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  1. EagerPenguin

    Hormones Going Nuts?

    I was super emotional for the first week or two after surgery. My clear/full liquid diet and dehydration may have contributed, but I think it was also the surgery wreaking havoc on my hormones. I actually started my period the day after surgery, way ahead of time, so I know something was up. It's much better now though.
  2. That's going to be a "no". If I choose to eat something, I choose to eat it. I don't need someone breathing down my neck, criticizing my choices. As an ADULT, I feel I have the freedom to do as I please. Sometimes that may mean an excursion from what I'm "supposed" to be doing, and most of the time it'll be following the rules; I don't need someone telling me what's what.
  3. EagerPenguin

    Sore throat/mouth

    That sounds like strep throat. If it was thrush it probably would have started in your mouth and traveled down your throat, and would be more likely to be white spots in your mouth than red. Either way if you can do it go to urgent care, you probably need a prescription to treat whatever it is you have. Hope you get some relief!
  4. I had my lap band removed last august, then was sleeved in December. I could have gone back to work after a week. My post op diet was liquids for a day, then regular food as tolerated.
  5. EagerPenguin

    Naughty days?

    If I'm funny then you're a moron. And I think we've already cleared up that I'm funny so....
  6. Nope, not the only one. I don't know how I'd get all my fluids in with all that eating.
  7. EagerPenguin

    Naughty days?

    "Not to judge", eh? Sounds a little judgy to me. As if you've never eaten something off plan.
  8. EagerPenguin

    Medication and Slow Weight Loss

    I just wish I knew which ones so I could approach my psych about them.
  9. EagerPenguin

    Exercise if you can't move

    Swimming I think would be your best bet, though I know you said it's expensive and there's the issue of swim suit size. Can you explore other options? Or cut something else out of your budget so you can afford the pool? Also, often times a swimsuit isn't even require. You could swim in your clothing, or order a swim suit online. Otherwise, can you move your arms ok? I would start there. At first just use your body weight, sitting in a chair like TX_KB said above. Once you've gained some strength in your arms, hold soup cans in each hand for some extra weight. Also, try stretching a resistance band between your arms, like this one: https://www.target.com/p/exercise-flat-resistance-band-3pk-light-medium-and-heavy-c9-champion-174/-/A-51944022#lnk=sametab For your legs, try lifting your feet one at a time, or even just tapping your feet instead of lifting. I hope you can find something that works for you. Good luck on your journey!
  10. I've chosen to tell all just about my entire network, including coworkers. I'm an RN, and work at a hospital and am easily the biggest person in my unit. I've gotten all positive feedback so far, and it has opened up the dialogue for acquaintances to mention they've noticed my weight loss, which helps keep me going, just knowing others are noticing. When I told my friends and family, a couple were concerned about long term effects of the diet, but were also incredibly supportive. I didn't tell my sister or my extended family on my mom's side because we don't get along the best, but that's the only reason.
  11. EagerPenguin

    Amazed with my results so far!

    Way to go! This took a lot of hard work and dedication!
  12. Yeah I can barely manage my job as an RN at this point, 3 weeks out.... Working out at the gym, besides walking, just isn't happening, even on purée. I need food for fuel.
  13. I like Syntrax medical unflavored. It stirs in to liquids without clumping (I do add it in increments though).
  14. EagerPenguin

    Severe left shoulder pain

    I didn't have anything like that. Definitely call your surgeon. While it could be nothing, it also could be "something".
  15. EagerPenguin


    Your surgeon should have an on call physician who would cover even when the office is not open. Are you feeling better? What did you decide to do? Those symptoms are concerning!
  16. EagerPenguin

    Can the lap band stop working

    When I still had my band I had a lot of the same symptoms that you're describing. It turned out for me to be extreme heartburn. I went to the ER once and was given a "GI cocktail" to try and help settle my stomach, and it immediately relieved the pain. Turns out, my band was keeping so much stomach acid at the top of my stomach that it just sat there causing pain and bloating. I already had all the fluid taken out of my band, so there was nothing that could be done there to alleviate the heartburn.
  17. EagerPenguin

    12 days post op

    Like most everyone else said, it's probably the glue. My incisions are still itchy where there are residual pieces of the dermabond.
  18. EagerPenguin

    GERD fake hunger!!??

    I thought so too! Then I had the surgery, and turns out even after my GERD settled back down, I'm still hungry. Right now I think it may have to do with the liquid diet. Maybe once "real" foods are back in my diet it'll get better. Hope it gets better for you, too!
  19. EagerPenguin

    2 days post op

    I hear ya. I was sleeved on 12/7 and it's been hard. My pre-op diet started on Thanksgiving so I didn't even get that. You'll make it through, and next year you'll be able to enjoy the food of the holidays (in much smaller portions of course) AND you'll be smaller. Pretty soon many people will be doing similar to what we're doing, eating better and exercising, with their New Year's resolutions. Except other people won't have the benefit of the sleeve. Keep that in your head. It's those kinds of thought that have kept me going.
  20. EagerPenguin

    Sleeves on 12/18

    If you do try laxatives go easy...I overshot a little with the dulcolax
  21. EagerPenguin

    Better Together

    I'm sorry you're getting lost in all this! I haven't been outside of this board (the Gastric Sleeve Surgery Forums) for the most part, personally. Once you're on here for a little while you start to recognize people. Are there any support groups you can attend through your surgeons office?
  22. EagerPenguin

    Buddies Group - Surgery Dec 4 to 15, 2017

    Me too! I keep watching for the scale to change and it's just not going as quick as I'd hoped. I was sleeved on Dec 7 and I've only lost 6 pounds. Ugh. What am I doing wrong?!
  23. EagerPenguin

    Buddies Group - Surgery Dec 4 to 15, 2017

    I can get a lot down too. I hope it doesn't mean something's wrong! I haven't actually measured how much I can drink before feeling full, but I know I can take bigger sips than I've been told to take without discomfort.
  24. EagerPenguin

    Gastric Sleeve & Fatty Liver

    I can tell you from experience that elevated liver enzymes (a marker of liver disease) can be corrected. My primary doc ran liver blood tests a few months ago because of a med I'm taking, and then happened to run them again before surgery. The tests came back high the first time, and normal the second. I didn't change anything except how I was eating and my weight; between the two lab tests, I lost almost 30 pounds on my own. I think the combination of the two are what caused the normalization of my liver enzymes.
  25. EagerPenguin

    5 Days post-op

    I've been soooooo hungry too! For the first week I felt the need to eat something, really eat, all the time. It's been really upsetting to me as I thought I wouldn't be hungry. I was sleeved on 12/7. When I saw the PA on 12/14, she said the feeling like I need to eat something may be excess stomach acid. I'm already on a proton pump inhibitor (omeprazole, to keep stop acid at bay) but I think I may need to increase my dose. Also, I've been less hungry since I received IV fluids on 12/14. I had been so nauseous that I wasn't getting my fluids in and became dehydrated. For the past couple days I met my fluid goal so that probably had something to do with reducing the hunger. Maybe try getting even more fluid than you are now? Being farther out from surgery may help as well. Maybe the hunger hormones are still filtering out of the system. Hope you get some relief.

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