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  1. moondoggie1983

    Do tired of vomiting

    I don’t have nausea meds. Just the acid reducers and carafate (which can help with nausea but was prescribed for creating a barrier between the staples and acid.)
  2. moondoggie1983

    Do tired of vomiting

    No nausea meds. And I got the protonix and carafate from my PCP because my surgeon has been out of town.
  3. moondoggie1983

    Liquid post-op diet sucks

    I’m 18 days post VSG and I still can’t handle the vitamin chewies. My NUT gave me the go ahead to take 3-4 flintstones vitamins a day. I’m not getting the calcium, but the other stuff is ok. There’s something about the texture of the chewies that I just can’t handle yet. And to me they are really sweet too. I’m on soft food phase, but I only have one of those a day. I stick to fluids for the rest. I can’t push myself or I end up getting sick. I think there are liquid vitamins by torani but the reviews seem split 50-50. I’m just giving it more time.
  4. moondoggie1983

    GALS who started their journey over 300 lb+<br /> +

    Hi Frustr8!!! I somehow haven’t seen you around much lately. Anyway, my highest weight was 311! I did a full year of NUT visits per my insurance requirements and got down to 265. 13 day Optifast diet and on surgery day I was 255. 16 days after surgery I’m sitting pretty at 230. I’m glad you started this thread! I was feeling like the super fat girl since it looked like most people were starting at 200 something. 😂
  5. Just wondering if anyone is drinking this? I only like one flavor of the Powerade zero and it’s getting kind of old.
  6. moondoggie1983

    May 2018 losers bench

    Oh. And I’m back to being able to take regular drinks again after having to go to the ER for dehydration. I’m not sure if it’s the carafate or the protonix or just healing up after going back on clear liquids. I just finished my shake in about 10 minutes and feel fine.
  7. moondoggie1983

    May 2018 losers bench

    I’m not sure how to describe the feeling. It’s definitely not the old “boy I’m stuffed!” feeling like before surgery. It’s more like I realize that I’m just full. Like, if I eat one more bite, things are going to get ugly. There’s no tightness or chest pain. I used to get that too. It’s just a feeling of stop now. You’re done. The hardest thing BY FAR for me is not drinking during or 30 minutes after a meal. The 30 minutes before I have no issue with. But not being able to have a small sip during or after is torture. And I never feel full from drinking btw. I couldn’t try tuna or eggs or anything until the soft food stage. And when I first tried them it did not go over well. So I’ve backed up to one shake a day, 64 oz of fluid a day, 12 oz of broth a day and then either potatoes or refried beans at night. Tried to push myself too far too fast and got sick from it. I ONLY try new things when I’m home because I never know how it’s going to pan out. I wasn’t required to lose the weight, but I was put on Victoza and I can tell you that definitely helped with dropping a lot of those lbs! My biggest craving right now is a diet ginger ale!!! I wasn’t a huge soda drinker to begin with, but it’s hot here and whenever I see a soda, I just want to grab it! Lol. I know a lot of people are like, never drink soda again! Never use a straw again! Yada yada yada. But most of the girl’s in my surgeons office have had WLS done by him and they’re using straws and having an occasional soda or beer. I’m more of the moderation girl myself. I got the sleeve because i knew I’d have a little more leeway with that stuff. How far out from your surgery are you? I got confused since they kept moving your date around.
  8. My surgeon is very experienced in the single incision VSG but even he hesitates to do it. I’ll tell you this honestly, he did 4 incisions for me and they are TINY. I’m talking mm not inches. 15 days out and they’re basically completely healed. No regrets. I returned to work today and actually showed them to the people there and they were amazed. They couldn’t even spot 2 of them! Also, I carry my weight in my tummy, so I know I’m going to need a tuck as soon as I stabilize my weight. With how small they are, they won’t be noticed and with the plastics, I’m not worried at all. Also, arnica cream works wonders!
  9. moondoggie1983

    Gatorade g2 ok?

    I picked up some Mio, sf koolaid, vitamin water and regular Gatorade. I know it’s not the best choice, but I get REALLY dehydrated. And since I haven’t been able to keep down more than 300 calories a day since day 5 (I’m 15 days out) a little hunger spike would be good for me. I’ve already lost 26 lbs in 15 days and 81 lbs since I started my NUT visits. Don’t get me wrong, I love the weight loss, but I don’t want to end up starving myself. Thanks for letting me know it’s working well for you. Made me feel much better. Good job on the weight loss too! That’s awesome!
  10. moondoggie1983

    Gatorade g2 ok?

