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  1. Had my surgery 1.18.18 Down 18 lbs.. Starting 205 Today 187 **My tape is starting to feel off my incisions **. **If you have images share them please.. ** I feel like my tape shouldn't have peeled off already . My incisions look ok for 6 days I think. But feel like they should still b covered...
  2. Aa of tomorrow i will be excatly 2 months from my vsg ...I am eating between 600- 800 cal per day-- I aim for 50- 60 grams of protein per day.. try to watch my carbs if I eat any at all I usually end up having some at dinner. I know I started at a lower weight 205.. I'm down to 171.6 but have been there almost 2 wks.. am I doing something wrong w. Food how many calories should I be focusing on and or protein and carbs .... and oh water I do pretty well w. Also .. I also had gone back having a protein shakea for breakfast. Please give advice...
  3. 2feelinggreatagain

    2mth out from surgery not losing past two wks

    yes measurements are due next wk so I did those a wk after my sirgery
  4. 2feelinggreatagain

    Back to work!

    Hello. I have been out a total of 6 wks.. I actually go back to work this mon March 5th..im gonna plan my meals out and weigh everything to be prepared ..im nervous but happy to get back to reality ..
  5. My favorite food was pasta and meatballs and sasuage.. I could eat that every night.. I love pasta prob partly how I put so much weight on.. So tonight for dinner what did my family want?? Pasta and meatballs.. ugh. And bisquits.. so I of course made it for my family. Tasted a bit of my meatballs and some sauce and that was it. And thought if this was before my surgery I prob would have definitely had two big plates of that for dinner ... What was some of ur down fall foods ???
  6. Today I don't know if i pushed myself doing stuff around the house but my belly button insicion is very sore and feels warm and little hard when I push down.i just sat down from making dinner and actually had to take a pain killer I had left over.. I have my 1 mth appt next wk. Has this happen to any of you after several wks after surgery?? All of sudden your incision starts hurting?, and I also know this is the incision they removed my stomach through.. Has not hurt or sore till today ..
  7. 2feelinggreatagain

    Wondering when I can drink alcohol

    I'm 4 wks out and went out last night w. Hubby for v.day dinner and a movie. I had 1 glass of wine white zinfindal 5oz glass and drank it through out prob.an hr. Little sips. I just wanted to taste it not get drunk. But it did make me nervous..
  8. 2feelinggreatagain

    What weight

    I as of yesterday I'm at 4 wks and down 27 lbs. Had a stall for 13 days.. I'm happy w. That..
  9. 2feelinggreatagain

    Do you chew and spit?

    Hi there..its funny u posted this because the past two days i have done this twice. We went to dinner last night . My husband had some thing fried that he wanted me to taste so I did but didn't want to sallow it so I spit it out and today my mother in law made these delicious looking little sliders so I just wanted to taste it so I ate half of one chewing and spiting... i felt like this is what some girls w. Eatting disorders do.. it kind of scared me in a moment but made me realize I can still taste certain foods just have to watch on swallowing them.. it is kind of crazy though...
  10. So tonight was my first time dining out w. My family.. we went to a local restaurant. I was excited but nervous.. I ended up ordering shrimp tacos. W. A side of steamed veggies.. I removed the taco wrap and ate the grilled shrimp and shredded cheese. There was three tacos. I ate the shrimp and cheese out of two of them and brought 1 home. Ate most of the veggies except the carrots. They were the hard whole ones so I was nervous about those. I feel I may have a tiny bit more then 4 oz. But I really didn't have a lot today food wise so I didn't feel so bad.. I do feel a bit full and was nervous I was gonna be sick but home now and feeling ok.. I'm nervous for v.day. my husband and I want to go out to dinner and I don't know how that will go.and what about having 1 glass of wine for a special occasion???
  11. Today is my 19th day since having this surgery vsg. That I did want... I have lost 24 lbs . Which I am thrilled with... since Fri so 5 days ago. I have not lost 1oz....... have stayed the exact same weight to the oz..... also my hormones must be going crazy. Cause I am sooo snappy at everyone ...every noise is driving me nuts.. smells of things are making me nauseous -- my kids are small and I feel like they have been so whiney and pushing all my buttons.. I have noticed myself screaming so much more ... I really want to bite everyone's heads off that I have come in my life or speak w....... What is going on.. I know my period is due the end of this wk.. but this is not normal for me.. I'm never this bad...!!!!!!! Omg.....i just got done from dropping my kids off at school I literally thought I was going to have a melt down in my car.... tears were pouring I felt crazy!!!! Help.....
  12. 2feelinggreatagain

