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    Where are all the single cat ladies?

    Pictures, people, pictures! Kira and Nisse, respectively. This post is a testament to my cat-lady-ness.
  2. hurricanerin

    First Time Dating... Ever

    I'm creeping up on 30 and I've literally been on like, one date. He was this seemingly badass guy. I got there and watched him play some stupid basketball game, then we watched freaking Planet of the Apes with a bottle of wine I brought and when he went for it at the end I shut him down with an awkward side hug. I was mildly disgusted. Am I a total b***h? I was just so put off. I had sex when I was maybe 275lbs? But I just wanted to have sex for the sake of saying I'd had sex. I've never done it at a healthy weight or really a healthy mentality of what a good guy is like. I just wanted someone that wasn't going to reject me because of my weight. He'd seen pictures and stuff of me before blah blah, so I knew he wouldn't reject me for how I looked. The whole situation ended up being a mess and I had to threaten to call the police to get him to back off, so neither my sex nor dating history is awesome. Are there any inspiring learned-to-date-after-surgery stories out there?
  3. Awesome! Practically twins.
  4. Counting down the minutes until February 13th..
  5. Hi... After 18 months of working my butt off with a dietician (and physical therapist, psychologist, hematologist, bariatrician, you guys know the drill) to get my diet to a surgery-sustainable place (I was eating cookies , I finally have my surgery date. February 13th is the day! I've been preparing for this for so long that I feel like I know what to expect as well as someone that hasn't actually had the surgery can. There are so many different topics I wasn't sure where to start, so I thought I'd post here. I start my liquid diet on the 30th which I'm ridiculously excited for. I'm sure I won't be as enthusiastic 24 hours in, but for now, I can't wait.