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  1. nuhtoshuhh

    Requirements for Blue Shield of California

    That’s simply not true. I had the surgery done in St Louis and it was covered under Blue Shield of California.
  2. nuhtoshuhh


    It’s incredibly fine as long as you’re cleared to have caffeine! I did this for a bit until I got bored with it!
  3. nuhtoshuhh

    Need meal ideas

    Oh yeah! I had my surgery two days before you! Give it a try, it’s been pretty yummy. From one picky eater to another, I understand the struggle!
  4. nuhtoshuhh

    Need meal ideas

    This post is my life. I just have literally no space to store anything in my freezer but I was also realllly bored with my food. Here’s what I’ve been digging lately: Ground turkey taco meat with reduced fat cheese and light sour cream — I can get 6 little meals out of one pack of turkey so I’ll eat that for two or three days. (Maybe my favorite meal right now) Teriyaki chicken and broccoli stir fry, easy peasy and I used .75lbs of chicken. Made six little meals again but that’s easily doable before it goes bad in the refrigerator. Turkey and bean chili, like 120 calories per serving and sooo protein dense and filling. This one did make a lot. I ended up making room to freeze about half but I just threw out some Halo top ice cream that I didn’t ACTUALLY need. I keep thin sliced deli meat and have that often with a reduced fat cheese stick or pickles or sometimes both depending on my mood. This is a go to for me that’s easy, takes up minimal space, and you can buy as little or as much meat as you’d like at the deli. Chicken crust pizza is also my jam. I think I probably make this once a week. It does have an egg mixed into the crust but it’s incredibly protein dense and soooo yummy. One pizza makes three meals for me and I love it hot or cold. If you don’t mind eggs mixed in, I definitely recommend! (10.5 oz canned chicken, 1 egg, 1 oz Parmesan cheese for the crust and then whatever toppings you love) I find that I was the most frustrated when I was just tired of boring/bland food so I went to multiple grocery stores, looked at sauces and spices available that were relatively low in carbs/fat/calories and then bought a slew of them to spice up what would otherwise be fairly boring food. I am still constantly working towards my perfect foods. I have definitely wasted my fair share of money as I moved away from liquids to solid food trying to figure it all out but these are the things that have worked best for me so far! You’ll see, I don’t eat a lot of veggies just yet but I’m eight weeks (almost nine) out and I just find that I don’t have the room for them when I could eat something with protein to get me closer to my daily goal!
  5. It’s the best I’ve found so far! I think I’ve tried 7-8 different kinds since surgery!
  6. I love 1st Phorm’s natural line. It’s thin, you can mix it with water, and it’s easy to drink. I have the strawberry one. https://1stphorm.com/products/protein-powder/isolate-protein/phormula-1-natural
  7. nuhtoshuhh

    Stalling one week in?

    Yep! I had this at the end of week one through week four. I’m now six and a half weeks out and since the stall, I’ve lost 18 pounds. Probably because I traveled for the first time and wasn’t as prepared with food as I should have been but 18 nonetheless!
  8. nuhtoshuhh

    MO - St. Louis

    I’d be down!
  9. nuhtoshuhh

    Before and After (So far)

    This is so inspiring! Thanks for sharing!
  10. nuhtoshuhh

    Items to bring to hospital?

    The things I brought and actually used: Lip Balm Toothbrush/toothpaste Mouthwash Long phone charger Sweats for discharge day Slip on cozy slippers
  11. nuhtoshuhh

    When does the hunger return?

    I’m about three weeks post op now and I’m just now starting to actually feel hungry. It’s not like this overwhelming hunger like it was before but it’s there. I think now that I’m back at work and working 8 hours mostly on my feet that my body is craving food to keep me energized and going!
  12. nuhtoshuhh

    trouble with protein drinks

    https://1stphorm.com/products/protein-powder/phormula-1-natural I had the same issue but that protein linked above was sent from the angels above. Literally just put a scoop in six ounces of water, shake it up, and drink! I mixed it right in the water bottle! Easy breezy. The strawberry is my fave.
  13. nuhtoshuhh

    Where does everyone live? (General area)

    St Louis, MO!
  14. nuhtoshuhh

    Post Op Fluid Intake

    Immediately post op I struggled so much getting liquids down. I mean 20-30oz felt like an accomplishment the first few days. I’m at roughly 60oz now and I am 9 days post op. I’ve found it gets easier the further along you are. For me, the biggest struggle is just being constantly aware of where my water bottle is and having it open in front of me so I remember to sip from it. I was forgetting to drink!
  15. nuhtoshuhh

    Sleeve and Menstrual Cycle??

    I just had my sleeve surgery (2/13/18) and I was slated to start my menstrual cycle on 2/15— and like clockwork, it came! So far no issues though I wish it would have waited until I was somewhat healed to visit!
  16. I also had my surgery yesterday. I woke up in a small amount of pain and a bit nauseous. They addressed it immediately and then moved me to my room. It took me about three hours before I was able to get up to pee/walk around. I walked a few times yesterday and today before being released. I think a total of 6 times in the hospital. I am now more sore than anything. I also am having gas pains since I had my surgery laparoscopically— these hurt more than the actually soreness, in my opinion. Good luck! It can only get better from here!
  17. I just received approval today for the surgery and will be having pre op testing done next week! 🤗🙈😅 I’m a little bit further down the road than you but it goes so quickly! I remember thinking... “Ugh, I just want to get this done and be the new me!” And it feels like that was just yesterday.

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