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    Any gastric sleeve patients with Fibromyalgia

    I keep accidentally posting before I’m finished - sorry. I think it would have been helpful to have something a little stronger those first two days 100 pounds in almost 11 months. You have been through significant surgeries in the past. It’s likely that you’ll find this easier than your previous surgeries. (I had a c-section in the past and was prepared for that level of pain and it didn’t reach that point at all.). You can get through this and once you’re on the other side of this, you may find that it was easier than expected (as I did). I wish that for you. Please feel free to message me anytime.
  2. KatFight

    Any gastric sleeve patients with Fibromyalgia

    I was only given Tylenol and did better than I thought I would w just that
  3. KatFight

    Any gastric sleeve patients with Fibromyalgia

    Hi. I have fibromyalgia and am always fighting pain & fatigue. Not easy but my surgery went really well. I was expecting a lot of surgical pain and/or fibromyalgia pain and the surgical pain was less than expected. That first night home (went home in less than 24 hours), I had a lot of pain in my shoulder and back.
  4. Hi. It’ll all be ok. It’s easy to become concerned when you’re not losing in a given week, especially right after having surgery (when you are consuming very little). I had a number of those moments since my December surgery. Part of the concern is...I just went through all of this and what if it doesn’t work for me even when I’m doing my part, right? I was 305 lbs in the beginning of July last year. I’m now 205 lbs. The weight will come off. Just remind yourself of that when doubts cloud your vision. 🦋
  5. KatFight

    Coping with emotions

    Hi Kimberly. I too struggle with depression and anxiety. It’s very easy to reach for food and binge when we feel off and I understand that your asking for helpful suggestions that may keep you from reaching for food. These are basic suggestions and it’s easy to give them an eye roll but put in practice...they just may help. When the desire to soothe w food hits, refocus by taking a walk; get your hands busy with something - writing in a journal, checking out new videos on YouTube, cleaning (ugh), calling a friend/family member; or visualize a stop sign and say “stop” when you know you are reaching for food out of emotional stress and not hunger. You can also try (if you want to) putting a rubber and on your wrist and when the temptation to binge strikes, snap the rubber band on your wrist. It may seem extreme. About @James Marusek He is a very positive person and I’m sure meant no harm. He wasn’t negating the severity of your concerns. He was trying to be encouraging by letting you know that things may calm some as hormones are flushed out of your system. I wish you better days ahead 🌻
  6. KatFight

    40 something sleevers?

    Hi. I’m 48 and was sleeved 12/28/2017. Definitely relate - my biggest regret, like you, is that I didn’t do it sooner. Wishing you continued success. 🌺
  7. KatFight

    The One Year Sleeviversary Today!

    Congratulations. You are in it to win it for the long run. 🦋
  8. Hi. I’ve used the patches. I haven’t been doing a great job of making sure I’m putting them on. They are super convenient and, yes, there was one additional item I needed - I believe it was iron. Do you have a listing of which vitamins we need and how many milligrams? I have mine and can get it if you’d like me to. I get the gastric sleeve plus bc it includes calcium. There is some debate about whether or not vitamins can be absorbed through the skin on a patch. My vitamin levels have been good except my Vit D (again, missed using my patches for awhile). I cook with cast iron so I haven’t needed the iron supplement bc my iron levels are good. Cast iron cooking can boost iron level in the body according to what I’ve read. About cost - I’m not really sure which is more economical. When I first compared in November 2017, I thought it was comparable to getting a bottle of this and a bottle of that...I like getting a break from taking so many pills bc I take several prescriptions. About the calcium, D3 is necessary. If it’s found you don’t have enough, you may need to supplement to get enough if the patch doesn’t include enough D3. I love BariatricPal, at the same time, I want to let you know that MDPATCH sells them directly from their store. They offer a percentage back if you click on their store from eBates (do you know what that is) and they often have sales, sometimes up to 25% off. I hope this helps.🌻🐈😀
  9. KatFight

    Delicious, Fast, Nutritious meals!

    Looks delicious. I had no idea these were available. Thanks for sharing. And, congrats on your weight loss. You’re doing great! 😀🌺🐈
  10. KatFight

    Rate your recovery

    I had a similar experience, although I don’t work from home. At 3 weeks, major fatigue and some weakness set in. Had to roll with it and rest. Like @sillykittyI wish I had the surgery years ago. It’s life changing. 😀❤️🌻
  11. KatFight

    Appetite back with a vengance!

