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  1. Now that our surgery day has come and went, let's share our successes in the future. Lets remain friends! Sent from my VS880PP using BariatricPal mobile app
  2. kakatlady612

    So Who do You Look Like?

    We all are told at sometime in our life-- "do you know who you look like?"What famous person do you,think or have you been told you most resemble? As an example I think I look Like a love child of Mama Cass and John,Candy. Somebody at the time told me. I looked like John Hinkley, the guy who shot President Ronald Reagan. And my late husband was certain he resembled Elvis. I think my son-in-law looks just like Nicholas Cage. Sent from my VS880PP using BariatricPal mobile app
  3. I'm in Mount Vernon Ohio-14 miles from the geographic center,of my state. Will be having RnY at Mount Carmel Columbus with Dr Marcus Miller- anyone nearby sharing this journey? Sent from my VS880PP using BariatricPal mobile app
  4. kakatlady612

    Paleo diet vs vegan

    Which worked better for post WLS and why? Just looking things over I can see good and bad but would I do better on healthy moderation well all is said and done? Veterans please weigh in. Sent from my VS880PP using BariatricPal mobile app
  5. kakatlady612

    June 2018 RnY

    What is so rare as a day in June? Then if ever come perfect days. Does your road to better health start with the beautiful days of June? Sent from my VS880PP using BariatricPal mobile app
  6. kakatlady612

    March-April Rny-ers

    Is there anyone out there ready to brave the Winds of March or the Showers of April just to get your surgery? Any one share the same day? Sent from my VS880PP using BariatricPal mobile app
  7. Right now I'm in limbo, hoping a different program will accept me after my last week disappointment. I'm trying not to back-slide back into poor diet choices. Do not want to regain those pesky pounds I've lost. I figure anyone can commit to 7 days at a time. Sent from my VS880PP using BariatricPal mobile app
  8. As we March forward toward weight loss and better health, lets's share all our joys and trials. We know we've made a commitment to the future and the best choice in our lives. No March winds blowing -Just smooth sailing ahead! Sent from my VS880PP using BariatricPal mobile app
  9. kakatlady612


    You have done well so far and. I. know you will continue on, sunshine and a smooth life in the future. Sent from my VS880PP using BariatricPal mobile app
  10. kakatlady612

    Any March 2018 Sleevers?

    And may God watch,over you and hold you safe,in his sheltering arms. May this day be the start of an healthier fitter life for you. Sent from my VS880PP using BariatricPal mobile app
  11. kakatlady612

    Surgery in the AM

    Sent from my VS880PP using BariatricPal mobile app
  12. So Creekimp did you ever eat the cricket,powder? Sent from my VS880PP using BariatricPal mobile app
  13. kakatlady612

    Sleep Apnea test

    I told on another one of the postings I have sinusitis currently, PCP told me to take a temporary holiday from my C pap, the other night and into the next day,i could not sleep, think i was awake 36 hours. So i put it on for 4 hours last night so I could rest better. Maybe it will prolong my nose problems a day or 2, but which is worse? Stuffiness or lack of sleep? Sent from my VS880PP using BariatricPal mobile app
  14. kakatlady612

    April/May 2018 Sleevers!!?

    I do hope you're,kidding, some kinds of smoothies maybe, McD milkshakes NO NO NO. Think of all the fats, carbs and calories there. If. I don't slap some sense into you verbally there will be about 25 on Bariatric Pal who will. And they might not be as polite as me. Many items at McD are chock full of empty albeit tasty calories & calories. Repeat after me: child--- Tasty fast food is not good for you food.---. It will not make you a winner, it will not make you any thinner.--- You do not want to dig your grave with a pink plastic spoon. Yes milkshakes are liquid, so is motor oil but nobody stands in a line for that, do they? Put them Golden Arches out of your mind, you hear? You will never get a new and improved body hanging around there. It will take work, it will take commitment, there will be times you'll cry, want to throw in the towel, wonder what you and your body have agreed to do. But you will need to go on, baby step by baby step toward your goal. It may turn out to be the hardest thing you've ever done, weight loss and its surgeries are not an easy fix to a complex problem. But a lot of people can and have done it. They thought it was worth it, now do you? Sent from my VS880PP using BariatricPal mobile app
  15. kakatlady612

    Liver Anxiety

    Another thing to calm you, surgeons book time in operating rooms and they don't plan to squander it. Once you get there they will complete the surgery, if they don't think they will have enough room they can always do an open incision, they will have plenty of room that way.Granted 99% of the surgeries are laprascopic but every surgeon has both skills. The surgeon that I plan to have had done 500 in the last calender year, only 2 were open. Honestly, push comes to shove, I would accept open over none at all. It does take longer to heal, but you don't have the gas to pass out of your body, more painful? I had 3 9lbs babies and an episode of pancreatitis, can't be worse than that and all 3 were no anesthesia. I had an open incision when I had my gall bladder and appendix out 35 years ago, I healed up from that just ducky and have a 5 inch scar to show for that. I'll go to sleep peacefully, wake up happy that its over, if the surgeon does handstands while I'm asleep,it don't bother me none. I just wanted it completed so. I can get on with life. So relax luv, everything is going to be fine. Sent from my VS880PP using BariatricPal mobile app
  16. kakatlady612