    19 days post op- feel like I'm going crazy - help

    No off pain meds.. just non normal me.....i guess..
  13. 2feelinggreatagain


    Thank u for this question cause honestly this morning I smelled coffee At my child's daycare and I almost took it from the teacher..lol.. it smelled so good.. I tried to do decaf but it is just not the same...so I was actually going to ask this same question...
  14. I am 11 days post op. This wked we were invited out to breakfast which we did not go.. we came up w. A an excuse but of course l felt guilty.. I am not really eating at this point yet. Starting to introduce mushy food. Focusing on my fluids and protein shakes.. I have another two wks I believe when I will be able to start eating more foods.. I am starting to feel bad for my husband. I told him we can go out .. we will just go somewhere where I can order a soup or a meal w. My son who is 3 and feed him and have like mashed potatoes or something.. So when did u all have your first dining out experience after surgery??
  15. Thank u. All in the family was a show my mother had really enjoyed.... lol.. I remember watching it w. Her.. but u r right. I have already told my husband tomorrow I'm laying around and resting I'm sore and in pain...lol
  16. I am 10 day post op .surgery on Jan 18th. Today I thought let me try to clean my house. I vacuumed and mopped floors cleaned and organized kids rooms. I started noticing my incisions being sore.. then the main one above my belly botton where they removed by stomach is so sore right underneath.. could have damaged something .? I was bending over a lot and of course when I got to the point of pain is when I decided to stop.. such a typical women/mother move.. and now I'm laying here in pain. I even ended up taking a left over pain killer.. Help..
  17. 2feelinggreatagain

    I WANT FOOD!!!

    Omg... I'm 8 days out still on the full liquid phase.... and all I can think about is pizza, cheeseburgers, tacos, pasta, omg.. I know I can't have it and I know that I did this weight loss surgery for a good reason but the food us like a drug... I need it.. I want it.... help me....!!! ( being a bit dramatic but honestly this is how I sound in my head) . ...omg.... I need some help motivation.. I know I can't eat them I can seriously hurt myself.. so I know that is what is holding me back and the main reason on why I needed to have this surgery cause I couldn't control myself.. but seriously this is all I'm thinking about.....
  18. 2feelinggreatagain

    I WANT FOOD!!!

    I'm already on that stage .. it's so funny to me how everyone has different foods that are allowed per each phase. Phase 2 for me is thicker soup, but still runny cream of wheat, yogurt, jello , pudding ,things like that.. I want like chewy mouth texture food.. ughh..
  19. I just created an Instagram acct ..just another way to track my journey.. Please ck it out.. If you have one also please let me know I would be happy to follow you as well.. Instagram - iwillbmeagain
  20. 2feelinggreatagain

    Graphic Pic-- 6 days post op- images of incisions

    Hi there. Im sore. And lightheaded a little. But do feel different .. the just being on liquids is starting to get hard and I still have a wk left.. trying my hardest to get proteins shakes in and my water...
  21. Today I am 5 days post op. I had my surgery thurs 1.18.18.. I had 1 day of pre op diet day before surgery. That morning I weighted in at 205 Morning of surgery I was 200.4 Today 5 days out my weight was 189. So total I'm down 16 lbs. Completely shocked.. How was everyone else's first 5 days on plan .. weight wise..??
  22. I'm in my hospital bed.. had my gastric sleeve surgery this morning..had to be here at 530am surgery was started at 745am..im in some pain but nothing like I thought it would be. The area where is the biggest incision is the one that hurts the most..i have had two pain meds so far today . About to have another..Gas med and got a shot in my belly to prevent blod clots. My husband had to leave to be home w. Our children. So now I'm just laying here drifting in and,out of sleep. Waiting for greys anatomy and scandal to come back on tonight. They had brought me two trays of food today. Both trays had a bowl of chicken broth, dcaf tea water flavored crystal light .. I wonder if they r gonna bring me the same thing in the morning. I have walked 3x. Urinated a lot prob from iv drip.. have had 1 1/2 bottles of water so far.. just wanted to update on my first day.
  23. I'm screaming inside... Nerves are going crazy!!! Tomorrow is the only day I was told I needed to do a pre op diet.. first day of bariatric clear liquid diet starts tomorrow.. This will be the beginning of my new life-- my new reality-- the new me!!!! Wish me luck everyone... !!!