    “Dance in your underwear.” Love it! ❤️
  12. KatFight

    6 months sleeve-anniversary

    @carlabDamn girl - you’re hot! Way to go. You look beyond amazing. Hope you didn’t upstage the bride! 😀🌻🦋
  13. @Perryman Hi. This process can be discouraging at times. You’re in a valley but there will be more peaks to come. Having had medical issues to deal with, you were laser-focused on what was in front of you. You don’t have a “lame excuse.” You had you’re reality. You’ve made a step in the right direction simply by sharing where you’re at. And, losing 55 pounds in 6 months is pretty incredible. It’s nearly 10 lbs./month on average. Get your game face on and press on. You’ve got this! 😀🌻🦋
  14. KatFight

    Scared abd Undecided

    Thank you. 🌺
  15. @Gundy Hi. I experienced the same thing. My daughter made salmon one night and I was just home from surgery. I never minded the smell before but this time I could barely deal with it. It was nauseating. I am ok w it now but wow! And, I love sugar-free popsicles - like James - but they tasted super sweet following surgery. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to have them again. I am having Popsicles frequently, esp w hot, humid weather here. I really like the Special Edition berry box. I let them melt just enough that they taste like an icee. I also like to drink cranberry-water. 100% cranberry juice mixed with water & ice. I do a 60/40 roughly. 60 water & ice, 40 cranberry juice. I like Langner’s 100% Plus. I also really liked large curd cottage cheese after surgery. Not as much now but I thought it was one of the best foods I had following surgery. It tasted delicious. It’s really interesting what the surgery does to our taste buds. Wishing you well on your bariatric adventure! 😋😝😀
  16. Hi. It’s not uncommon to feel depressed post-surgery or while losing weight. The lifestyle changes and new habits (like not reaching for food to ease emotions) may bring that on. For some people, professional help may be needed. I’ve struggled with depression for years. My nurse practitioner was on high alert, particularly following surgery, but I’ve been doing well. Eventually (in the long-term), depression may ease greatly. @Numbheart and @BuzzVSG wishing you all the best. Please reach out if you need to talk with someone about how you’re feeling. 🌻
  17. KatFight

    Scared abd Undecided

    @cledwards Hi. As you know, any surgery can be terrifying. Like you, I was concerned about leaking. I was worried that my gut would leak and I wouldn’t know it was leaking. And, as a result, I wouldn’t know to get help. My surgeon, Dr. Gail Wynn in Newark, DE, told me that I would know if I had leakage. Fortunately, I didn’t. There are risks and it’s smart to consider everything before having surgery. You’ve rec’d some great suggestions about starting with your PCP. An information session may be great to attend just to learn more. I imagine you attended one for your Lap Band. I was expecting pain similar to a C-section and I was pleasantly surprised when it was much less pain than that. I had no side effects from surgery - trouble swallowing, sore throat, inability to drink water after (it is hard too get much in at a time initially though), nausea, nor vomiting. I had nausea and extreme fatigue the third week. Probably from low calories. My abdomen was badly bruised and very sore following surgery. I found an ice pack helped (I have an abdomen-sized one). Had severe gas pain first couple of days. It can travel, I learned and I felt it in my shoulder and back. Awful. Heating pad on that. Used a squishy pillow pushed under my stomach so that I could kind of sleep on my side. I usually sleep on my stomach. A solid pillow is great to take to the hospital on surgery day for the trip home. Press it against your stomach to help reduce pain from bouncing on ride home. I am so happy I had the sleeve. I’m losing more slowly than some (and one person on the forum was quite rude about my weight loss when I posted my stats per request on an update on December sleevers.) I was 287 at surgery and, now at 6 months, am 218. I have fibromyalgia and arthritis so I have difficulty maintaining my exercise routine. Anyway...fear is always reduced with knowledge and you came to a good place for that. I have a feeling that you are going to be just fine. 🦋
  18. @Czuck1983 I’m getting teary-eyed just reading your post. Congratulations just doesn’t seem like a big enough word. Our victories go so deep, maybe because we had times where we didn’t think it possible. You’ve made it POSSIBLE. Way to go. 🤯
  19. Hi. My progress has been going well. Still focusing on reaching daily protein and fluid goals. I live with chronic pain & fatigue I take naps which decreases the amount of time available to get protein & fluid in. SW: 287 lbs CW: 231 GW: 130-140
  20. Hi. Mine billed insurance $28,000. I paid just over $300 out-of-pocket. So grateful for ins too. 🤯
  21. KatFight

    Face 2 Face Friday (ok Thursday)

    @FatGuy5000Your eyes are amazing! Don’t you think they stand out even more? I meant to start doing what you’re doing with weekly face pics. Did it once and it fell by the wayside. Anyway, your skin is also looking very good. I’d swear you had a facial! Keep up the grind bc you’re getting it done! FatGuy no more, now you’re ThinGuy. 🐈
  22. Thank you, Alex. I really appreciate it. 😀
  23. KatFight

    It's Getting Real

    Sounds like you are in the right mindset. One moment at a time, if necessary. And, before you know it, you’re surgery date will be here. You go girl! [emoji250]
  24. KatFight

    I get sleeved in a week

    Oh, and I’ll be keeping you@maofmany and@apositivelife4me in thought and prayer as you have you surgery. [emoji272]
  25. KatFight

    I get sleeved in a week

    I like Premier Protein compared to many other shakes I’ve tried. It still takes a moment to get used to it. One reviewer mentioned that the Premier Protein chocolate shakes taste like chocolate milk and I was expecting that taste. Whoops. Not exactly. They taste like an attempt at chocolate milk but made with water. I prefer the chocolate over the other varieties. I like the vanilla EAS Lean 15. Small amounts of dry jello powder can be added to make various flavors, like cherry, and adding ice and mixing in a blender adds something new to food plan.

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