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    Best shake???

    None of them. I did the Optifast program before surgery and they were all decent. Now I use the Isopure cookies and cream which gets me 50g of protein in each 2 scoop serving and tastes like a milkshake. Maybe see if you can try a different shake?
  2. moondoggie1983

    Help after surgery?

    I didn’t need any help after surgery. I was in the hospital for only 18 hours and then I was released. An hour after surgery I was up and walking. The gas pain was so bad I walked the whole 18 hours with 15 minute breaks after each lap of the floor. I also didn’t get any medications to take home which was fine. I used Tylenol for about a week and didn’t need anything after that. I will tell you I had planned to be out of work for 2 weeks, but I was actually out 3 and 1/2. I was just exhausted! It wasn’t pain, I was just tired all day, every day. It’s been 77 days and I still have less energy than I did before the surgery, but it gets better every day. I had the sleeve, so I’m not sure how it was for people doing bypass or the switch. And everyone is different. But for me, there was no way I was going to be able to work 2 weeks after. I wish you all the best!
  3. moondoggie1983

    Meat tolerance post-op

    Hey sleevers! I had my VSG done on 5-10-18. I’m getting my protein in thanks to two isopure shakes a day, but I’d like to start moving away from shakes (per my doctor’s recommendations). But I cannot tolerate meat! I can get down some thinly sliced cooked chicken, and a little tuna salad, but that’s it. No cold cuts, no read meat no turkey. Has anyone else had a problem with meat after surgery? It does not stay down. I just vomit it right back up. To be honest, I still have a hard time with vomiting with a lot of foods, but if meat goes in, I’m a sick mess for the rest of the day. Is this a forever thing? And as a side note, have any of you had regurgitating problems this far out from surgery? Thanks for any help you can provide. VSG: 5/10/18 HW: 311 SW: 256 CW: 212 GW: 145
  4. moondoggie1983

    Meat tolerance post-op

    I didn’t mean to offend you. I was just letting you know some of my history. Thank you for your responses
  5. moondoggie1983

    Meat tolerance post-op

    I’ve talked to him numerous times. I’ve been throwing up off and on since three weeks out. At one point I couldn’t keep liquids down and spent a lovely 24 hours back in the hospital. I’ve had every test under the sun and nothing is wrong with my sleeve. He said some people are just very sensitive. It could also be because I’m on Humira, so I’m obviously going to heal much more slowly than the regular person. I know these things, but I still like to check in with others when it comes to certain topics.
  6. moondoggie1983