    The Six Month March

    Looks good,remember to get some smaller plates, bowls etc. I intend to,invest in a new blender my last one went "pooof" and a small food scale. Last time I looked they were each about $15 at WalMart. I like your silverware, I found one in my drawer that must have belonged to,my youngest, a Donald Duck, mind you he's in his 30s. So think I'll start with that one. See I guess I never throw things away. That probably means I'm a hoarder or something. Oh well as Popeye says" I yam what I yam". Have a peaceful night my friend. Sent from my VS880PP using BariatricPal mobile app
  17. How close are you to the Boundary Waters? I've heard your area is unbelievably wild and beautiful. I live in Ohio the first state in the Northwest Territory and the only one without any Indian reserves. I think our last native one, at least a full blood Wyandot/Huron died at Upper Sandusky in 1931. I'm sorry I sound a trifle militant but I'm somewhat a historian and maybe apologist. I suspect I have native American blood on my father's side, they don't talk much about it, my ancestors were absorbed into the Peoria tribe, I believe their Ohio name were the Mingo. If you happen to go on Wikipedia and pull up Peoria Indians the lady pictured there is the spitting image of my father's sisters. My Cherokee friend Cheyenne teases me and calls me a jelly donut. You've heard of blacks calling someone an Oreo, black on the outside,& white within, well I'm told Native Americans call someone an apple, red on the outside and a white soul? Cheyenne says I'm the reverse- a jelly donut, white covering but housing an Indian soul. She means it as a compliment and that's how I take it. Besides I still could be a 1/16th , both sides have been in Ohio since early 1800s, not impossible. Shoot I got off on a tangent didn't I? I am 72, 5ft8in, strawberry blonde hair with brown eyes(about the only sign of Daddy's side) weigh 323 down from a high weight of 355 last fall, I plan a RnY, I have GERD and suffers of that or diabetes are usually steered toward bypass instead of sleeve. I have had arthritis since 25, have had 2 knee replacements and also have sleep apnea. In my favor: I have low blood pressure, low cholesterol, a good heart , fairly good lungs and no diabetes. I should by rights be diabetic as both my parents were. My PCP says I'm a 40-45 year old trapped in a 72 year old body. I long to have my surgery, lose the weight no diet has helped me achieve and,live the rest of my days in a slimmer trimmer and healthier body. I've studied up on WLS, others have helped me on Bariatric Pal and I'd like to,pay it forward if I could. So if you have any questions I could help with, I'd be happy to discuss them. Welcome to our forum, I'm probably the oldest and still haven't had my surgery but hope to have a date soon. My road has been bumper than most but I'm still committed toward that goal. Well enough of me, tell me more of your story, okay? Sent from my VS880PP using BariatricPal mobile app
  18. kakatlady612

    1 Week Post-op

    Thank you both for serving, your job is equally important, you are his support person back here. You may not have a commission but you have great value and I salute you. To be the wife of a man who's keeping us safe and free is something worth your own reward or medal. You are going to succeed at this. He will be proud of you also, what a surprise you'll have, if you're smaller and fitter when he gets home. Good luck my new friend. Sent from my VS880PP using BariatricPal mobile app
  19. kakatlady612

    Throwing up Bile (Middle of Night)

    Are you still going to have the endoscope or are you going to hang loose and see what happens? It all sounds a pretty scary state of affairs. Sent from my VS880PP using BariatricPal mobile app
  20. kakatlady612

    1 Week Post-op

    Yeah. PCOS it isn't helping matters any, is it? I used to have an aunt and uncle in Sepulpa. I think it's kinda close to you. At least you can't claim to be an Okie from Muskogee, can you? Are you going to have your surgery,in Tulsa? Are you excited to have your first visit? I'm down to,323 from a high weight,of 355. I'm 5ft 8in, live in Central Ohio and am 72 years old. Yeah kinda old to be doing this but I'm in it to win it just like everyone else. I will,be having,a RnY in Columbus, not sure when or even which hospital. I had completed one program, had all my prerequirements done, the surgeons had a commitee meeting on February 20th and decided not to do my surgery. Don't worry it won't happen to you, the excuse I was given makes no sense, but I will,take my records and apply to one of the other hospitals doing surgery, I'm sure I will have it done. Don't be frightened by my problem it won't have a chance of happening to you. I try not to be bitter, it will still work out for me. God still has a plan for me, I'll rise above the sorrow. Sent from my VS880PP using BariatricPal mobile app
  21. kakatlady612


    Kayleigh are you having any luck finding your surgeon? See it has been a week,since we have heard from you. Any more gains on your weight loss? Sent from my VS880PP using BariatricPal mobile app
  22. kakatlady612

    1 Week Post-op

    Got your little motorcycle helmet, it might be a bumpy road before you're over. What kind of surgery are you planning? Where are you located? Are you doing at your high weight or have you already lost some? In other words tell us a little more about you. Have you planned a goal weight? And how can we help you make this weight loss journey better? Sent from my VS880PP using BariatricPal mobile app
  23. kakatlady612

    Embarrassing question for the ladies

    Yeah but sometimes you needed a miners lamp to find it. Wondered if it would better to tattoo an arrow in my inner thigh or leave a trial of breadcrumbs. After all, you do remember what one of the nicknames is.? Sent from my VS880PP using BariatricPal mobile app
  24. kakatlady612

    1 Week Post-op

    Congratulations on your successful surgery, I hope you're healing well. Sent from my VS880PP using BariatricPal mobile app
  25. kakatlady612

    Anyone tried stomach taping or bandaging?

    Hey you're right, maybe she could use the advice for being matron of honor-we all tried didn't we? Sent from my VS880PP using BariatricPal mobile app