    I’ve tried that and it won’t work for me. I even tried on the laptop and nope. :( It just keeps trying to validate my session. Oh well. Still working out the kinks with the update I suppose.
  11. moondoggie1983

    May 2018 losers bench

    I just moved into the soft food phase and it’s a struggle! I work at getting in 2-4 tablespoons! I’m not even close to hitting my protein (things went south on day 6 and I’m still trying to get through THAT ordeal!) but I did get my 64 oz of fluid today. Surgery 5/10/18 and down 26 lbs since then. That makes 81 lbs total since I started the NUT visits! I’m almost at my first GW of 228! 2 lbs to go! I did figure out that I can’t take trazadone anymore. Instant vomiting. Today was my first day back at work. I messed up and ate my 1/4 cup of applesauce too quickly and had a little throw up episode. That’s going to be hard. Eating slowly in a fast paced environment. I’m just glad I’m not severely dehydrated anymore as of this week! Yay! My incisions have almost completely healed and I have no pain. I still get the sliming episodes here and there, but that too is getting better. Basically I think I’m just going to take a little longer to heal and progress than others. Which I’m fine with. I’m glad everyone is doing so well!
  12. moondoggie1983

    MattyMatt...are you out there?

    Thinking of you! You were one of the first to welcome me here. Please keep us updated. I’m so so very sorry.
  13. moondoggie1983

    May 2018 losers bench

    Hey girl. I'm OK. Still having a hard time keeping down food and protein, but getting all my fluid in. The protonix and Carafate have worked wonders. How are you doing?
  14. moondoggie1983

    After surgery pain levels

    I didn’t go home with any pain meds and I was only in the hospital for 24 hours. Personally I didn’t need them. I used Tylenol for a couple days, but I’ve been fine since.
  15. This is what I’m constantly afraid of. I’m so sorry you’re having to go through this!
  16. moondoggie1983

    Sleep question for post op.

    I’m 15 days out and still get tired easily. My friends who have had other surgeries tell me this is normal.
  17. moondoggie1983

    Gatorade g2 ok?

    I’ve got to ask how you added your stats at the bottom. I’ve tried adding it to the signature section, but it never takes. Same with putting a picture in there.
  18. moondoggie1983

    Gatorade g2 ok?

    Or not. WTH?
  19. moondoggie1983

    Gatorade g2 ok?

    FYI: just figured out how to add stats lol
  20. moondoggie1983

    Gatorade g2 ok?

    Thank you so much for all the suggestions! I haven’t been keeping down food well, and I did test dehydrated so I’m looking for something to replace the electrolytes. I’m not concerned about the calories at this point since I’ve lost 26 lbs in 15 days (since surgery). I was doing pedialyte, but it’s not super great and getting kind of costly. I do like sugar free kool aid so I’ll definitely get some of that. I’ve never tried the Mio. I’ll look into that as well.
  21. I’ve been sliming quite a bit. It always surprises me. Like I’ll cough, and then I slime all over. Super gross. My PCP gave me protonix and carafate 3 days ago, and they definitely work for the nausea and vomiting of stomach acid. But what’s with the slime? Anybody else have this? Anyone figure out a cause or solution for it? I want to return to work on Saturday, but I don’t want to be randomly covering myself with copious amounts of slime.
  22. moondoggie1983

    Tracking help. Had a rough day.

    I like Baritastic because it tracks all of this. You can input reminders for your meds and vitamins and it gives you a ping when you need to take them. You just go in, set your goals (like 64oz of water a day) and log as you go. It will also keep track of your weight, inches lost, ect and it’s free. It syncs with your Fitbit if you have one too. And you can just scan a bar code to add a food or drink, which is so easy for me. There are others out there, but this one ended up being my favorite.
  23. moondoggie1983

    Unflavored Protein

    I’m not sure why you’re looking for a fight, but this isn’t twitter. You do you. Other people recommended it too. Save your drama for your mama. I gave my opinion, you don’t like it, and I don’t care. Bother someone else because I’m done with you.
  24. moondoggie1983

    Let’s talk about sliming

    😂. No it’s not leaking. It’s when you eat or drink something and your throat and mouth fill up with mucous like slime and you kind of burp it up. Or for me, I just bend over and out it comes. It’s usually about a cup of slime each time. It looks just like if you threw up a big bunch of snot. Sorry this is gross, but the whole thing is gross honestly. In the same category are the foamies. I haven’t had them, but from what I understand, it’s like something gets stuck and you actually produce foam that you have to spit out.
  25. moondoggie1983

    Let’s talk about sliming

    I’m only just starting the mushy food part! I’m dreading the whole regular food stage! I did look it up on the boards but it seemed like I could only find years old posts. The new format is serious messing with me lol. I’m thinking it might be because it was ricotta cheese. I’ve read that people become very lactose sensitive sometimes after WLS. I’m about to go try some unsweetened applesauce and tomorrow I’ll try cream of wheat. See how that does for me. I did email my nurse coordinator about this as well. All I know is it’s super nasty!