    Meat tolerance post-op

    Thank you for the advice! I really appreciate it! I’ve always had a very sensitive sleeve and it’s good to know someone else has some of the same issues. I’m going to try some meatballs next week.
  7. I agree with the posts about not losing the weight and GERD. My doctor and I decided on the sleeve as I’ve never had GERD. A little over 2 months post surgery and I still don’t experience it. I do hear a lot about the bypass being better for diabetes, but I stopped all my diabetes medications two days after starting my pre-op diet, and I’m already down to normal levels for A1c and haven’t restarted any of the meds. Personally, the sleeve was my number one choice because it’s less invasive and had fewer complications like dumping. I am losing at a slower rate than the bypass people who had their surgeries around the same time, but I’m still down 43 pounds in 66 days and 99 pounds since I started the WLS journey. I was initially wary because the sleeve is a newer procedure. Turns out the first record I found of it was in 1988. Sure, it’s been perfected and changed over the years, but it’s always been one of the steps of DS. So it’s actually been around quite a while. I found a great surgeon who is very well known for WLS and the rest is history. Also, I don’t believe the majority of sleeve patients end up revising, but since you see the posts of the people who do, it seems like a bigger majority than it is. After all, no one really makes posts about nothing changing 😂
  8. Hi again everyone! So far I cannot get the chewable vitamins down. I’ve been doing flintstones to compensate at least a little, but I know they’re not enough. I just can’t keep the Celebrate down and I was told I can’t do capsules until six months out. So, have any of you tried the patches and had lab work done after? We’re the labs ok? If you haven’t done patches, have you tried the Tespo thing? Did that work for you? I’m just really trying to get my vitamins. I haven’t been able to keep any meat down 2 months after surgery, but I love the isopure protein powder. Guess I’m going vegetarian. :) Anyway, I found a way around the protein issue, so now I’m looking for a solution to the vitamin issue. Any help is greatly appreciated. HW: 311 SW: 265 (5/10/18) CW: 218 GW: 145
  9. Bold print and all caps is traditionally yelling when you’re commenting through tech. Listen, I like you. You have good posts from what I’ve seen. But here’s my issue with what’s happening now: I was talking to someone else, which you acknowledged you knew. I disagreed with something someone said. Which you stated was normal. I stood up for a friend and you are doing post after post about not creating drama, which to me is exactly what you’re doing right now. So can we stop and agree to disagree?
  10. No, I wasn’t talking to you. And when you bold print something, it’s taken as yelling. If it wasn’t meant as an attack, then sorry. But the rest of what I said stands.
  11. I don’t think saying this person may benefit from WLS is a bad thing. Many celebs are getting it or have gotten it anyway. Did I mind if people called me names? Absolutely! Did I mind when people brought this surgery to my attention, especially since it meant I would live longer? No. Saying someone may benefit from it isn’t a bad or slanderous thing. And attacking Frust8 for asking a question (innocently) is not nice. If you don’t want to participate in a thread, there are literally THOUSANDS of others. Frustr8 is my oldest friend on here and I can tell you right now with 100% surety she would NEVER be malicious to anyone.
  12. What are your fat, protein and carb goals? I’ve had to go back to soft foods and liquids (AGAIN). I’ve been using Baritastic, but I just invested in the premium My Fitness Pal app. So many questions! I’m only 45 days out from surgery, but thanks to my issues, I’ve been losing pretty slowly. So I’m looking for some help in setting up the best goals for the losing stage. I know at least 64oz of fluids and my NUT suggested 70-90g protein once I can finally get food to stay down. I’ve heard of a diet that’s 1,200 calories that seems to really be working for some folks? I’m just trying to figure this stuff out so I can start losing again ASAP. Any info on macros and other stuff would be greatly appreciated as well. This wasn’t covered by my NUT at all and I feel completely lost at sea right now. Thank you to all of you for your continued help and support! I don’t know what I would have done without y’all
  13. Hi sleevers! Long story short, my practice lost their NUT. I’ll be seeking out a new one next month, but there was A LOT of information I was NOT given, so I’m asking for some serious help. I was using the Baritastic app, but I’ve seen everyone on the boards talking about how My Fitness Pal is so much better because it tracks so much more. So, I just bit the bullet and purchased the premium version. all I can say is HOLEY MOLEY!!! So many questions and information! And I have NO IDEA what I’m doing. I realize that every plan is different, but the only information I was given by my previous NUT was to track fluid, calories and protein. But I see the majority of you are tracking all kinds of things. Micros, macros, carbs and so much more. In lieu of my NUT being gone, can you guys help me out with what you’re tracking and what your daily goals are? Like I said, I realize everyone is different, but I really need some idea about what to track and what my goals should be. Like, what is your max carb intake? Micros? Macros? I’m so lost at the moment. Any help you can provide would be so very appreciated. I’ll let you know my stats as well: Female, 34 years old. 5’6” HW: 311 SW: 256 (5/10/18 VSG) CW: 222 GW: 145 I’ve lost 49 inches since surgery, but I still have trouble keeping solids down. I’m basically sticking to the soft foods and liquids for right now. I get very few calories and protein at the moment, but I’m hitting 64oz or more of fluid each day. And I just want to take this moment to say thank you so very much to all of you for your constant advice and support. I don’t know what I’d do with you guys. Even the tough love I sometimes get is invaluable.
  14. I love love love the peanut butter cliff bars!
  15. moondoggie1983

    Question for sleevers

    I’m popping back to soft foods and liquids for the next 2 weeks because when I eat meat, I vomit it right back up. I’m not opposed to becoming a vegetarian, and at this point it seems very appealing. I’m going to try black beans and cottage cheese again tomorrow. Wish me luck! :) Do you mind if I ask when your surgery was and how successful you have been? I don’t mean to pry and you definitely don’t have to answer if you’d prefer not to. I’m getting the water in now no problem but the protein is killing me and I’m basically failing there. Tomorrow I’m going to look for some smoothie recipes. I have the unjury powder (it says unflavored but I can definitely taste and smell it so I’ll probably be heading to GNC tomorrow to pick up a flavored one.) I hadn’t really thought about the added sugars surprisingly. I think that will be very difficult since it seems like there’s some form of added sugar in everything these days. I’ve bought some benefiber single serving packets but I’ve been using stool softeners at the moment because thing have been really backed up. Sorry for the TMI. And my celebrate chewies don’t stay down so I’m taking the flintstones vitamins for the moment. I know that’s not good, but my surgeon told me that’s better than nothing and I could stay on them for the first two months. Do you track you micros and macros? Or are you mainly concerned with the protein, carbs, fluid and fat? And you can bet I’m going to keep trying to get in touch with the temp NUT. If I have to, I’ll march myself right down to the office in the hopes that she’ll be there!
  16. moondoggie1983

