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  1. MissSimpson

    Gastric Sleeve Reset

    I’m about to try it. Did you end up doing it? I went to the dr and had gained 20 lbs.
  2. MissSimpson


    I'm 7 months out yesterday, and I'm able to drink fine. Just NOT after eating! Learned that the hard way several times. Food just washes right back up.
  3. MissSimpson

    Right after surgery

    Jello? I learned to love me some Jello! And I found some flavored protein water at CVS. I think its called Trimino. They're pretty good when you need a change of flavor.
  4. MissSimpson

    Vitamin help please!

    That's a great idea! Never crossed my mind. Too bad I don't do too much cooking! (I live alone!)
  5. MissSimpson

    Vitamin help please!

    My NUT and my Dr. said dummies are fine, just to make sure you chew them correctly. There's still acid in your stomach, or nothing that passes through would digest. I'm about to switch to a prenatal vitamin, though. My hair is falling out like crazy, even though I take a multi-vitamin and a dissolvable biotin supplement.
  6. MissSimpson

    Hair Loss

    The FIRST thing that my doctor told me pre-op was, "You're going to lose your hair." Boo! He said take an extra Biotin supplement, but its still falling out.
  7. MissSimpson


    They brought me a popsicle and a red Powerade right after surgery. I threw it up right after. It looked like blood and freaked me out. I still can't have red sports drinks. The day after, they gave me veggie broth. Vomit. Walk around and move as much you can. They pump your tummy full of CO2 so they can get in there. Walking and moving is the ONLY thing that will make you feel better! Even if you don't feel like it, take a little walk.
  8. MissSimpson

    Ginger Ale

    I was told to stay away from fizzy drinks. They just make you bloated. Try to find G2 or G0, or some sugar free Powerade. Also, DO NOT DRINK ANYTHING while or right after you eat. That ALWAYS makes me sick. No water, no tea (unsweet, and yeah, I'm from Mississippi) 30 minutes before or after you eat, unless you need a little sip.
  9. MissSimpson

    Vitamin help please!

    I wanted to do the patches, but they're not FDA approved. And Tespo? I've been on this site for a minute, and I haven't heard good things about it. They're both so expensive!
  10. MissSimpson

    Hair Loss

    Y'all make me feel so much better. I got a hair cut and was talking to the girl. We've been friends since high school, and she said that my hair was coming out a lot and was a lot thinner. I can't go short because I'm blonde with curly hair. She suggested taking prenatal vitamins, but I already take a multivitamin and biotin.
  11. MissSimpson

    Vitamin help please!

    It was hard for me to swallow my actual medications at first. I take two women's Once A Day Gummies. It's almost like a little sweet treat! Haha! Also, make sure that whatever vitamins you get have iron. A lot of multivitamins do not. I also take a tiny pill iron supplement, and a biotin dissolvable that I got from Bariatric Pal.
  12. And sip, sip, sip! I got so sick of people telling me that after surgery, but they were right! Good luck to you!
  13. MissSimpson

    Food tolerance

    Different doctors ask different things of you. I've learned that on here. My doctor had me on soft solids after two weeks. I think you should be ok. Just listen to what your body is telling you, and don't overdo it. If you do, you will throw up. I promise.
  14. MissSimpson

    Weightloss and Curves

    It comes off fast the first couple of months. You'll stall and feel bad about it, but the weight will come off again. I have lost almost 60 in 6 months. That's since my operation day. I haven't lost my big booty though! Hahaha! I never had much up top, so IDK about that.
  15. MissSimpson

    What to tell coworkers?

    I'm really hoping 2 weeks is all I need! I hope you need less than that to get to feeling better!
  16. MissSimpson

    Kids and food

    I feel you so much on this! I teach 4th grade in Mississippi. Everything is rewarded with food, or every reward includes food. Cookies, hot chips, Kool-Aid, snow cones. Kids bring snacks from home. Hot chips all DAMN DAY! I swear, I'm always saying to quit eating chips in my room. I had a kid who ate a huge bag of Takis on the bus headed to school and THREW THEM UP IN MY ROOM! Omg. I'm sorry, I got sidetracked, but I feel you. I bought a "treasure box" of cheap crap from Oriental Trading, and they love digging in it to get rewarded.
  17. MissSimpson


    My students told me that I got mean after the surgery.
  18. MissSimpson

    Help please

    It will pass. And then it will go the opposite. Constipation Station. Somebody on here once told me, "Liquid in. Liquid Out." It made since to me. My doctor said to make sure I wasn't having sugary drinks because that will give you the runs. Try some Immodium.
  19. MissSimpson

    Figuring out Vitamins

    Our school nurse crushes pills and puts them in applesauce for kids who can't swallow pills. I think that would be ok.
  20. MissSimpson

    Figuring out Vitamins

    It was hard for me to get my regular pills down after surgery. I still choke on them sometimes. I take Women's One A Day Gummies. It's almost like a snack! Hahaha! I got some dissolving Biotin from BariatricPal that are good. Just make sure your vitamin has iron in it - a lot of them don't. Mine doesn't, so I take a tiny pill for that.
  21. MissSimpson

    What to tell coworkers?

    Just tell them you're having surgery, and that's its very personal to you. Social workers should understand that. I'm a teacher, and several others at my school been sleeved. I'm lucky that I could be open about it. After the surgery, I had to tell my students because I was getting used to eating again. I would have to run out of the room to throw up. They were extremely supportive for a group of 4th graders. They even helped me watch what I ate, and at lunch would make sure that what I had wouldn't make me sick.
  22. MissSimpson

    What to tell coworkers?

    Lucky you! I needed more than two weeks.