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  1. I am 19 months post-VSG and in recent months have had very few problems and very much in maintenance phase. Happily living with my sleeve without too much thought (and by that I mean my routine is so ingrained that it has just become my new way of doing things). Off on holiday yesterday, and had the normal last minute rush in the morning making sure we were all sorted, so didn’t have much to eat then had a boiled egg at the airport. Got on the flight late afternoon and had some champagne (naughty), small tub of pringles and some of my son’s haribo (more naughtiness) all while thinking I am on ‘holidays’ I can have a slip! Got up to go to the loo, and the queue was massive. After 20 mins of standing in the aisle desperate for the loo (which I think contributed) I came over very hot, shaky and thought I was about to pass out - I lent on the nearest wall and slid down it. The next 5/10 mins are a bit of a blur but I know the cabin crew offered to put me in their jump seat pilot came out to make sure I was OK and sent for water. I am so embarrassed - I hate a fuss being made, and that was a sore lesson to learn. I spent the rest of the flight feel hot, bothered and desperate to go to sleep. Am still not convinced I feel 100% OK this morning, but am 600ml of water down already!
  2. RosieQueenofScots


    I am in the UK, and I cycled new (to me) clothing through eBay - I bought smaller sizes, then re-sold them as they became too big. Also used charity (thrift) shops. It’s become a bit addictive - my ‘new’ wardrobe is mainly made up of eBay and charity shop bargains (and I love it all!)
  3. I went with a Hiatus Hernia repair - even my parents don’t k ow any different!
  4. RosieQueenofScots

    Drinking alcohol again????

    Couple of gins and SLT here and there - couple of glasses of Prosecco every week. Do find I get drunk quicker, so always quit after 2 drinks - could not cope with a big night out on the town any more. That’s me nearly 16 months out. Was allowed an occasional glass of wine on my plan after 3 months, but every team has different recommendations.
  5. RosieQueenofScots

    Buddies Group - Surgery Dec 4 to 15, 2017

    84lbs down - maintaining at 168lbs for last 3 months :) Running, spinning and loving Body Combat!
  6. RosieQueenofScots

    Non Scale Victories

    Ran 5k today without stopping - first time in my life I have ever managed to do this with no stops....in under 40 mins :) training for my first 5k event next month - running in memory of my sister (great motivator!), raising money for the hospice that supported her 💕
  7. RosieQueenofScots

    Question about calories

    I will add, I have never been told to track cals - 3 small meals, protein first until I feel resistance, 2 small protein rich snacks per day if need be. 2 litres + of fluid 60-70!grms protein.
  8. RosieQueenofScots

    Question about calories

    About 600 cams and we between 600-800 until end of month 5 when I started some serious gym work, and upped to 1200....been there ever since, but follow your own NUT guidelines, as every single surgeon/ clinic has differing recommendations!
  9. RosieQueenofScots

    Non Scale Victories

    I just realised how much more of my feet I can see when I look down in the shower! 😂😂
  10. RosieQueenofScots

    I’m terrible at this!

    Don’t beat yourself up so much! Firstly get your (late) three month check booked in ASAP and get talking to your psychological support and see if you can’t bottom out why you are self sabotaging! Everyone’s journey is different - with a different set of instructions from our WL team. I have never been told to track, my NUT believes life is for living so the occasional treat is fine, and he has said that the impact of diet and exercise in weight loss equation is around 80% diet, 20% exercise. Food intake = impact on weight, Exercise = health benefits. Good luck, write a list of what you need to tackle and work your way through.
  11. RosieQueenofScots

    How to feel "full" on pre-op diet?

    I made a big pot of soup with onions, carrots and puréed tomatoes and some herbs - kept in in my one pot slow cooker and had a cup whenever the hunger got too much! Helped with the liquid intake and not a lot of calories!
  12. RosieQueenofScots

    Calorie intake

    8 months out, 1200 calories for last 3 months. 84 lbs down.
  13. I drink Gin and low cal tonic twice (sometimes three times) a week...and boy are we making some lovely gins in Scotland right now! 🍸🍸
  14. RosieQueenofScots

    Buddies Group - Surgery Dec 4 to 15, 2017

    Hi Mama - me too! I have been gaining and losing the same 2lbs over and over again for around the past five weeks I was 4lbs off my original target at the last visit to my nutritionist about 6 weeks ago. He revised my target down the way by another 16lbs. Psychologically I felt a bit deflated after that, but boy am I getting frustrated with this lose/ gain cycle! Am generally more active and running 3 days a week! All in all a bit disheartened now!
  15. RosieQueenofScots

    Intolerance to Artificial Sweeter

    I never had a problem pre-op, but post op I have developed an intolerance to both aspartame and citric acid. Good to know there are alternatives - have found that I need to be careful with reading labels now though. Gives me horrendous stomach cramps (and quite often end up throwing up) - founds it in the most unlikely things - had an episode this afternoon - in Portugal on holiday and had the tiniest, mist inoffensive looking biscuit....after much cramping discovered it had citric acid as an ingredient!
  16. RosieQueenofScots

    Non Scale Victories

    I have been clothes shopping for my upcoming holiday this week - I got in to a ‘medium’ in Gap, and shopped in the regular (not plus ladies) section in TK Maxx (which is the UK version of TJ Maxx) - I still can’t quite get my head around shopping for normal sized clothes - it’s been 23 years and I feel overwhelmed I have so much choice!
  17. RosieQueenofScots

    Non Scale Victories

    I bought UK size 14 tops this weeks (which I think are about a US 10). I haven’t been in a size 14 size I was 19 years old...23 years ago! 🎉🎉
  18. RosieQueenofScots

    Just checking in.

    We will be in awesome shape one day too! And it won’t be that far away 😁
  19. RosieQueenofScots

    Just checking in.

    Well done! I was a bit slow on getting moving, but been making a massive effort over the last 6 weeks. Celebrate my 6 month sleeversary yesterday with a Body Combat class (was only a 30 min one, but couldn’t even have managed the walk from the car park to the gym 6 months ago without struggling!)
  20. RosieQueenofScots

    Rings too loose?

    I had to put my rings in to the jeweller last week to get the m resized. 6 months out (today) - 71lbs down. 🎉🎉
  21. RosieQueenofScots


    That’s exactly what I have been doing for the last few months...am now on to re-selling the first lot of replacement clothes I bought on eBay at the start of the year - means I always have something that fits properly too!
  22. RosieQueenofScots

    Buddies Group - Surgery Dec 4 to 15, 2017

    Sleeved on the 7th December....and 48lbs down! Dropped from a UK dress size 22 to UK 18. Family are really starting to notice now (although don’t know about the sleeve) - colleagues not so much!
  23. RosieQueenofScots

    This process is stirring up various issues

    It’s stirring up a lot of issues for me - especially with/about my parents. My weight battle is almost 30 years old. I grew up in a house where my Mum and 2 older sisters were constantly dieting. When I first gained weight it was between the age of 12 & 14, everything I ate came out of the family home - I took no money to school, so wasn’t snacking on rubbish while I was there - it was just my diet consisted of big portions of processed food....and so he battle began. The logical part of my brain says that the adult me could have taken control and made some positive changes, but there’s still part of me mad that this all started under my parent’s watch.
  24. RosieQueenofScots

    Where does everyone live? (General area)

    Scotland [emoji2]
  25. I self paid in the UK and it was 10500 GBP for surgery and one year after care package.

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