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  1. 10/9 Sleeve, doing good, have noticed some return to bad grazing habits, so keeping myself in line with that.
  2. My Surgery was yesterday 10/7 with Hernia repair. I was miserable when i first got to my hotel but after a few hours things were all under control, walk walk walk, sip sip sip, have caught myself a couple of times with a mouth full of water (like ummmmm NOPE). Clear liquids continue for today then transition to full. Anyhow doing well, and I broke the surgery center record for stomach size, when i get that pic i might share, cause it was impressive. Now to continue to work on my head, make sure i get full benefits all around, Good luck all, stay the course, do what your supposed to prep wise, and post.
  3. Good luck to all the Oct 1 peeps
  4. Checking in on the rest of the first of the month folks.... How is everyone doing on the Pre op diet? I’m determined to do well. Trying to mix up my fluids a lot (Water, crystal light, and broth once a day) and stay active still-got super tired today. Not looking forward to working the next two days- very active job, but after that 48 hours I’m done working until post surgery.
  5. Thanks for putting that together! Look forward to following everyone through the process. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk