lot! I'm getting the Loop DS, but I hope that I'll be able to have similar success. I made it into the 300's and it's kind of surreal. I haven't wrapped my mind around it yet. That's a good idea to write a journal to help keep your eyes focused on the ultimate goal.
  7. Welcome Kfaery! I congratulate you on your decision and wish you good luck on your journey. I had to do 6 months of supervised weight loss to get approval, but I hope they give you approval without it. Hopefully your husband sees your dedication and jumps on board. Thanks, Jean, for sharing. I’m just starting on my DS journey (surgery next Monday) and you are an inspiration to me. I was a bit discouraged because I started in a the 400’s myself and figured that it would take forever to get the weight off. I’m going to work on the plan and hopefully I will be where you are in 9 mos. Did you get the regular DS or a modification?
  8. Hi! My surgery is Feb. 26.
  9. MzNatalia

    Today's the day!!!!

    Good Luck my DS sister! I will be praying for you!
  10. MzNatalia

    Duodenal Switch

    Hi Elaine, sorry I didn't respond sooner. I didn't see your question until now. For some reason, doctors don't talk about the Loop DS that much. It may be because they don't perform the surgery. It is considered experimental by some doctors & insurance companies although it has been around for a while. The Loop DS wasn't in my binder either. My doctor told me about it and thought that it would be the best option for me. We discussed the pros and cons and I agreed with him. It is the duodenal switch, but a modified version. You will have a single anastomosis rather than two. What I liked about it was the fact that you don't have to take as much medicine as the normal ds. I take medicine 5 times a day, but it's only a total 7 or 8 pills to take over that time. There are also supposed to be fewer complications and malnutrition risks than the regular ds. There is a thread for it in the duodenal switch forum. Someone else may be able to direct you to more information about the surgery. Right now I'm on week 4 of a 6 week liquid diet. My surgery is February 26th. From reading different messages on this site, my surgical team is a bit more strict than others. I'm allowed a protein drink, water, G2, or certain raw veggies. I'm like you, my goal is 170 or 180. Are you just getting started on your pre-op journey?
  11. MzNatalia

    Duodenal Switch

    Hi Elaine. I’m getting the Loop DS this month. Are you getting the Duodenal Switch?
  12. MzNatalia

    Liquid diet depression

    I’m currently three and a half weeks into a six week liquid diet. I totally understand where you are coming from. Take this time, if you can, to stop focusing on what you could be eating and focus on what you’ll make to eat post surgery. I’ve found recipes I can’t wait to try during the puréed/soft food stage and beyond. I also stopped cooking for my family so there’s no temptation. I’m using the extra free time to do things I haven’t been able to do for years. Pick up an old or new hobby or read a book that you have been intending to for years. You can do this! You made it through all the pre-op hurdles and you will get through this!
  13. MzNatalia

    Liquid diet worries

    Hi, I'm actually on week 2 of a 6-week liquid diet. Day 3 was the hardest (I feel sorry for my family), but it has gotten better. I find that the protein drinks do fill me up. To keep busy I play video games, look up post-op recipes, and try to prep everything that I'll need for after the surgery so that I have no concerns except for healing. When I feel myself focusing on food too much, I go and watch the videos of others that had wls and were successful. Next thing I know, 30-60 minutes have passed and the cravings are gone. The first few days will be tough but you can do this!
  14. My surgery date is 2/26. I don’t live near you, but I wish you good luck all the same!

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