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  1. MsTipps

    January bypass buddies??

    Of anyone is still around, how are you all? X
  2. MsTipps

    January bypass buddies??

    Looking good @kristin30! How did you get on at your follow up @yes_anastasia? I've only lost 1lb this week so I'm at 159. At least it's still going down I guess! 🤣 That's 103lbs in 6.5 months so I'm not complaining! Xx
  3. MsTipps

    January bypass buddies??

    Steroids do make it quite tricky so don't be too hard on yourself. Aim to maintain. Hope you feel better soon xx
  4. MsTipps

    January bypass buddies??

    Wednesday weigh in and I'm still at 167. Same as Friday... Not too worried though as I expect my loss will be slow for the last 30lbs or so to goal. You guys are doing awesome! Keep up all the great work. Much love xXx
  5. MsTipps

    I wanna have sex again.....

    Awww that's very reassuring. Thank you. I've always had a high sex drive and after surgery, it got even higher. My husband could never really keep up but I was always completely faithful. Now we've split (for a completely separate issue) and I'm single again, I still have my high sex drive but now I can see other people etc. I've made an appointment with the local family planning clinic for advice as it'd be a disaster to end up pregnant at this stage. I just really wanted to know what other people's experiences were as most doctors have no clue about gastric bypass surgery etc.x
  6. MsTipps

    January bypass buddies??

    Wednesday weigh in time... I'm at 174lb so 2lbs loss this week x
  7. MsTipps

    Coping strategies

    I really don't have money for a lawyer just now. Was just gonna separate for 2 years then get a divorce of irreconcilable differences in 2020 so it's cheap. I will look into yoga and the local single parents group. That could definitely help xx
  8. MsTipps

    Coping strategies

    Yes, I work for the NHS in the UK and there's an Occupational Health department. I might approach them for some support/therapy. I will probably have to go to my GP for the kids or alternatively, seek out private therapists for them which will have a cost but I really want this transition to be as smooth as possible for them. They're the real priority here. Thanks for your advice. It's appreciated.xx
  9. MsTipps

    January bypass buddies??

    Wednesday weigh in and I'm at 180lbs today. Final 40 to go!! 😆
  10. MsTipps

    Any medical lab technologists?

    So I'm the Manager of Medical Microbiology in a region of the UK. I am interested in moving over to the USA. Can anyone give advice about the governing bodies there? In the UK i'm HCPC and IBMS accredited. I have my MSc and additional Specialist and Managerial qualifications so I'm sure I have plenty transferable skills. Is there a central site to search for jobs or do I have to look state by state or even hospital by hospital? Is there anywhere you think Scottish people would be welcome or better staying away from?Thanks in advance for your advice. X
  11. Had surgery on 12th Jan and weighed 262 that day... Today this happened!!! I'm so happy!! Excuse the feet...
  12. That's a great way to look at @allwet! I'm going to try to adopt that perspective. I'm averaging 2-3 lb per week at the moment but I'm sure it'll start slowing more in the near future. As long as the scale is travelling in the right direction, I'm happy xx
  13. Thanks so much for your kind words folks xx
  14. Pleased you're recuperating well! The gas is a biatch. Keep walking and sipping and you'll do fab xx
  15. MsTipps

    January bypass buddies??

    Well done @soccerkaty xx
  16. My post op diet was 1 day water, 2 weeks fluids, 2 weeks puréed food (2-4 teaspoons each sitting) 2 weeks soft foods then 2 weeks harder foods before starting a normal healthy diet. That's 8 weeks before eating without major restrictions. I personally still haven't tried bread, chips, crisps, rice, pasta or potatoes and I'm 3 months out. I struggled to eat a few teaspoons at 3-4 weeks and I do find it gobsmacking the OP is able to eat such volume. The choices are poor. Fear alone was enough to put me off. I think appointments with a dietician and therapist are required here.
  17. MsTipps

    A year to get fit....

    Hi @wjgo and @336Mike, I think I'll definitely start with couch to 5k training and then move to the official Spartan/Tough Mudder guidance. I truly am starting from zero - I'm still early in my weightloss journey BUT I'm definitely gonna go through with it. If this process has taught me anything, its that mind always has to win over matter! I'm gonna do it sponsored for charity so backing out is not an option and I have to stay on track with training. Well done on completing Spartan and WOW a half trail marathon sounds tough! You guys are an inspiration! Where in Scotland are you going? I highly recommend the Highlands and Islands.... Loch Lomond if you're closer to Glasgow... There's just so many lovely places. Was just chatting to someone about going up Ben Nevis for a ceilidh last night. It's a great night up there. For England I recommend the Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales for lovely scenic walks. Ireland - Giant's Causeway is beautiful.....x
  18. MsTipps

    I can dream, can't I?

    This made me laugh so much!! I wish there was!! Xx
  19. MsTipps


    Jeez you didn't even read it. It's from the national health service and gives you links to research papers as well as analysing how studies are performed - strengths and weaknesses. I guess that just went over your head.
  20. MsTipps


    Factually inaccurate I'm afraid @Sprinkles1 Putting lots of 0000s at the end of something doesn't make it more believable. As a scientist, I have to believe what the evidence suggests..... maybe you should read around the subject before you start using your 'alternative facts' based solely on myths and opinions. https://www.nhs.uk/news/cancer/smoking-cannabis-worse-than-tobacco/
  21. Higher HDL is actually a good thing. It's the ratio that clinicians are interested in x
  22. MsTipps

    How normal is this?

    I know what that's like @TerriWoods. I live in a predominantly Muslim suburb and part of their culture is to make guests feel not only welcome but part of their family. Every time I'm visiting they cook daal, chapatis, gorgeous curries, serve gulab jamin etc. I take a bite and take it home for my kids or into work for colleagues. It's so hard not feeling rude as it really is delicious food. Xx

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