    Question for sleevers

    Oh! Here are some stats: I’m female, 34 years old. HW: 311 SW: 256 (5/10/18 VSG) CW: 222 Height: 5’6” Inches lost since surgery: 49 Weight lost since I started my WL journey 01/10/17: 89 lbs Any other questions that could help you answer my questions, please just ask.
  17. moondoggie1983

    Question for sleevers

    Unfortunately my teams NUT left the practice and there is no replacement as of now. They had a temporary NUT for 2 months, but she NEVER responds to emails or phone calls. She was covering the practice for the pre-op meetings, but she actually works somewhere else. So she doesn’t have much time to devote to my practice. That’s why I’ve come here for advice. I’ll be seeking out a new private NUT, but that will take some time and my life is insanely full right now. I’m moving the first week of next month, I just bought the business I’ve been managing for the past 2 and 1/2 years and I’m working on selling my house. Of course my health is important to me (especially now that I’ve had this major surgery) but I just have so much s*it going on at one time. Add to that the fact that my practice lost their NUT, and it’s going to take some time to find a new one. Especially since my insurance kind be kind of buttholes when it comes to covering anything out of the norm. Sorry for the long story, but I wanted to clarify why I’m asking all you guys. If I had a NUT to go to, I definitely would, but unfortunately that option isn’t available to me at the moment. I know every plan is different (and some can be WAY different) but I’d like to get some basics from other sleevers so I can get balanced out until I can get a new NUT. Thank you for sharing your plan with me!
  18. I was sleeved 5/10 and I’ve lost 25 lbs since surgery. But the last week? Nada. No gain, but no loss either. I’m just wondering how you guys are doing weight loss/stall wise.
  19. Hi there! I had a 49 BMI, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, osteoarthritis and pcos along with some mental health issues. I have always been curvy, but in the last 15 years (I’m 34) I got very very heavy. My surgeon was totally ok with me having the sleeve and not the bypass. I also didn’t want my intestines changed around like that. Since I didn’t have any gerd, he didn’t see any reason for me to be forced to have the bypass. So, not only did I have your comorbities, I had more and I got the ok. Unless there are medical issues that require you to have bypass, do which surgery you would like and are comfortable with. If your doctor doesn’t like it, find a new one. Also, I’ve been off all my diabetes meds and blood pressure meds since the day of surgery. My a1c is in normal range and my blood pressure is consistently lower than normal. Like 100/65. My knees and back don’t hurt anymore.
  20. moondoggie1983

    Endoscopy- is it a must-do?

