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  1. When I got dressed this morning, I realized I was wrong about the size of the jeans I got at Walmart the other day. They're not 26/28s; they're 24/26s! Which is even better, but also ridiculous because a pair of size 26 pants from the same brand were too small. The jeans have stretch, though, and the pants did not.

    1. Charity G

      Charity G

      What a happy surprise :) I've noticed Walmart has been changing up their sizes, too. If I remember correctly, what used to be a 2x is now considered a 3x and that's the highest size they carry (i.e. 26/28's aren't to be found). Of course it could be that maybe its just my Walmarts (Godfrey and Wood River) that aren't carrying the larger sizes.

    2. istytehcrawk


      I did see some 26s in this Terra & Sky brand, but I didn't see any 28s at mine (Litchfield, though I also go to Carlinville since that's where I work). Of course, I was only looking at the one rack of actual pants, not the several with capris. I know the 24/26s are considered a 3X.

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