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  1. I had surgery on 11/29 and I’m trying to not focus too much on the numbers on the scale or on my clothes. My non scale victories since 11/29 Had to have a spacer put on my wedding ring I’m wearing a coat I haven’t worn in 2 yrs I got rid of my pre-surgery work uniforms I’ve cleaned my closet twice already What are your non scale victories?!
  2. wiscogal

    Non Scale Victories

    I love boots so congrats on that!!!! I’m hoping my boots (wide calf) will fit better soon. I can get them zipped but it’s like compression socks.
  3. wiscogal

    Non Scale Victories

    That’s awesome!!
  4. CW 233 lbs Goal weight 220 lbs 11/29/17 (new birthday)
  5. They need to get your pain under control now. I was on a PCA of dilaudid for the first 24 hrs. I could push the button every 10 minutes. After I was off of that I could only get Tylenol because I had an allergic reaction to lortab.
  6. Genepro is an awesome unflavored protein powder. My RD recommended it. I stir it into yogurts and I’ll blend it into my Premier Protein shakes (brings the total protein up to 45 grams). I will blend it into my soups as well but I make sure the soup isn’t too hot. Genepro is only 1 tablespoon vs. some protein powders require 1/4 cup. It’s pricey but so worth it!
  7. wiscogal

    Surgery day 12/20/2017

    I hope it all went well for you!! I know it’s hard at first but things only get better from here! Like others said walk walk and walk some more. It will help you get stronger and heal.
  8. wiscogal

    November sleevers here

    I had my sleeve on 11/29. I’m down 24 lbs and onto a purée diet. I’m so glad to be off Full Fluids. I just went back to work today and feel great. I also hit the gym this morning at work. I haven’t been there since my pre op. I’ve been walking at home. The gals there stopped in their tracks and told me I looked amazing! They have no idea I had surgery. I didn’t share with a lot of people.
  9. wiscogal

    Breaking some rules

    The cream soups made me so nauseous couldn’t do it. I’m have tomato tomorrow for sure.
  10. I am so pathetic right now. I’m licking salt off pretzels. I’m still on a full fluid diet. All I want to do it eat something that requires chewing and SALT!! I want to have some beef jerky or salted nuts or salt straight out of the shaker. I’m 9 days post op. I have another week and half to go on full fluid.
  11. wiscogal

    Breaking some rules

    That actually sounds really good. I’ll have that for lunch.
  12. wiscogal

    3 months Post Op .... Hair Loss

    Fish oil? The docs put me on that but I’m still fairly new and nothing has happened as of yet. But my thyroid makes mine fall out anyway.
  13. wiscogal

    PostOp newbie

    Yes!!! I know it seems odd to celebrate a poop or fart but nice work!
  14. My own comfy clothes, iPad because the tv they have stinks, little samples of soaps I love, lotion, shampoo and conditioner. Anything that made me more comfortable. 10 foot charging cable for my phone. Mainly I slept and I got one shower but the RN commented how much she liked coming into my room because it smelled good and I have “Mean Girls” on.[emoji23]
  15. wiscogal


    Genepro protein powder. It’s a tablespoon of powder for 30 grams of protein! I mix it into pudding, sugar free hot chocolate, water, crystal light, oatmeal. It’s unflavored. Works great! I got it on Amazon
  16. wiscogal

    Breaking some rules

    The pretzels are down. I will find a pen and paper ASAP!
  17. wiscogal

    Breaking some rules

    I have pudding (sugar free) and I do have a full fluid approved jello thing in the fridge. I’ll try that. I’m just really into salt right now!
  18. wiscogal

    Almost Time!!

    I just had my GS on 11/29. The advice above is good. Keep your pain under control. I had a pain pump and it was a Godsend. Pills are hard going down at first but it gets better Walk walk and walk some more. I walked at every change of the nurse. It was like a drinking game. New nurse another walk. The first shower you take will be the best shower ever. So bring yourself some nice soaps and shampoo. The hospital stuff is crap. When you get nauseous, gets meds for that. Reglan or Zofran are awesome. Go home with some. I find 1 week out I still get nauseous at times. You’ve got this.
  19. Dr. Matthew Baker at Gundersen Health System La Crosse, WI
  20. Anyone in a state of hyperthyroidism and have a gastric sleeve? I feel like I’m starving!
  21. I came home from the hospital yesterday afternoon and I felt good, but now I just cried as my family ate dinner and I drank my protien shake. I’m ashamed that I couldn’t lose the weight on my own and I’ve had to have surgery to correct my weight problem. I see them eating and enjoying their food and I wish I could enjoy it too. I knew this was going to be hard but I guess I didn’t figure in the smells of food I would miss.😢
  22. Thank you. You are all so supportive that I’m getting teary again. I just made some other items I can have on full fluids with protein powder in it. I can only do so many protein shakes. I gagged the cream soups the other day and have since lost my love of them. Pinterest is my savior at this point.
  23. Today was a better day. I walked more. Got out of the house. Even got my nails done. I slept better and I think that helped as well. I’ve been waking up in pain about 1 AM every night since surgery. I’m only on Tylenol right now after my allergic reaction to lortab. That was fun.
  24. wiscogal

    Nov. 29th anyone?

    Me too. I am literally counting the minutes until I can eat again. My caloric intake today 831 calories! I just have to keep telling myself " I can do this" and I think I'll make it thru ok. It doesn't help that I have a hyperactive thyroid right now either. If I thought I was hungry when I ate normally and my thyroid freaked out, now I positive this is the hungriest I've ever been. 2 hours until dinner.