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  1. My jeans were literally starting to fall off me, so I caved today and bought a pair of 26/28s to hold me over until capri weather hits, hopefully in the next few weeks.

    The important part, though, is that I bought them at WALMART! I haven't been able to buy pants there in YEARS because they didn't go to my size. Unfortunately, I still had to pay $17 (so much better than the $60ish at Catherine's though), because the 26s that were on clearance for $9 were still too small to be comfortable. SOON, though!

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    2. Newme17


      Oh yes, appearance is good for business, I get ya! I don’t really work now, so leggings and T-shirt’s is all I ever wear. I’ve decided that my church attire needs to be amped up from my regular attire. Lol. Gonna try to find some dresses. How about dresses? Do you like them? They can be forgiving, as you go down in size, I think.

    3. istytehcrawk


      Never been a fan of dresses, no. That may change as I shrink, but I doubt it.

    4. Newme17


      Exactly how I feel about them...although my thoughts have slightly changed...SLIGHTLY! I’d have to try a bunch on to see which doesn’t highlight my now-still belly. Haha!

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