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  1. Glamgirl

    Made it to the losers bench@

    wow thats great!!!
  2. Glamgirl

    Made it to the losers bench@

    congrats!!! happy healing!!!!
  3. Hello all! Got a question on vitamins pre op... i take 3 of the bariatric advantage multivitamins with iron a day and then I take an extra iron pill too since I am anemic. I also take a biotin barimelt too. Should I even be taking the multi vitamin preop? and do I need to stop them before surgery? I asked the surgeon... sent him an email... waiting for response. Just trying to see what others have done. My surgery is april 2nd so just a little over 2 weeks away.
  4. Glamgirl

    The Wait is Over

    speedy recovery to you!!!
  5. good luck to you! so exciting!!! April 2nd cant come soon enough for me!
  6. Glamgirl

    Approved... But having provider doubts.

    Honestly I would definitely go with your gut instinct on this one... not sure on the tests and having to redo them. I would think you could get all your records and transfer them. Hopefully it can be done seamlessly. Good luck to you!
  7. Glamgirl

    changed my mind about the lapband

    just contact your doctor office that submits everything and they can change it for you and resubmit... it usually takes less than 2 weeks for an answer from BCBS. They are pretty fast. You can call them within a few days to check on it as well. Thats what I did. It only took a week or so for me.
  8. yesssss!!! excitement is good!!!! gotta love the month of April!!!!
  9. Glamgirl

    Today is the day!

    good luck!!
  10. That's right MNgril1234!!! so excited nervous too though !!! looks like we have some more April buddies too! We got this everyone!!!! woot woot!!!!
  11. Glamgirl

    Progress pics

    you look great!!!
  12. Glamgirl

    Pre Op Diet

    Hello Jenn, great stuff you posted! thanks! Do you prefer myfittnesspal over baritastic app? I am using the baritastic now.
  13. Glamgirl

    Pre Op Diet

    good idea to do two shakes then lean and green for dinner and then 2 -3 snacks in between
  14. Glamgirl

    February 2018 Success Stories

    thats awesome Pyepez!
  15. Glamgirl

    February 2018 Success Stories

    I agree gall bladder pain is awful!! i had pain on and off but haven't had any for about 6 months . Once I went for my pre op ultrasound they could see a couple stones.. so mine will come out on april 2nd during my weight loss surgery.
  16. Glamgirl

    February 2018 Success Stories

    Oh no so sorry to hear that! Don't worry it wont be bad... hang in there! I worried that the same thing would happen to me so I spoke to my surgeon about it the other day while he was giving me my surgery date which is april 2nd,! and he didn't have it on the list to do with my surgery until I brought it up... then he sad YES there are gall stones and we will remove it during your weight loss surgery an fix a hiatal hernia as well. Ughh not looking forward to all that but it has to be done. I thought it would anyway since I have had that same kind of pain in the past that you are currently having . I don't think you will have problems recovering and you will feel so much relief after it is done. best wishes
  17. Glamgirl

    Reached my first milestone today!

  18. my two week preop diet starts on the 19th but I'm going to start it a week earlier just to lose a little more weight 1st week is 2 shakes, 2 snacks and one lean and green meal ( i will do this for the next couple weeks) then that last week will be liquids
  19. MNgirl1234 got my date today! 4/2/18! day after Easter!! How about you?? I wanted this month but oh well... It actually gives me an extra week to plan... im on a preop diet one week 2 shakes 2 snacks and a lean and green meal and then 2nd week i do all liquid 5 shakes a day
  20. Awesome !! Isn’t it exciting!! Lucky you on that pre op diet! [emoji3] ! Good luck to you as well!![emoji3]
  21. Glamgirl

    February 2018 Success Stories

    Hi Angy! congrats on that weight loss! WOW!!!! glad you got that gall bladder out... how was the operation? was it long? I need mine out too and my surgeon is taking mine out on surgery day.
  22. Glamgirl

    Reached my first milestone today!


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