    My EGD was nothing. I’d never had surgery before so I was terrified of being put under. Ha! I was in and out in 15 minutes! I remember NOTHING after they said something about we’re giving you something that will relax you. I was clean so I was good for the sleeve which I was sooo glad about. I absolutely did not want the bypass. Yes, my surgeon requires it. Plus, when I went in for surgery, he simply uses the endoscope as the bougie. So my tummy is quite a bit smaller than most surgeons create. It’s a 32. A pretty tight 32. Here’s a nifty little comparison of bougie sizes. After I had such an amazing and easy time with the EGD, I never panicked about surgery. Not one bit! I have terrible anxiety so I guess knowing I would be ok being put under made the actual surgery a breeze. I’d say if your insurance covers it, go for it. Even though I did not want the bypass, I’d rather have had the EGD come back with the results that told my team I needed the bypass than have to go through a revision surgery later on.
  21. Hi there Collin! Well, the first thing is everyone saying that we constantly see “I wish I’d done this sooner” all over the boards is correct. I’m only 34, and I wish I’d done this in my late 20’s when I needed it. I don’t know what kind of process you’ve had to go through to get clearance in the past, but one of my requirements was to see a WLS psychiatrist at least 3 times. I saw him 5 times. And I see a regular psychiatrist every 90 days (or more if I need to.) I think everyone should do this before surgery. The majority of this change is changing your brain and your relationship with food. By self-sabotaging, I’m thinking maybe you haven’t done this before. I highly recommend this because this person will be able to get to the root of your problem and answer a lot of the questions you’re asking yourself. Two weeks post surgery I was able to drink pretty normally. I can take 3 sizable swallows in a row at this point. When you say you’re thirsty, is it because you’re diabetic? If so, i was as well. It’s actually work to remind myself to drink these days because I used to always be thirsty even though my blood sugar was well controlled. Now I’m not thirsty. Like ever. And I’ve been off all my diabetes meds since the day of surgery. As for food, I’ve already indulged in some guilty foods. I had VSG 5/10/18. But the difference is that I don’t feel compelled to eat a huge portion of it. I have a nibble of someone else’s and I’m good to go. I just don’t really get hungry, and when I do, it doesn’t take much to fill me up. You won’t WANT to finish it all. At least I don’t. I know some people eat a bunch later and gain back, but, knock on wood, that’s definitely not me right now! I still have yet to meet my calorie goal of 800-1,000 a day. It’s crazy. That being said, it’s pretty crazy good. I’m not losing super fast like some people I’ve read about, but my life is so much better now. Many non WLS victories! I ended up taking about 3 weeks off and then returned to light duty. So I would definitely schedule your surgery during a break in school. As for do my insides feel weird? No. Right after surgery I felt fine. Normal. I thought for sure that they’d just messed with me because there was no way having the majority of an organ would feel like dang near nothing happened. But it did! Shoot man, I hardly had any incision pain. I took regular old Tylenol 2 times a day for 2 days post surgery and I was good with nothing after that. I feel BETTER than my old self! I’m off blood pressure, diabetes, back pain meds. I’m more cheerful and I have more energy. I won’t like to you, I did have complications. But they were because I was pushing myself to be the ideal WLS patient instead of following my body and how it needed to heal. I wasn’t listening to myself. That’s important. Don’t push yourself just because someone else is doing steps faster than you. Do what you need to do the way that you need to do it. Anyway, I hope everything works out for you. I don’t want to sound morbid, but I knew if I didn’t do this I would die sooner. I didn’t want that. I don’t have kids, my mom is still relatively young and in great shape and everything. I don’t have anyone depending on me is what I want to get at. But I want to get the most out of the longest life I can. I had 6 friends, good ones, die of various causes in under a year. I didn’t want to join them. But I’d recommend starting with that psychiatrist. They’ll help you out A LOT. Best wishes
  22. moondoggie1983

    May 2018 losers bench

    Just an update for the other May buddies. I’m 44 days out from VSG, down 32.6 lbs since surgery and down 88 lbs since I started this journey in 2017. Since surgery I’ve lost 49 inches. Still not at fluid or calorie or protein goals. I do ok and then my pouch gets irritated and I start vomiting again. Then back to soft foods for a couple days to rest my pouch. But I’m getting there. I get jealous when I see people posting that they’d lost like 45 lbs in 3 or 4 weeks, but I remind myself about those 80 some pounds. Would I like to be a fast loser like others? You betcha! But I can’t remember the last time I lost 20 some lbs in less than 2 months and kept it off. I’ve got to start going to the gym, but I’m moving the first of July so I don’t want to join a place just to end up not being able to go there and having to join somewhere else. So I’m just walking for now. Hoping to get my calories, fluid and protein up. I’ve heard I’ll lose faster once I meet the goals. I was told to aim for 800-1,000 calories and 70-90 grams of protein a day. I’m just seeing a lot about 1,200 calories being optimal now. What are your daily goals?
  23. moondoggie1983

    May 2018 losers bench

    This happens to me too. I just go back to soft foods and broths for a couple days to give my new pouch a rest. Then I go back to normal food and I’m good. My surgeon told me to not push myself and listen to my body. This seems to work for me.
  24. moondoggie1983

    Hey May sleevers! You hit the stall yet?

    No no no! Lol. I started my WL journey in 2017. I had to do NUT visits for a year before I could have surgery. So I was 311 to start in 2017, then my SW was 265 on 5/10/18 and now I’m 223. So it’s an overall WL of 87.6 lbs since 2017. And I’m female, 34 and 5’6”