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  1. low bmi sleeve

    Any March 2018 Sleevers?

    6 days post op down 10lbs Feeling great so far so good not one problem. Able to get my fluid ins. How is everyone who has had surgery so far doing
  2. low bmi sleeve

    Dr. Almanza..Any current opinions?

    I can’t say anything about dr almanza but I just had vsg in Mexico with dr Illian and had a great experience you won’t find 1 bad word about him online the hospital was awesome the nurses were great...
  3. low bmi sleeve

    Starting BMI of 33

    I just had surgery on March first 2018 with the same BMI as you. I don’t have much experience so far. But I would do it again in a heart beat I am able to get my fluids in no problem and am down 6 lbs from surgery good luck
  4. low bmi sleeve

    Dr Garcia or Dr Ilan? Please help me!

    I just had surgery with dr Illian and the care I received was awesome couldn’t recommend him/ the hospital staff any higher they were great and I feel really good the nurses are awesome...
  5. low bmi sleeve

    Any March 2018 Sleevers?

    Im March 1 also
  6. low bmi sleeve

    Gastric Sleeve

    How did your surgery go
  7. low bmi sleeve

    Getting Ready to go to Mexico for Surgery

    My insurance denied me so I am having surgery in T.J. Mexico with dr Ilian on Thursday March 1st I am confident in my choice
  8. low bmi sleeve

    Any March 2018 Sleevers?

    March 1 for me start pre op on Monday since I only have to do 3 days of liquids
  9. March 1 here with dr illan
  10. low bmi sleeve

    Had anyone gotten sleeved with a 30-31 bmi

    Jordana11 where are you getting sleeved at. I have BMI of 34 and getting vsg in mexico March 1 2018
  11. low bmi sleeve

    Had anyone gotten sleeved with a 30-31 bmi

    Where are you getting sleeved at. I have BMI of 34 and getting sleeved in mexico march 1 2018
  12. low bmi sleeve

    Reactive hypoglycemia

    Metformin is not used for high blood pressure!!! metformin is a diabetic medication.
  13. low bmi sleeve

    35 bmi anyone????

    what dr did you use in mexico
  14. low bmi sleeve

    35 bmi anyone????

    yes me i am exactly same stats bmi 35 and high blood pressure i just had to appeal my insurance decision because my surgeon sent for approval with out a letter of necessity so that was sent in today so hoping for approval soon if not i will be going to mexico to get it done.
  15. I will be sleeved soon and I want to know every possible side effect the good bad and ugly dont hold anything back
  16. ok so i want to here from mexico sleevers anyone who has had a leak and had trouble getting a dr in the usa to see them. i am giving my insurance 1 more chance to approve me than im going to mexico i would just go now since its cheaper than my copay and deductible but im worried if i did have issues no one would want to see me in the usa also i reached out to dr illan and yet to hear back from them i have had ALM reach out to me but i have read some scary things about dr ortiz.
  17. i know that the ER would have to see me my husband works in a ER but if i needed surgery its very difficult to get a surgeon to take you on because of the liability.
  18. low bmi sleeve

    mexico sleevers

    i am just 3 hours from TJ mexico so that would be where i would go my husband is in the medical field and dead set against me going to mexico but im gonna go if i have too i am so tired of the bullshit from an insurance company that we pay good money too
  19. from everything iv been told and read you should still be on liquids and as much protein as you can get in i would stay away from the rice and cream of wheat for now they not gonna help you in the long run. ok so i go see my dr tomorrow to get a letter for medical necessity because my surgeon office summited for approval without it so i got denied if the letter doesnt work my happy ass will be going to mexico my husband is not happy about that because he is in the medical filed and knows no one will want to treat me if i have a leak and had surgery in mexico
  20. i dont think u have stretched out ur pouch but if your dr said to go the er i would go just to make sure there is no leak.. also my stats are almost the same as yours i have blue shield of calif and they are giving me a hard time with approval do you mind if i ask what insurance you have and do you have any other medical issues i have high blood pressure and i about to just give up and go to mexico im just worried about the after care i would get here if i did get a leak.
  21. i also have lower bmi and hoping for surgery in feb  195 and 5ft 5in  how are you feeling i am nervous if i am doing the right thing.

    1. LOWBMIVSGCanada


      i feel great. Could have gone back to work after 4-5 days if that tells you something!

  22. low bmi sleeve

    So what do I say?

    i am not telling anyone ether i am having hernia repair also so thats what i am telling anyone that ask only mt husband knows that im also getting vsg
  23. no im not worried because when i stared i was 216 and thats the weight they will use when submitting the paperwork
  24. i havent been told not to gain or lose, i had the gastric balloon put i n last may 2017 by the same surgeon who is gonna do my sleeve i lost 17 lbs and i really wish i hadn't wasted the money that i spent on the balloon 8k in total, but at least i didnt have to go through all the hoops to get approved for vsg since i had all ready been seeing the surgeon and nut for the last 6 months and i just decide last month i wanted to get sleeved and its all gone really fast.